Best Lotteries in UAE

Lottery Best Lotteries in UAE

The UAE is known for being rich, and people there, like anywhere else, want to keep getting richer. They have lotteries as a way to make money quickly, and there are different games you can play. In some games, you can win cool things like BMW cars, which makes it exciting to play and try to get something you really want. You can also win big jackpots, and there are extra bonuses you can win every quarter. Some games even let women and kids play and win prizes.

Best 7 UAE Lottery 2023

1. Emirates Draw

Our journey into the realm of UAE lotteries begins with the illustrious Emirates Draw. Conducted weekly, this draw boasts the title of the highest-paying lucky draw in the UAE and Gulf Region. The grand prize? A jaw-dropping AED 100,000,000 Dirhams. To enter, a mere AED 50 ticket purchase provides you with a seven-digit sequence, a potential gateway to unimaginable wealth.

Emirates Draw’s unique feature lies in its charitable mission. A portion of ticket sales contributes to various humanitarian initiatives, providing participants not only with a chance to win but also an opportunity to make a positive impact on society.

2. Mahzooz

As we transition to Mahzooz, the first weekly draw of Saturday, the stakes remain high. With a first prize now standing at AED 10 million, Mahzooz presents a more affordable entry point at AED 35 per ticket. Match 5 out of 5 numbers, and you could be the lucky winner of the grand prize.

What sets Mahzooz apart is its commitment to community engagement. A portion of each ticket sale goes towards charitable causes, making your participation in this lottery a chance to contribute to the greater good.

3. Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire

A staple in the UAE’s lottery landscape, the Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire draw stands as the oldest lucky draw in the country. Originally accessible only to those traveling through Dubai Airports, it has now expanded its reach to online platforms, allowing anyone from a whitelisted country to participate for a chance to win USD 1 Million.

The exclusivity of this draw is evident in its ticket pricing at AED 1,000 per entry, with only 5,000 tickets available for each draw. The anticipation builds as the draw date approaches, promising participants the opportunity to claim life-changing prizes.

4. Big Ticket of Abu Dhabi Duty Free

For those in Abu Dhabi, the Big Ticket draw offers a monthly opportunity to compete for substantial cash prizes. Priced at AED 500 per entry, with a tempting 2+1 promotion, this draw stands as the biggest Airport Draw in the UAE.

The allure of the Big Ticket lies not only in its generous cash prizes but also in the variety of draws, each with its own potential windfall. The upcoming draw of series 233 boasts an enticing AED 15 million as the first prize, creating a buzz among participants.

5. Little Draw

Our exploration concludes with the Little Draw, the latest addition to the UAE’s lucky draws. Conducted fortnightly, this draw offers maximum chances for participants to win in its class, with ticket prices starting at a nominal AED 10.

What makes the Little Draw unique is its affordability and inclusivity. With a range of ticket denominations and two chances to win per ticket, it caters to a broad audience, providing an accessible and entertaining entry point into the world of lotteries.

6. Kunooz Savings Account Draw

This is the most unpredictable lottery in the whole UAE. You can win around INR 2 crore or get a new luxury car or INR 38 lakhs directly in your savings account. They also have three daily prizes of INR 56,000 each.

7. Mashreq Millionaire

The big prize for Mashreq Millionaire is around INR 2 crore every three months, and there are also fifty good monthly prizes, each worth about INR 18,000. You can buy the certificates online or at any Mashreq bank.

Discover the most popular lotteries in the UAE and how to participate in it.

Step into a realm of boundless possibilities where dreams materialize into reality and financial freedom resides within your reach. With a single ticket of the UAE lottery, you could become an overnight millionaire, transforming your life in an instant. Here’s the most popular Dubai lottery to participate in and the conditions involved in purchasing a ticket:

Lottery Name Cost Jackpot Prize Eligibility T&C
Mahzooz Draw AED 35 AED 10,000,000 Must be 18 years or older and reside in the UAE Must purchase a bottle of Al Emarat water to participate
Big Ticket Abu Dhabi AED 500 AED 10,000,000 Must be 18 years or older and reside in the UAE Must purchase a ticket online or from a participating retailer
Dubai Duty Free – Millennium Millionaire AED 1,000 US$1,000,000 Must be 18 years or older and have a valid passport Tickets can be purchased online or at Dubai Duty Free shops
ADIB Ghina Savings AED 1,000 AED 1,000,000 Must be an ADIB customer and have a Ghina Savings account Must deposit AED 1,000 into their Ghina Savings account to participate
ADCB Millionaire Savings AED 1,000 AED 1,000,000 Must be an ADCB customer and have a Millionaire Savings account Must deposit AED 1,000 into their Millionaire Savings account to participate
Kunooz Savings AED 1,000 AED 1,000,000 Must be an Emirates NBD customer and have a Kunooz Savings account Must deposit AED 1,000 into their Kunooz Savings account to participate
Al Awwal Savings Certificate AED 3,000 AED 1,000,000 Must be an Emirates Islamic customer and have an Al Awwal Savings certificate Must purchase an Al Awwal Savings certificate with a value of AED 3,000 to participate
Mashreq Millionaire AED 750 AED 1,000,000 Must be a Mashreq customer and have a Mashreq Millionaire Savings account Must deposit AED 750 into their Mashreq Millionaire Savings account to participate
National Bonds Reward Programme AED 100 AED 1,000,000 Must be a National Bonds customer and have a National Bonds Reward programme account Must purchase National Bonds with a value of AED 100 to participate
Mabrook Savings AED 500 AED 1,000,000 Must be a Dubai Islamic customer and have a Mabrook Savings account Must deposit AED 500 into their Mabrook Savings account to participate


In the pursuit of wealth and luxury, the UAE’s lotteries offer a thrilling avenue for those with a sense of adventure and a touch of luck. From the grandeur of

Emirates Draw to the community-focused Mahzooz, the glitzy Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire, the enticing Big Ticket of Abu Dhabi Duty Free, and the accessible Little Draw, each lottery brings its own flavor to the table.

As a lottery expert, my advice is to approach these lotteries with a sense of excitement, awareness, and responsibility. Remember, the thrill is not just in the potential jackpot but also in the joy of participating and the positive impact on society through charitable contributions.

In the UAE’s vibrant lottery landscape, opportunities abound for those who dare to dream. So, whether you’re eyeing the grand prizes, supporting charitable causes, or simply seeking an affordable entry point, these lotteries have something for everyone.

Stay tuned for more insights, tips, and updates on the best lotteries in the UAE. May the odds be ever in your favor as you embark on your journey into the world of luck and fortune!

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