Effective Strategies to Win the Mega Sena Jackpot

Effective Strategies to Win the Mega Sena Jackpot

Mega Sena is one of Brazil’s most sought-after lotteries. This is a bi-weekly lottery draw that is simple and easy to play. It is a very straightforward game and players can learn the mechanism of the game in no time. However, this lottery sees only a few winners since the odds of winning are very high. The game has certain unique features as compared to regular lottery draws. Mega Sena also holds a yearly draw, which has a large jackpot prize to be won.

With easy access to online lottery, you can play many international lotteries such as Mega Sena. It is a world leader in online international lotteries and other online games. Here are some effective strategies to play and win the Mega Sena jackpot.

Odd/Even Numbers

Try to have a good mix of odd and even numbers while selecting lottery tickets in the Mega Sena draw. If you focus on only odd numbers or only even, the number combination will not be random and reduce your chances of winning. Hence, to get a healthy mix, you can either use an online ‘quick pick’ option or devise your own manual strategy.

High-Low Numbers

Most Mega Sena winning numbers are from the entire available field. If you cut the entire field in half, you will get the low-half and the high-half. Numbers 1-30 are in the low-half for the 60-number game and 31-60 are in the high-half. Since either all high numbers or only low numbers are very rarely chosen, you should try and pick a good combination from both. You should try and evaluate the frequently picked numbers from these sections and accordingly pick your choice.

Least Drawn Numbers

While studying the number patterns, you should evaluate the numbers that are very rarely picked. If there is a set pattern in these numbers, you will easily be able to either eliminate them or pick those that have a better probability of winning.

Balanced Game

Mega Sena’s unique feature is that it focuses on the sum of numbers as against another lottery draw where the sum is not relevant. Hence, after picking the six numbers for your ticket, you need to add them up and ensure that the total is in the range of 140-226. Such a sum will have nearly 70% chances of winning.

Hot and Cold Numbers

Keep an eye out for hot numbers, which have higher chances of getting picked based on trends. Also, try to avoid cold numbers since these could mean lesser chances of winning.

Lottery Pools

It makes sense to opt for a lottery pool, especially if you are a first-time Mega Sena player. Since pools have strategies and a professional approach, your chances of winning could significantly improve.

A positive attitude and a group play can go a long way in keeping your chances high for a win. It is about enjoying the international lottery and playing it for fun. If you play as a group, you could learn a lot of tips from other players and keep the excitement high throughout the game.

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