How To Play & Win Prize In Mini Lotto Online Lottery

How To Play & Win Prize In Mini Lotto Online Lottery

The Poland Mini Lotto owes its popularity to its affordability. It costs as little as 0.30 Euros (INR 23.96) to enter the lottery. The odds of winning are incredibly high as compared to other contemporary lotteries in Europe. The Polish Mini Lotto began in 1976 but skyrocketed in popularity in the last couple of years.

How to play the Polish Mini Lotto online lottery?

Playing the Poland Mini Lotto is easy. It consists of 5 tickets with numbers between 1 and 32. The consecutive 6 days (Monday to Saturday) of drawing the numbers ensure that the players get more than one chance to try their luck. One can pick his/her lucky numbers online from genuine sites. Some websites allow the players to go for Multi-draw and subscriptions.

The Polish Mini Lotto jackpot goes to the player who has all 5 numbers. The jackpot is around 70,000 Euros (INR 55,61,630.70), and it belongs to the top tier of the prizes. The second and third-tier prizes are around 25,000 Euros (INR 19,86,325) and 5 Euros (INR 397.32) respectively. The jackpot is not constant for each draw, and it can increase according to ticket sales, and rollovers.

However, considering the high odds of winning the Poland Mini Lotto, the jackpot never reaches a staggering amount, since it doesn’t roll over for too many weeks. The low ticket prices also contribute to the grounded jackpot amounts.

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How to increase your chances of winning the Poland Mini Lotto?

The odds of winning the Poland Mini Lotto Jackpot are 1 in 850,668. Players are at least a hundred times more likely to win the Poland Mini Lotto Jackpot than the MegaMillions or the Powerball Lottery. Although the jackpot amounts are lesser than US lotteries, playing the Poland Mini Lotto offers you a higher probability of hitting the jackpot.

Apart from the high probability, you can use a couple of tips to skew the odds in your favor –

  1. High-low lotto number tips

Polish Mini Lotto spreads the winning numbers across the number field. So, try to distribute your 5-numbers between 1 and 42 without focusing on high-ends and low-ends.

  1. Odd-even number choices

Pick 2-odd and 3-even numbers or vice versa for increases your chances of a win. These patterns are prevalent in 68% of wins.

  1. Try to play a balanced game

The sum of the five numbers you pick should add up to at least 80 and a maximum of 135.

  1. Choose from “number groups.”

Check out the winning numbers from the past months. They might omit certain number groups (10s or 20s) for a period. Studying favored number groups can increase your odds of winning.

  1. Don’t play a cold number repeatedly

It is difficult to predict when a cold number hits, but if it has been out of the game for around 2 weeks only, it is better to leave it alone. A cold number that has been out for longer has higher chances of breaking the losing streak.

Another way to increase your odds is by pooling for the tickets, it can save you money in the long-run.