El Gordo Lottery: Prizes, Odds, and Draw Dates Explained

El Gordo Lottery: Prizes, Odds, and Draw Dates Explained

The El Gordo Lottery, also known as “Lotería de Navidad” or “Christmas Lottery,” dates back to 1812, making it one of the oldest lotteries in existence. Held annually on December 22nd, this lottery has become deeply ingrained in Spanish culture and is eagerly awaited by millions.

Unlike other lotteries that feature a single jackpot, El Gordo boasts an astounding prize pool distributed across multiple prizes. The grand prize, known as “El Gordo” (which means “the fat one” in Spanish), is the most coveted and life-changing reward that awaits lucky ticket holders. But that’s not all—the El Gordo Lottery offers a multitude of prizes, ensuring that a number of participants get to experience the joy of winning. Let’s dive deeper and explore more!

El Gordo Lottery Prize Breakdown

The El Gordo Lottery is renowned for its massive prize pool, which makes it one of the most lucrative lotteries in the world. The total prize pool is determined by the revenue generated from ticket sales, and it can reach staggering amounts, often exceeding billions of euros.

Explanation of the Different Prize Tiers

The El Gordo Lottery offers several distinct prize tiers, each with its own set of rewards. These tiers allow participants to win prizes ranging from life-changing sums to more modest yet still substantial amounts.

1. Grand Prize (El Gordo)

The highest prize in the El Gordo Lottery is the grand prize, aptly named “El Gordo” or “the fat one.” This prestigious prize is awarded to the ticket that matches the five-digit number drawn as the winning number. The grand prize is typically a sum, often reaching several million euros. It is a life-altering windfall that brings unparalleled joy and financial security to the lucky winner.

2. Second Prize (Segundo)

The second prize, known as “Segundo,” is awarded to tickets matching the four-digit number drawn immediately after the grand prize number. The second prize is also significant, often offering substantial cash rewards that can transform the winners’ lives.

3. Third Prize (Tercero)

Following the second prize, the third prize, referred to as “Tercero,” is awarded to tickets that match the four-digit number drawn after the second prize number. While slightly lower in value compared to the grand and second prizes, the third prize is still a remarkable accomplishment, providing winners with a generous financial boost.

4. Fourth and Fifth Prizes (Cuarto and Quinto)

The El Gordo Lottery also features fourth and fifth prizes, known as “Cuarto” and “Quinto”, respectively. These prizes are awarded to tickets matching the three-digit and two-digit numbers drawn after the third prize number. Although the amounts for these prizes are lower, they still offer a significant cash reward, bringing delight and surprise to the fortunate winners.

Odds of Winning in the El Gordo Lottery

When participating in the El Gordo Lottery, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the odds associated with winning. The odds refer to the probability of your ticket being drawn as a winning number in one of the prize tiers.

The odds of winning are relatively favourable in the El Gordo Lottery compared to many other lotteries. The precise odds may vary from year to year due to factors such as the total number of tickets sold, but generally, the odds are considered more favourable.

Factors Influencing the Odds

Several factors influence the odds of winning in the El Gordo Lottery:

1. Total Number of Tickets Sold: The total number of tickets sold in a particular year affects the odds. With a larger number of tickets in circulation, the odds of winning may decrease, although they still remain comparatively better than other lotteries.

2. Series and Fraction Numbers: The segmentation of tickets into series and fractions affects the odds within each prize tier. The more series and fractions there are for a particular ticket number, the higher the odds of winning a prize within that series or fraction.

While the odds in the El Gordo Lottery offer better chances of winning compared to other lotteries, it’s essential to approach participation with a realistic mindset. Lottery outcomes are ultimately determined by chance, and individual results may vary.

Draw Dates and Events of the El Gordo Lottery

Overview of the Annual Draw Dates

The El Gordo Lottery draw dates hold a special place in the hearts of participants as it brings enormous excitement and thrill. The draw takes place annually, and the specific dates remain consistent, adding to the sense of tradition and festivity surrounding the event.

The El Gordo Lottery draw is typically held on December 22nd of each year. This date, just a few days before Christmas, adds an extra layer of joy and celebration, making it a cherished part of the holiday season in Spain. The draw’s timing aligns perfectly with the spirit of giving and creates an atmosphere of unity and anticipation throughout the country.


The El Gordo Lottery is a renowned and beloved tradition that captivates participants with its generous prize pool, unique draw event, and favourable odds of winning. Throughout this blog, we have explored key aspects of the El Gordo Lottery, including the prize breakdown, odds and draw dates.

As you embark on your El Gordo Lottery experience, remember to participate responsibly, considering the principles of responsible gambling. Approach the lottery with a realistic mindset, understanding that winning is never guaranteed but that the joy and anticipation of the experience can be immensely rewarding.