Becoming a Millionaire through the German Lottery

Becoming a Millionaire through the German Lottery

Lottery players across the globe are finding it increasingly convenient to buy lotteries online. Not just that, anyone in the world now has access to international lotteries.

Here is how you can become a millionaire with the German Lottery.

Basics About the German Lotto

Owned and operated jointly by approximately 16 different national lottery companies in Germany, Deutscher Lotto und Toto block is the authority behind German Lotto. Starting way back in 1974, it was initially available only for the people of Germany. However, with increasing popularity and demand, it is now available for consumers across the globe.

Game Details

Played every Wednesday and Saturday, German Lotto is bi-weekly and has a rollover jackpot. With almost nine tiers of prizes, it pays out prize money in lump-sum. There is no option of annuity payments in the German Lottery. The topmost prize is split between multiple players. It is designed such that the greater the number of people playing this lottery, the bigger the prize money.

Euros vs. Dollar

An increasing number of lottery players are monitoring the growing strength of Euros in comparison to Dollars. Since the German lottery prize is in euros, it is becoming attractive to people. Also, since US lotteries involve a large amount of tax outflow, German lotteries are preferred due to zero tax payment.

How to Win?

The minimum jackpot in the German lottery is about INR 7.8 crores and it also has had a record jackpot of about around 350 crores since 2007. It is known for making people overnight millionaires, with its first as well as second prize. All you need to do is match six key numbers along with the super number in order to win the German lottery. If you are able to match 6 key numbers, you can also stand a chance to win the second-place prize which is worth thousands of euros.

Tips to Select Numbers

With a relatively even mix of even and odd numbers, you can stand a higher chance of winning. Rarely do all odd or all even numbers get drawn. Also, try to choose from across the field, it is not advisable to restrict yourself to a certain set of numbers. It is always better to have a look at the history of winning numbers and devise a strategy accordingly.

Pool and Increase Your Luck

A good idea is to join the lottery pool when considering the German Lottery for the first time. Lottery pools can help you strategize better with the use of math and specific study. It also goes a bit easy on the pocket and still allows you to have a share of the win. Some of the lottery pools even hire professionals in order to seek the best help with winning strategies.

Try your luck at playing German Lotto. Who knows, you could hit the jackpot!



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