Kerala Lottery July Monthly Result 2023

Kerala Lottery July Monthly Result 2023

Kerala Lottery July Monthly Chart

Good day! If you purchased a KL Jackpot lottery ticket and are eager to find out if you won or not, you’ve come to the correct place. We are also excited to provide you with latest july month result chart without any delay.

Get ready to celebrate the thrill of winning as the Kerala State Lottery results for July 2023 are in! The anticipation has finally paid off, and the moment you’ve been waiting for is here. Among the exciting announcements, don’t forget to check out the “Jackpot Results” that could turn your dreams into reality. With every draw, Kerala Lottery brings a chance for luck to shine, and this July is no different. So, grab your tickets and keep your fingers crossed as you uncover the numbers that could make you a jackpot winner. It’s time to embrace the excitement and see if fortune favors you this month!

Kerala Lottery July Month Chart

Date Day Lottery Draw Prize
01.07.23 Sat Karunya 608 252671
02.07.23 Sun Akshaya 606 929054
03.07.23 Mon Win-Win 725 499106
04.07.23 Tue Sthree Sakthi 372 407917
05.07.23 Wed Fifty-Fifty 56 222850
06.07.23 Thu Karunya Plus 477 729568
07.07.23 Fri Nirmal 336 710702
08.07.23 Sat Karunya 609 368035
09.07.23 Sun Akshaya 607 319431
10.07.23 Mon Win-Win 726 112188
11.07.23 Tue Sthree Sakthi 373 799001
12.07.23 Wed Fifty-Fifty 57 622799
13.07.23 Thu Karunya Plus 478 180011
14.07.23 Fri Nirmal 337 409163
15.07.23 Sat Karunya 610 652887
16.07.23 Sun Akshaya 608 232487
17.07.23 Mon Win-Win 727 271752
18.07.23 Tue Sthree Sakthi 374 940290
19.07.23 Wed Fifty-Fifty 58 632466
20.07.23 Thu Karunya Plus 479 116708
21.07.23 Fri Nirmal 338 737184
22.07.23 Sat Karunya 611 444534
23.07.23 Sun Akshaya 609 495486
24.07.23 Mon Win-Win 728 168108
25.07.23 Tue Karunya 375 832474
26.07.23 Wed Monsson Bumper BR-92 200261
27.07.23 Thu Karunya Plus 480 674851
28.07.23 Fri Nirmal 339 265260
29.07.23 Sat Karunya 612 169699
30.07.23 Sun Akshaya 610 528455
31.07.23 Mon Win-Win 729 998231

Types of Weekly Kerala Lotteries

Kerala State Lottery organises seven weekly lotteries as well as numerous seasonal bumper lotteries.

  1. Win-Win Lottery: Win-Win Lottery aims to provide participants with a positive start by offering a variety of prizes, culminating in a substantial first prize. This lottery’s charm lies in its simplicity – it’s a chance for players to believe in their luck and embrace the possibility of a win at the beginning of the week.
  2. Sthree Shakti Lottery: Sthree Sakthi Lottery offers an array of prizes, creating opportunities for both men and women to partake in its vibrant draw. This weekly event exemplifies Kerala’s commitment to social welfare while maintaining the excitement of potential rewards.
  3. Akshaya: Beyond its weekly event, the Akshaya Lottery also holds a special draw on the occasion of the Kerala State Lottery’s anniversary. This touch of tradition and significance enhances the appeal of the lottery and adds to the collective anticipation of potential outcomes.
  4. Karunya Plus: Karunya Plus Lottery lives up to its name by contributing a portion of its sales towards medical treatment for underprivileged individuals. This blend of compassion and excitement creates a draw that resonates with those looking to make a difference while enjoying the thrill of the game.
  5. Nirmal Lottery: It offers participants a chance to engage in a weekly event that embodies clarity and potential. The Nirmal Lottery prizes reflect its theme, promising participants a pure, untarnished shot at rewards and excitement.
  6. Karunya Lottery: The “Karunya” translates to “compassion,” and the Karunya Plus Lottery lives up to its name by contributing a portion of its sales towards medical treatment for underprivileged individuals.
  7. Pournami Lottery: The Pournami Lottery aims to provide participants with a sense of completeness by offering a range of prizes, all culminating in a substantial jackpot. This lottery’s draw marks the end of the week with the potential for exciting revelations and the promise of positive transformations.

The Kerala Lottery July Monthly Result 2023 stands as a highly anticipated event in the world of lotteries. With its unique blend of cultural significance and potential rewards, Kerala State Lottery system has captured the imagination of both avid players and those seeking the thrill of chance. As the draw date draws near, excitement mounts across the region, as participants eagerly await the unveiling of the winning numbers. This event not only offers the prospect of life-changing prizes but also underscores Kerala’s commitment to responsible gaming and community betterment. Discover the intrigue and potential of the Kerala Lottery July Monthly Result 2023.