Follow These Tricks to Play Teenpatti Online

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Follow These Tricks to Play Teenpatti Online

Teen Patti is a card game and has always been popular among Indian people. It translates to ‘three cards’ in English. Teen Patti can also be said to be a variation of poker. However, with everything becoming online, you can also play Teen Patti through various i-gaming platforms. Online Teen Patti has specific rules and regulations that players must follow before indulging in the game. For Teen Patti games, the more skills and experience you have, the more money you attract. Below are a few things to know you must know about this game:

How to play Teen Patti online?

  • The first step in playing Teen Patti is deciding the boot amount. The boot amount is the money contributed by each player to play the game.
  • Each player is given three cards face-down. The betting process begins with the player seated at the left of the dealer button. When your turn comes, you can either choose to gamble your card or not give away your card based on the strength of the in-hand cards. However, players have the option to exchange their cards.
  • After the cards are played, players can decide whether to play seen, i.e. after seeing their cards or ‘blind’ without seeing them. Players who want to play blind can switch to ‘seen’ playing at any moment. The initial bet for the first player to a stake is the boot amount. 

Teen Patti Online Game Rules For Players Playing Blind

  • If the player in front of you is playing blind, you can gamble the current stake or half the amount. 
  • If the player in front of you is playing seen, you can gamble the same or double the bet amount.

Teen Patti Online Game Rules For Players Playing Seen

  • If the player in front of you is playing blind, you can gamble the boot amount twice or four times your existing stake.
  • If the player in front of you is playing seen, you can gamble the same amount or double your existing stake.

The players display their cards to each other at the showdown. The Teen Patti online game has no limit on the number of stakes. In the end, the player remaining with the most ranking hand wins the game. 

Rules to Know Before Playing the Teen Patti Game

The rules are an essential part of any game, that makes a player win or lose the game. Below are the rules for Teen Patti games online:

  • The game starts with 3-6 players with 52 cards without a joker. 
  • The number of cards the player plays in each round is three; faced down, he should have a queen or higher for a player to win the game. 
  • The dealer for the game is picked up randomly before starting the game. 
  • The player to the next dealer starts the game. When the game begins, the players can further make a call or raise. A call implies that the person wants to continue with the game and a raise means that the player wants to increase the stake amount made by the players. Folding the cards means that the players are no longer interested in the game and the stake amount of the players. 

8 Tricks To Win Online Teen Patti 

  • To stay longer in any game, staking modestly at first increases your chance of winning. Teen Patti is a time-consuming game, so using the right strategy will keep you from running out of money too fast. 
  • Betting small rounds confuses your opponents, and you can take a big step and win the game. Also, it is essential to be cautious while placing big stakes because your opponents might have weak cards, and they might fold them, leading to the game’s ending.
  • Playing blind is the best trick in online Teen Patti. With more blind bets, it becomes easy to manipulate other players’ decisions, making it more straightforward for you to read their strategy and play the stakes accordingly.
  • Playing Teen Patti is not for everyone. It requires practice and confidence to win the game. Anyone can win the game with proper observation, execution, and strategy. One important thing is to grab opportunities that come your way. You can take advantage when a lot of players fold their hands. However, it largely depends upon the card that you have in your hand. You can then start betting to get an advantage.
  • Memorising the cards is a beneficial trick while playing Teen Patti. One must keep an eye on the cards used and the series of cards that occurred during the game. It helps in planning a strategy for the game and making unexpected moves to confuse other players.
  • Playing Teen Patti requires luck. Before starting with the game, it is crucial to keep a restriction on the bets. Games can take unexpected turns at any moment; therefore, even after having strong cards, you can lose all the money and losing all the money won’t keep you long in the game. Accordingly, plan and play, establish boundaries and gamble responsibly.

Best Teen Patti Games You Can Play Online

There are a lot of games found online, and choosing the best one depends upon the reviews, ratings, most downloads etc., for the game. Below are the best Teen Patti games online.

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