Bhutan Lottery

Bhutan Lottery


Bhutan State Lottery brings you thrilling games with fantastic prizes. Launched in 2016 by Prime Minister Lyonchen Tshering Tobgay, it’s Bhutan’s official lottery, owned by the state under the Ministry of Finance. The lottery aims to generate revenue for societal benefits, supporting health, education, and sports. It’s considering expansion beyond Bhutan, exploring opportunities in India. Play for exciting wins and contribute to the greater good!

Bhutan has two main lotteries: Phuensum Weekly Lottery drawn every Thursday and Phuensum Lotto 5/36 twice a week on Monday and Thursday. Special bumper draws, like Monsoon Bumper and Losar Bumper, occur during special events, featuring significantly larger top prizes.

Phuensum Lotteries

As mentioned earlier, the two primary lotteries have similar names: Phuensum Weekly Lottery and Phuensum Lotto 5/36. The Weekly lottery occurs on Thursdays at 3:00 pm and follows a traditional format seen in India. It involves selecting codes in various tiers, and players win prizes by matching those numbers, or the ends of them for the lower two prize tiers, with the ones on their ticket. Tickets are priced at Nu. 50 and numbered from 10000 to 59999, with the table below illustrating all the prize tiers

Phuensum Weekly Lottery Prizes

Prize Rank Number of Prizes Prize Amount (Nu) Winners and Method
1st 1 500,000 1x on All five digits
2nd 5 20,000 5x on All five digits
3rd 5 10,000 5x on All five digits
4th 200 500 40x on Four digits
5th 3000 200 60x on Three digits

The 5/36 Lotto adopts a method commonly seen in Western countries. Players pick five numbers from 1 to 36 and earn prizes for matching as many numbers as possible. The draw includes a jackpot won by matching all five numbers. If no player achieves this, the jackpot rolls over to the next draw. Additionally, a Bonus Ball is selected, offering players more prize tiers if it matches one of their chosen five numbers. Refer to the table below for details on all the prizes

Phuensum Lotto 5/36 Prizes

Prize Rank Balls Matched Prize Amount (Nu)
1st 5 Jackpot- Starting at 1,000,000
2nd 4 + Bonus 100,000
3rd 4 10,000
4th 3 + Bonus 2,000
5th 3 90
6th 2 + Bonus 90
7th 2 30
8th 1 + Bonus 30

Bumper Lotteries

Bhutan hosts two annual bumper draws: the Monsoon Bumper and the Losar Bumper. The Monsoon Bumper kicks off the Monsoon season, while the Losar Bumper aligns with the Losar Festival, celebrating the Tibetan New Year. These special draws feature significantly larger prizes compared to the regular weekly draw, offering players a better opportunity to win a substantial sum. Although tickets are priced at Nu. 300 each, the enhanced prize amounts, as illustrated in the table below, make the extra cost worthwhile.

Bhutan Monsoon and Losar Bumper Lottery Prizes

Prize Rank Number of Prizes Prize Amount (Nu) Winners and Method
1st 1 30,00,000 1x on All five digits
2nd 1 10,00,000 1x on All five digits
3rd 1 5,00,000 1x on All five digits
4th 3 1,00,000 3x on All five digits
5th 50 10,000 10x on Four Digits
6th 1000 2,000 20x on Three digits


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