How to Claim the Kerala Lottery Prize Online

Kerala Lottery How to Claim the Kerala Lottery Prize Online

In Kerala, you can buy different lottery tickets – some cost ₹20, ₹30, or ₹50 weekly, and there are bigger ones worth ₹100 and ₹200. If you win, it’s exciting! Claiming your prize is easy if you follow the right steps. Just make sure you know which documents you need. Let’s go through the process of claiming a Kerala lottery prize step by step.

Documents Needed for Claiming Lottery Prizes 

Before you try to get your prize from the Kerala lottery, it’s important to make sure your lottery ticket is a winner. Follow these steps:

  • Check the numbers on your ticket with the official winning numbers for the Kerala lottery draw. You can find these on the Kerala State Lottery Department’s website or in the local news.
  • Make sure you claim your prize within 30 days of winning. If it’s been more than 30 days, you can’t get your prize.

To claim your prize, do the following

  • Get a copy of your winning ticket, fill out a claim form, and provide two small pictures of yourself.
  • Also, give them a receipt for your prize money with your address, a copy of your PAN Card, and some ID.
  • If you’re a minor (under 18), include a letter from your guardian. If it’s a joint claim, you need a “Joint Declaration” on a ₹50 stamp paper.
  • Take all these documents to a Nationalised, Scheduled, or Government Cooperative bank to get your prize money.
  • If you’re claiming from the General Manager of State Lotteries, you’ll also need a letter saying they can give the money to you, a bank certificate, and a collecting bank certificate.

What are the Procedures for Claiming the Lottery Prize?

Claiming the prize money in Kerala can be done through two methods:

1.Claiming Kerala Lottery Prize Money in Person

To get your prize, you can go to the Kerala State Lottery Headquarters or an authorized Kerala lottery agent. Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Kerala State Lottery Department’s office or a licensed lottery agent. You can find the address on their website or call them to ask.
  2. Take your winning ticket and the ID documents they need. If you’re claiming the prize for someone else, bring your ID and any needed paperwork, like a certified affidavit.
  3. To prove your claim, sign the back of the lottery ticket. That’s it!

2.Claiming the Winning Prize Money by Mail

If you can’t go in person to get your prize, you can choose to get it by mail. Follow these steps:

  • Get a claim form from the Kerala State Lottery Department or a licensed Kerala lottery agent.
  • Fill out the form with your details and sign it. You might need to include a photocopy of a government ID.
  • Make a copy of your valid government ID and include it with the winning ticket. To make sure your claim goes through, send both the original ticket and a copy of your ID.
  • Mail the filled-out form, the lottery ticket, and the ID copy to the Kerala State Lottery Department. You can find the mailing address on their website. That’s all you need to do!

Claiming the Winning Prize Based on the Lottery Amount

Consider the following guidelines when claiming the winning prize based on the amount won.

  • How to Claim Prize Money Exceeding 1 Lakh

If you win more than INR 100,000 in the lottery, you have to go to the Kerala State Lottery Department headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram to get your prize. Bigger prizes need more checks and paperwork. Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to the Kerala State Lottery Department headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram.
  2. Take the winning ticket and the ID you need for getting the prize money.
  3. Remember, for bigger prizes, they might take some tax out. If that’s the case, the Kerala State Lottery Department will tell you how much and explain what to do about it.
  • Claiming Prize Money of 1 Lakh or Less

For Kerala lottery prizes amounting to ₹1 lakh or less, the winner is required to visit the district lottery officer in the respective district. Ensure that all necessary paperwork is submitted to claim the winning prize money.

  • Claiming Prize Money of ₹5,000 or Less

If your Kerala lottery prize is ₹5,000 or less, you can go to any authorized Kerala lottery dealer to get your winnings. But remember, the dealers are not required to do this – it’s up to them whether they want to help you or not.

Tax Deductions for Prizes Over ₹10,000

If you win more than ₹10,000 in prize money, they will take out income tax before giving you the prize. They deduct 30% as income tax for your winnings and 10% for the agents’ rewards. It’s important to know that they don’t deduct any extra charges or educational cess according to the current income tax rules.


Stay updated on the latest Kerala jackpot results to know if luck is on your side! Before claiming your prize, make sure to check the winning numbers on the Kerala State Lottery Department’s website or local news. The thrill of winning is just a step away, and understanding the jackpot results is key to your lottery journey. Dive into the excitement, secure your winning ticket, and follow the steps outlined above to claim your Kerala lottery prize, whether it’s a small win or a jackpot!

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