Tennis Betting 101: How to Bet and Win

Tennis Betting 101: How to Bet and Win

Tennis betting is prevalent among tennis enthusiasts and punters. Tennis is a game played using what is called a racquet. Each player will have a racquet, and they both hit a ball aiming at the opposite player’s territory.

Then, that player tries to return the ball by hitting hard. If the player can’t hit back, the player who hit the ball initially wins. While betting on tennis, players may bet on the outcome of a match or a series.

For example, they may bet on the total number of scores or sets. Or they may bet on the player who has the most Aces. There are many more possibilities, but they all depend on the site you play.

The Best Online Tennis Betting Sites For Indian Players

Here are some of the best betting sites in India: This is a local Indian brand. Apart from tennis, the site also offers to bet on cricket and kabaddi. The site is known for its quick withdrawal of your winnings.

Pure Win: This site has the best odds for cricket. Additionally, the site has a good selection of sports. You can withdraw your winnings in five hours if you use Paytm.

Pari Match: This is the most popular Indian betting site. You can use Indian payment methods on this site. The sports selection here is good. It has excellent customer support.

Betway: It focuses on the Indian cricket market. You can quickly withdraw your money in rupees. In addition, there are live streaming options for matches.

How to Bet on Tennis Online

Because of the popularity of tennis and the vast number of matches, you can always find a place to bet on Tennis. You can bet on Grand Slams, low-tier ATP tours, or other private ones.

Read below to know bet types in tennis online:

  1. Outright betting: Here, you will predict the winner of a tournament.
  2. Match Betting: Betting on the winner of a single match.
  3. Handicap Betting: Betting on the better player that they will win the game under some conditions.
  4. Over-Under Betting: Wagering that the number of sets/games in a match will be above or below a certain number.

Famous Tournaments on Tennis Betting Sites

Read below to learn about the significant tennis events:

  1. Grand Slams: These are the most prestigious events for a tennis Professional. There are four Grand Slams in a year:
  2. Australian Open: The tournament is usually in mid-January.
  3. French Open: This tournament happens in early May or early June.
  4. Wimbledon: This tournament is in early July.
  5. US Open: Another Grand Slam on the hardcourt; this tournament begins in early September.
  6. After the Grand slams, the Olympics is the dream for a tennis professional. If a player wins all the Grand Slams and the Olympic gold medal, he wins the Golden Slam.
  7. Davis and Fed Cup: They are a set of annual tournaments. The Davis Cup is exclusively for Men and the Fed Cup is for women.

How to compare sportsbooks

For an excellent tennis betting experience, you must carefully choose the sportsbooks or websites. Consider the following factors while selecting a gambling site:

  1. Withdrawals must be fast and secure on a betting site.
  2. The odds must be reasonable. You don’t want to bet on a site with low odds than others.
  3. It would be best if the place had live betting and streaming functionality.
  4. The gambling website for tennis betting must use the latest security. They must have a valid gaming license.
  5. The sites must also have features to facilitate responsible gambling.

How online tennis betting in India has changed

Tennis is not as popular in India as cricket; however, its popularity has increased recently. With the creation of the All Indian Lawn Tennis association, you can see tennis matches and tournaments everywhere.


Due to this rise in interest, many online sites have started offering tennis betting. These changes have made more people want to bet on tennis. You can now get into tennis betting through various apps also. Ensure that you use only the reputed websites or apps. To do that, you must read the reviews. You can also get in touch with existing gamblers.

Online Tennis Betting FAQs

1. Why do we use handicap betting?

  • In tournaments, especially in the early rounds, you can find matches between ranked and unranked players. Therefore, there is a very high probability that the ranked player will win. This low win probability of weaker players will discourage people from betting on them.
  • Gamblers may bet only on the stronger player. Handicap betting encourages punters to bet on weaker players. In handicap betting, you may only win a bet on the stronger player if they win, satisfying certain conditions. For example, you may only get paid if the stronger player wins the match in straight sets without a tie break.

2. Which Grand Slam pays the highest for winning the championship?

  • The US Open pays the most for winning the Grand Slam. You get three and a half million US dollars. However, it is only second after Wimbledon in the first-round exit payout. If you were to exit in the first round, you would get three grand more in Wimbledon.
  • After the US Open, the prize money for champions in Wimbledon and the Australian Open is around 2.8 million USD. The French Open pays the least; the winner only gets around 2.3 million USD. But even if the earnings are different in each Grand Slam, being any Grand Slam titleholder is a matter of utmost prestige.

3. How to check the trustworthiness of a Gambling site?

  • Always look for the license information on the website. It is usually on the bottom of the home page of a gambling website. Some websites also have an about page where they show the license number.
  • All the gambling websites available in India have a foreign gambling license. The most popular one is Malta Gaming License. You can check the license number online and verify if it’s genuine.
  • Another factor is the game developers; they must use reputed developers such as Evolution. These game developers have trusted RNG systems verified by authorities.

4. Is gambling legal in India?

  • The status of online gambling is complicated in India. You cannot say that it is illegal as no laws prohibit online gambling. However, the Indian government issued a bill in 1887 prohibiting gambling on games that are not skill-based.
  • The power to decide if a match is skill-based or not depends on the state. For example, the Kerala government recently lifted a ban on betting on online rummy. According to Kerala, rummy is a skill-based game. Some states, such as Nagaland and Goa, allow legal gambling in land-based casinos. But even these states don’t have laws regarding online gambling.