20 Fascinating Lottery Facts You Should Know

20 Fascinating Lottery Facts You Should Know

Lottery tickets are tickets that can make you a millionaire overnight. Here are 20 surprising facts that you need to know about the lottery, especially if you regularly buy one or are planning to buy one.

  1. Lottery Over Entertainment

It’s true that people around the world spend more on lottery tickets than what they spend on entertainment. Be it sports, video games, movies, or music concerts, the lottery wins over them all.

  1. Awareness and Expansion

Lottery tickets have grown more and more popular with the availability of the internet and online lottery sales.

  1. Biggest Lotteries

Some of the biggest lotteries in the world happen to be the US Powerball and Megamillions, which reward people with millions of dollars in lottery prizes.

  1. Ticket as Tip

A policeman once gave away his lottery ticket as a tip to a waitress. This ticket ended up winning the waitress almost INR 20 crores.

  1. Designated Ticket Checkers

There are a set of people deployed for checking winning tickets and the winner’s identities. Depending on the procedure set by the lottery house, these checkers ensure that only the rightful winners are awarded the final prize money.

  1. Illegal Buying

Buying a lottery ticket illegally could lead you to lose some money instead of winning. Hence, it is important to check on the source first and its authenticity before buying a lottery ticket physically or online.

  1. How It Is Paid?

Lottery prizes could be paid out in many different ways, two of the most common being, lump-sum payments or annuities.

  1. Safety of Winning Tickets

In a lot of cases, people end up scrounging through the garbage in order to search for a lottery ticket, which gets declared as a winner.

  1. What People Spend on

There have been cases of people spending on things like plastic surgery, buying a zoo, or donating to the community. While there have been a lot of cases of people spending on weird interests, there are also those who use their winning money for the upliftment of society.

  1. Generosity after Winning

For people who do not strategize the spending of their prize money, it becomes more about generosity towards others. People end up donating big time and the prize money could deplete at a fast pace.

  1. Working after Winning

A lot of lottery winners continue with the same jobs that they did before winning the lottery. This is considered a smart move, in order to ensure financial backup at any point in life.

  1. Sign the Ticket

When it comes to physical lottery tickets, it always makes sense to sign them in order to prove a claim over them at the time of winning. Even if it gets misplaced, you can stake a claim over it.

  1. Going Public

Most lottery winners end up becoming popular overnight because of the publicity it attracts. To some, it could mean a great start, while for others, it could invite trouble with a lot of people seeking monetary favours.

  1. Winning and Happiness

People who choose to continue their lives the same way as before end up being much happier after a lottery win. It also has to do with staying grounded and making wise decisions.

  1. Some Winners Keep Winning

For some people, lottery tickets are all about strategies and hence they tend to win more often than others. Planning and strategy are what allow people to win multiple times.

  1. First Lottery

The world’s first lottery was known as keno slips, dating back sometime between 201 and 187 BC. In China, lotteries helped finance government projects, most possibly even the

Great Wall of China.

  1. Math Genius

Joan Ginther, who was a Stanford professor, is known to have won lotteries almost 4 times. The winning is attributed to her math skills.

  1. Probability

With fewer odds of winning, lotteries are considered tricky investments. However, as they say, if you want to win it, you have to be in it.

  1. Raising of Funds

A lot of governments across the globe have held lotteries in order to raise funds for various public uses. These became a popular mechanism to raise money in a fast manner.

  1. Common Lottery Numbers

Some of the most commonly drawn lottery ticket numbers include 38, 44, and 40.
Lottery tickets can be fun and the facts associated with them are even more interesting. If you want to play lotteries, always try to make them more of a fun game!


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