List of Lottery Winners 2023 in India

Lottery List of Lottery Winners 2023 in India


The thrill of winning a lottery is a universal dream, one that transcends borders and cultures. In India, the excitement and anticipation surrounding lottery draws have long been a part of people’s lives. In 2023, this dream came true for several fortunate individuals and families across the country. Join us on an inspirational journey as we delve into the stories of the 15 latest lottery winners in India in 2023.

1. Ramesh and Suman Shah – ₹100 Crores Mega Millions Winner (Mumbai, Maharashtra)

Our list of India’s latest lottery winners in 2023 begins with an extraordinary couple from Mumbai, Ramesh and Suman Shah, who won an astonishing ₹100 crores in a national lottery. Ramesh, a hardworking taxi driver, and Suman, a devoted homemaker, had faced financial struggles for years. Their lives took an incredible turn when they discovered that their ticket held all the winning numbers. With their newfound wealth, the Shahs embarked on a mission to provide better education and healthcare opportunities for underprivileged children in their community.

2. Raju Kumar – ₹1 Crore State Lottery Winner (Bihar)

Lottery luck knows no bounds, as proven by Raju Kumar, a humble farmer from Bihar. Raju struck gold with a ₹1 crore win in a state lottery, a stroke of luck that transformed his life and the lives of those in his village. He invested in modern farming equipment, boosting the productivity of his land and assisting other farmers in his community to do the same. His story is a testament to the transformative power of lottery winnings in rural India.

3. Mr. and Mrs. Gupta – ₹50 Lakh Lottery Winners (Kolkata, West Bengal)

In the vibrant city of Kolkata, an elderly couple, Mr. and Mrs. Gupta, were overjoyed when they won ₹50 lakhs in a lottery. Instead of indulging in a life of luxury, they chose to use their winnings to fund their grandchildren’s education and provide financial assistance to less fortunate elderly citizens in their neighborhood. Their selflessness and commitment to the well-being of their community serve as an inspiration.

4. Sujata Rao – ₹10 Lakhs Scratch-Off Lottery Winner (Bengaluru, Karnataka)

Not all lottery winners fit the stereotypical mold. In Bengaluru, Sujata Rao, a dedicated software engineer, was pleasantly surprised when she won ₹10 lakhs in a scratch-off lottery. Sujata, known for her frugality, decided to continue working and used her winnings to create a college fund for her children. Her story highlights the modest yet meaningful impact that lottery winnings can have on individuals and their families.

5. The Sharma Family – ₹2 Crores State Lottery Winners (Rajasthan)

One of the most heartwarming stories among India’s latest lottery winners in 2023 comes from a small village in Rajasthan. The Sharma family, who had been embroiled in a property dispute for years, won ₹2 crores in a state lottery. With their newfound wealth, they were able to resolve the family feud, ensuring that future generations could live in harmony and prosperity. This example illustrates how lottery winnings can bring about reconciliation and peace.

6. The Reddy Family – ₹5 Crores Charitable Lottery Winners (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)

India’s rich tradition of philanthropy was exemplified by the latest lottery winners from Chennai, the Reddy family. After winning ₹5 crores, they established a charitable foundation dedicated to providing healthcare, education, and livelihood support to marginalized communities in Tamil Nadu. Their commitment to making a lasting impact on society through their winnings is truly commendable.

7. Ramesh Thakur – ₹25 Lakhs Regional Lottery Winner (Himachal Pradesh)

In a remote village in Himachal Pradesh, Ramesh Thakur, a small business owner, won ₹25 lakhs in a regional lottery. Rather than expanding his business empire, Ramesh decided to invest in creating employment opportunities for local youth by opening a vocational training center. His actions exemplify how lottery winnings can be channeled for the greater good of a community.

8. The Mathews Family – ₹3 Crores International Lottery Winners (Bengaluru, Karnataka)

The Mathews family from Bengaluru struck it big by winning ₹3 crores in an international lottery. This unexpected windfall allowed them to fulfill their long-held dream of starting an eco-friendly resort in the picturesque hills of Karnataka. Their story showcases how lottery winnings can turn dreams into reality and benefit the environment.

9. Lakshmi Devi – ₹10 Lakhs Diwali Bumper Lottery Winner (Chandigarh)

Diwali, the festival of lights, brought immense joy to Lakshmi Devi in Chandigarh as she won ₹10 lakhs in a special Diwali bumper lottery. This unexpected blessing allowed her to renovate her modest home, ensuring a more comfortable life for her family during the festive season. Lakshmi Devi’s story is a heartwarming example of how lottery winnings can enhance celebrations and improve living conditions.

10. The Sinha Siblings – ₹50 Lakhs Sibling Lottery Winners (Delhi)

In the heart of Delhi, the Sinha siblings, Anuj and Neha, had a stroke of luck when they won ₹50 lakhs in a sibling lottery. Instead of going their separate ways, they decided to invest in a joint business venture, starting a sustainable fashion brand that focuses on eco-friendly materials. Their story demonstrates the power of collaboration and innovation that lottery winnings can bring about.

11. Deepak Patel – ₹15 Lakhs Birthday Surprise (Ahmedabad, Gujarat)

Birthdays are often filled with surprises, but Deepak Patel’s birthday in Ahmedabad was extra special when he scratched his way to a ₹15 lakhs win on a lottery ticket gifted by a friend. Deepak used the money to pursue his passion for wildlife photography, traveling across India to capture the beauty of its fauna and flora.

12. The Varma Family – ₹1 Crore Monsoon Lottery Winners (Kerala)

No list of Indian lottery winners is complete without mentioning Kerala, known for its vibrant lottery culture. The Varma family from Thiruvananthapuram celebrated the monsoon season with a ₹1 crore kerala lottery win. They decided to invest in organic farming and contribute to Kerala’s eco-friendly initiatives. Their story highlights the deep-rooted connection between Kerala and lottery fortunes.

13. Ananya Mishra – ₹5 Lakhs Student Scholarship Winner (Pune, Maharashtra)

Ananya Mishra, a diligent college student from Pune, couldn’t believe her luck when she won ₹5 lakhs in a student scholarship lottery. She used the money to fund her higher education, alleviating the financial burden on her family. Ananya’s story is a testament to how lottery winnings can support educational aspirations and empower students.

14. The Arora Brothers – ₹2 Crores Business Expansion (Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh)

In Lucknow, the Arora brothers, who ran a small clothing store, won ₹2 crores in a state lottery. They seized the opportunity to expand their business, opening a chain of clothing outlets across the city and creating job opportunities for local residents. Their success exemplifies how lottery winnings can stimulate economic growth.

15. Sharmila Devi – ₹30 Lakhs Retirement Gift (Jaipur, Rajasthan)

After years of dedicated service as a government employee, Sharmila Devi received a grand retirement gift when she won ₹30 lakhs in a state lottery in Jaipur. Her winnings provided her with a comfortable retirement and the ability to travel and explore the world, fulfilling her long-postponed travel dreams.


The stories of India’s 15 latest Jackpot Results lottery winners in 2023 are a testament to the diverse and transformative nature of lottery luck. Whether they used their winnings to uplift their communities, empower themselves and their families, or pursue lifelong dreams, these individuals have shown how fortune can change lives. These stories also underscore the unique role that lotteries play in the lives of millions of people across India, adding excitement, hope, and, sometimes, life-altering rewards to their journeys.

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