Unveiling the Upcoming Kerala Bumper Indian Lotteries

Kerala Lottery Unveiling the Upcoming Kerala Bumper Indian Lotteries

Excitement is on the rise with the announcement of upcoming Indian lotteries, and enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the release of newly available lottery tickets. Participants keep exploring fresh options, each ticket symbolising the potential for life-changing rewards. These lotteries, organised by both state-run entities and private organisations, not only offer a chance at substantial prizes but also contribute to public welfare through revenue generation. Introducing new lottery options in India sparks a surge in interest, with participants eagerly awaiting draw days, where luck and fate converge for the possibility of unforeseen prosperity.

Here are the 6 Upcoming Kerala Bumper Lottery 2024

  • Kerala Summer Bumper Lottery (March-April)

The State Lottery Department has announced the release of the Summer Bumper Lottery 2024 on January 24, 2024, with sales already underway. Priced at Rs. 250/-, the Summer Bumper Lottery 2024 draw is scheduled for March 27, 2024. The first prize is an enticing Rs 10 crore, followed by a second prize of Rs 1 crore. The third prize of Rs 10 lakhs will be awarded to six series, while the fourth prize stands at Rs 3 lakhs for each series. Further down the line, the fifth prize is Rs 2, the sixth prize is Rs 5000, the seventh prize is Rs 1000, the eighth prize is Rs. 500, and the ninth prize is Rs. 300. Additionally, four individuals will receive Rs 1 lakh each as a consolation prize. Get ready for the thrill of the Summer Bumper Lottery 2024! Meanwhile, you can check previous summer bumper lottery results.

  • Kerala Vishu Bumper Lottery (April-May)

The term ‘Vishu’ signifies ‘equal’ in Sanskrit, and in the state of Kerala, India, it is celebrated as the New Year festival according to the Malayalam calendar. A pivotal aspect of this celebration is Vishukkani, a significant ritual involving the arrangement of diverse items such as raw rice, golden cucumber, fresh lemon, a metal mirror, and various other elements. The festival also incorporates the observance of customs, including waking up at dawn and visiting puja rooms with closed eyes. It happens during mid-April.

Notably, during this festive period, the Kerala government lottery department organises a bumper lottery known as the Vishu Bumper, featuring a substantial first prize of 12 crores, a second prize of 1 crore for 6 Series, a third prize of 10 lakhs for 6 Series, a fourth prize of 5 lakhs for 6 Series, and a fifth prize of 2 lakhs for 6 Series.

  • Kerala Monsoon Bumper Lottery (July-August)

The Monsoon Bumper Lottery is an eagerly awaited event in Kerala State, India, taking place annually in July. Following the draw, you can check the Monsoon Bumper past results. The results detail all eight prize tiers, including the consolation prize. Typically, consolation prizes are awarded to participants with tickets matching the number of the 1st prize-winning number in the other four series.

It’s crucial to note that winners have a limited window of 30 days to claim their prize. To do so, they must provide evidence of ticket ownership and proof of identity. Therefore, it is advisable to check the results promptly to ensure timely claim submission.

  • Kerala Onam Bumper Lottery (September-October)

In a significant milestone for the Kerala Lottery, the Onam Bumper 2024 offers an unprecedented prize of 25 crore rupees for the first-place winner. The eagerly awaited results will be disclosed on September 18th, with the live lottery draw broadcast on Kairali TV, Kaumudy TV, and Jai Hind Channel at 2:00 PM. Priced at 500 rupees, the Kerala Onam Bumper tickets have already sold 45 lakh copies. The second prize is an impressive 5 crore rupees, and ten individuals will each receive a third prize of 1 crore rupees. Additionally, the fourth prize of 1 lakh rupees will be distributed among 90 winners, while the fifth prize of 5,000 rupees will be awarded to a remarkable 72,000 individuals. The anticipation for this historic Onam Bumper is palpable.

  • Kerala Pooja Bumper Lottery (October-November)

The much-anticipated Kerala Pooja Bumper Lottery is set to bring excitement and anticipation in November 2024. Priced at Rs 300 per ticket, this lottery promises incredible rewards for the fortunate winners. The first prize, an impressive Rs 12 crore, awaits the luckiest participant, making the stakes exceptionally high. Following closely, the second prize consists of Rs 1 crore each, granted to four fortunate winners. The excitement doesn’t end there, as the third prize of Rs 10 lakh each will be awarded to ten individuals, while the fourth prize of Rs 3 lakh will bring joy to five lucky people. The fifth prize is no small feat, rewarding Rs 2 lakh. Brace yourselves for the Kerala Pooja Bumper Lottery old results, where dreams may transform into reality.

  • Kerala Christmas-New Year Bumper Lottery (December-January)

The allure of the Christmas-New Year Bumper Lottery is a thrilling prospect for those seeking a touch of luck and fortune. With the anticipation building, this particular lottery, scheduled for announcement in December-January 2024, promises a grand celebration of the season. Priced affordably, the lottery offers an array of enticing prizes, including significant cash rewards for the fortunate winners. As families and individuals across Kerala immerse themselves in the holiday spirit, the prospect of welcoming the New Year with a potential windfall adds an extra layer of excitement. Stay tuned for a chance to usher in the New Year with joy and prosperity through the Kerala Christmas-New Year Bumper Lottery.


The upcoming Indian lotteries promise excitement and life-altering rewards. As enthusiasts eagerly await the draws and explore new lottery options, the thrill of unpredictability infuses a sense of excitement into the air. Whether it’s the prospect of winning substantial sums or the societal impact of state-run lotteries, these upcoming events become pivotal moments. With each ticket symbolising the potential for a brighter future, the excitement surrounding the forthcoming lotteries serves as a testament to the enduring allure of luck and possibility in participants’ hearts.

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