Jaldi 5 Lottery – Win 5 Lacs Rupees Online

Jaldi 5 Lottery – Win 5 Lacs Rupees Online

Jaldi 5 is one of the popular lotteries, which offers prize money of INR 5 Lakhs. Each ticket is priced at INR 15 only, so the rate of return on this lottery happens to be pretty high if you end up winning. The draw is announced every Friday between fixed hours of 10 pm – 10.30 pm. The draw result is also telecast on Zee 24 Taas. All you have to do is match the five numbers on your ticket to the 5 numbers that get drawn and you could end up being a winner.

Picking Numbers

In order to play Jaldi 5, you need to select 5 numbers from the range of 1-36. These numbers have to be selected per panel. Each panel represents a single game ticket. You can choose your numbers in 3 different ways. Self-pick, lucky pick, and quick pick are the available options.

The self-pick option allows you to choose any 5 numbers of your choice by clicking from the available number options on the screen.

In lucky pick, a randomizer selects numbers on your behalf. These numbers are not visible to you while placing a bet but instead will have ‘LP’ written in place of the numbers.

Quick pick also has a randomizer select numbers on your behalf. In this option, numbers are randomly picked and they are also visible to you. You have the choice of keeping the number or changing it before placing your bet.

Review of Numbers

Once you have completed the selection of numbers, you can check as well as review your selected numbers. In case, at any point, you feel like selecting new numbers, you can have the choice of deleting a complete panel. This can be done by clicking on the ‘remove’ button that is available on the screen. Some players also go for what is called an ‘advance draw’. By selecting the number of draws, you can place a bet for an advance draw. There is a restriction on the number of advances draws that you can buy. Usually, you are allowed to buy a max of 3 advance draws.

Odds of Winning

This is one of the easiest games to play. If your 5 selected numbers match with the 5 numbers on the draw, you win the jackpot. In addition to the jackpot, Jaldi 5 also offers a range of cash prizes. The jackpot prize is set at INR 5 Lakhs. Tier 2 prize is set at INR 5000 and this has a higher odds of winning. Since the draws take place on a daily basis, you can improve your odds of winning by dividing your investment over a time period. These tickets are available online and hence are a convenient option for lottery ticket lovers.

Jaldi 5, as the name suggests, allows you to win fast and also win big. Once you get a hang of the game, it is not only easy to play but can also help you win lucrative returns.



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