Thunderball Lottery – Win Online Jackpot in India

Thunderball Lottery – Win Online Jackpot in India

Thunderball is played across the country and the jackpots on offer are worth a crore or more. The size of the jackpot depends on how many weeks have gone by without declaring a winner. The jackpot rolls over to the next draw to boost the jackpot amount. Other than the jackpot, participants can win at seven other levels increasing their chances a little bit.

When Is It Played?

The Thunderball draws are scheduled for every Tuesday between 10:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. and are telecast on the Zing channel of the Zee Network.

How Are the Numbers Chosen?

To take part in the lottery, the players need to select 5 numbers from 1 to 42 plus a Thunderball number from 1 to 15. These can be chosen either manually or with the help of a randomizer tool called Lucky Pick. The jackpot is won only when all the 6 numbers can be matched to those drawn.

Deciding the Winners

The various combinations of the numbers with the Thunderball give rise to seven other levels of winning the prize. Matching all 5 numbers can get you a prize of INR 40,000. You can also win a prize if you can match 3 or 4 numbers on your own or with the Thunderball. If you match 1 or 2 numbers, you must match the Thunderball as well in order to win a prize. The smallest prize of INR 20 can be won when you match the Thunderball and any one of the other 5 numbers.

How Can One Buy the Tickets?

The lottery tickets for the Thunderball lottery can be purchased online as well as from a retail store that has been authorized to sell them. The online purchase is possible only through the PlayWin website and using the pre-loaded PlayWin cards, which are available in various denominations. Any winnings are also added to the card for further usage or redemption. The online mode of purchase is safer as it keeps your ticket protected in an electronic format. In the retail model, extra precautions need to be taken to keep the ticket safe.

When you are making the purchase, you can also choose how many draws you would like to enter. You can enter up to 6 draws in advance at the time of purchase.

Claiming the Prize

The Thunderball prizes have limited validity and if not claimed for 90 days, they become null and void. You must cross-check your tickets with the results as soon as possible to avoid losing out and before claiming the prize you can check essential steps.


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