How to Play Rummy Online

How to Play Rummy Online

Rummy is played with a couple of decks and two jokers. It originated centuries ago, descending from the games Khanhoo and Mahjong. Rummy was developed in the mid-19th century in the form of a card game called Conquian. Since then, it has been all over the globe and is currently a top game in the online world. It is pretty challenging and keeps you engaged as you need smart strategies to beat opponents. We can play Rummy online and earn a big prize in our free time provided we can master the skills. So, let’s discuss how to play Rummy and win more.

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Online Rummy Rules

The most important aspect before playing Rummy online is to understand the rules of the game. In a rummy game, a player has to make a declaration by discarding and picking cards from the two piles of cards given. One pile is a closed one where a player will not see the cards before choosing. On the other hand, there is an open deck formed by the cards discarded by the game players.

In Rummy, each suite has cards ranging from low to high- Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, & King. The cards Ace, Jack, Queen & King, have 10 points each. The remaining cards have their face value. Ex: 5 numbered cards will have a value of 5 and so on. Let’s see how to play Rummy from start to end.

  • To play Rummy online, 2 to 6 players are needed with two decks. Every player is dealt with 13 cards, and the wild joker is selected as a random card of the game.
  • The player has to choose and discard cards to make a good set and 13 card sequences in hand. The player can also use the printed joker or the wild joker of the deck to make impure sets and sequences.
  • As per rules, when a player has arranged 13 cards in 2 valid sequences, including one pure sequence and another valid sequence, he can declare and win the game.

Quick Tips for Playing Rummy Online 

  • Try to form a pure sequence at the start of the game. If a player cannot make a pure sequence, then a declaration cannot be made.
  • Try to discard cards with high point values like Ace, Queen, Jack, and king. Try to replace these cards with a wild joker. Additionally, it reduces the load on points if you lose the game.

 Sequences and sets in Rummy

Possible Sequences while playing Rummy Online 

While understanding how to play Rummy, forming sequences is crucial to maximizing winning chances. There are two forms of sequences in Rummy.

  • Pure Sequence

A pure sequence is a cluster of 3 or more cards of the same suit placed in consecutive order. We cannot use a wild card or a wild joker to make a pure sequence. Ex: 5, 6, 7: 3,4,5,6.

  • Impure Sequence 

An impure sequence is a cluster of 3 or more cards of the same suit with one or more wild joker used. Ex: 6,7, Q,9 and 5, Q,7,8, P, J.

  • Sets

A set is a group of 3 or more cards of identical values but different suites. While forming sets, you can make use of the joker card. For example A (Heart) A (Spade) A (Diamond).

Rummy Game Variants

  1. Points Rummy

To play Rummy online when you have limited time points is an ideal choice. It generally finishes in only a few rounds. Here points have to be a pre-decided value. The number of players doesn’t matter when it comes to card picking and discarding speed which makes this rummy variant highly exciting. If you have landed bad cards, drop out from the game to lose out on the points.

  1. Pool Rummy 

It is an ancient variant but is now played extensively in Rummy online applications. All players in the pool rummy pull all their money into the pool table. The winner of the game will take all the pooled money. However, avoid reaching a 101 or 201 score based on the game you choose. These numbers will cause elimination. This variation has a split option. The remaining players left in the game can split the pool amount based on drops. The loser of the game has to compute the remainder of points that belong to non-sets, and that score is added.

  1. Deals Rummy 

It is a perfect Rummy variant for players who seek challenges and have more time on their hands. The game requires you to use virtual chips, which is absorbing. In Rummy, several deals are decided well in advance, and the chips are distributed. In the end, the player with maximum virtual chips is declared the winner.

  1. 13 Card Rummy

It is mainly played in India, and each player is dealt with 13 cards. The rules say that there should be at least one pure sequence and another impure sequence that has to be grouped to make the declaration. So, there are a lot of variants that come under 13-card Rummy.

  1. 21 Card 

This rummy variation follows the rules of other rummy games for the most part. The difference is in the number of cards dealt. There are 21 cards dealt with players making at least three pure sequences in this. It makes the game much more difficult than regular Rummy. Also, there is a penalty system in place if you drop a game before playing a hand. A 30-point penalty is levied in case you drop a game before playing a hand. The unique part about 21 Card Rummy is using the joker card. In this variant, there are both upper and lower jokers. For example, if a cut joker is 4, the upper side joker is 5, and the lower joker is 3. The upper and lower joker must belong to the same suite as the cut-joker. The lower and upper joker can substitute any card in an impure sequence.


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