Thruebab Bumper Lottery Results

Discover the Thruebab Bumper Bhutan Lottery results right here, promptly after the draw. Prizes are distributed across six tiers, determined by the matched numbers. The winning numbers for each tier will be announced immediately upon the draw’s conclusion and official result confirmation by our dedicated team, ensuring accuracy.


Refer to the table below for the winning five-digit numbers in the first three tiers, followed by the four-digit and three-digit numbers crucial for the last two tiers. To secure the fifth or sixth tier prize, match the final digits on your ticket; there’s no need to match the entire five digits.

Tickets, numbered 10000 to 599999, are part of a single series, and all results fall within this range. Check your numbers below to unveil if you’re a winner in the Special Losar Bumper draw in Bhutan.

Full Thruebab Bumper Result 2023

This is the full prize breakdown for all prize tiers in the 2023 drawing.

Bhutan Thruebab Bumper Results October 2023

Rank Ticket Numbers Prize Amount
1st Prize 27668 ₹30 Lakh
2nd Prize 16966 ₹10 Lakh
3rd Prize 14957 ₹5 Lakh
4th Prize Ending With: 12089, 39486, 40748 ₹1 Lakh
5th Prize Ending With: 0006, 1190, 1290, 2062, 3286, 3722, 6379, 6720, 8066, 8782 ₹10,000/-
6th Prize Ending With: 005, 053, 098, 102, 303, 387, 408, 430, 470, 575, 611, 624, 645, 698, 750, 796, 806, 869, 980, 986 ₹2,000/-

Previous Thruebab Bumper Results

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