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Online casinos and cashback bonuses are back in action. With bigger and better cashback becoming the norm, now is the best time to risk less and earn more. Since several online casinos have shunned welcome bonuses and introduced weekly cashback bonuses, odds have turned in betters’ favor. Generally, these bonuses are advantageous for high rollers. But, recreational gamblers, amateur betters, and low rollers can also make decent money.

Cashback Bonus – A Primer 

A cashback bonus is a casino’s way of saying ‘Thank You’ to casino enthusiasts. It encourages gamblers to return and use the cashback to play more.

Generally, casinos provide cashback bonuses when a player has incurred losses on one or more games. They can be ongoing or time-bound; it depends on the casino’s clientele, software, target market, and player status (VIP or Non-VIP).

Cashback Bonuses – Types

Cashback bonuses can be of various types. Knowing the right type is essential to get the most from these bonuses. Here is a laydown of the most common casino cashback bonus types:

On All Loses

On All Loses is one of the best cashback bonus types since you receive a fixed percentage as cashback on every game you lose.

Unlike most other cashback bonus types, this does not depend on the game you play; you get the cashback bonus irrespective of that.

Losing Spins or Bets

Losing bets or spins is similar to On All Loses since you get cashback bonuses on the bets/spins you have lost.

Casinos scan all your bets/spins to filter the ones you lost and offer you a percentage of the lost amount after the cashback period ends.

On Deposits

You get these bonuses on making deposits. They do not depend on the amount you lose or gain.

So, if a casino offers a 10% bonus on deposits, you get USD 15 back on a deposit of USD 150. The cashback is usually credited after the cashback period.

Daily Cashback 

These are popular and common bonuses. If you activate the daily cashback, the casino checks the amount you lose per day and gives you additional time to spend the amount. So, your effective loss might come down.

However, since the amount depends on the deposit, high stakes can enhance bonuses.

Weekly Cashback 

As the name suggests, weekly cashback bonuses are computed for a period of seven days.

The casino checks your wagering requirements and the amount you lost every seven days and transfers a certain percentage as the weekly cashback.

Monthly Cashback 

Like weekly cashback bonuses, monthly bonuses get computed after the end of a month. The casino tracks the net losses made in a month and delivers a fixed-percentage cashback to your account.

This can increase the cashback amount since you get a full month to play.

VIP Cashback

If you are a high roller or a regular visitor, you become eligible for the VIP bonus. Here, the cashback bonus amount is reasonably higher than the normal cashback. It can go up to 50% of the net loss amount.

Casinos usually credit the amount daily, weekly, or monthly.


How good would it be if a casino gave you cashback bonuses without any wagering requirements? The wager-free bonus type is exactly that. You can take home a fixed amount every time you lose money on a spin or bet.

However, casinos usually impose a minimum loss amount before reimbursing the amount.

Tricks to Find Awesome Cashback Bonuses

The best cashback bonuses can change how you spin or bet since you become braver. Finding the best casino cashback bonuses is easy when you know the right tricks and techniques:

  • Check the Percentage of Cashback – Scan the online casinos to see which casino offers the highest cashback to non-VIP members. Sign up for the same and increase your stakes with the enhanced cashback.
  • Read the Wagering Requirements – The wagering requirements specify how to spend the cashback amount. The more relaxed the wagering requirements, the better it is. Talk to the customer support representative to clarify doubts before choosing a casino.
  • Keep an Eye on the Duration of the Promotion – Casinos generally run cyclical promotional offers. So, while some casinos offer daily cashback bonuses, others may offer them weekly or monthly. Check the promotion duration to get the cashback when you need it.
  • Discover the Amount – The amount of the bonus is vital. If it is more, you get more, and vice versa. However, if you opt for a high amount, you may have to deposit more and lose more. Select cashback bonuses depending on your bankroll.

How to Claim Cashback Bonuses

If you have signed up for cashback bonuses, the amount will be credited after the cashback period expires. Here is what you can do to claim the amount:

  • Redeem – Visit the appropriate section on the casino’s portal, check the amount and percentage, and click on the ‘Redeem’ button to get the amount.
  • Check the Terms and Conditions and Accept Them – Checking the terms and conditions (T&Cs) is vital.
  • Play Games That Matter – Play games where casinos offer cashback bonuses since playing other games will not count.
  • Use the Bonus – Ensure to spend the cashback amount within the specified period.

Cashback Bonuses – Pros & Cons

Cashback bonuses are optional. So, players may choose not to redeem the bonus if they want. So, should you accept or skip them for good? The list of pros and cons will help you make the best choice.


  • Earn Extra – If you are loyal to a casino, cashback bonuses acknowledge your loyalty. You can get an extra amount every time you lose a spin or bet
  • Minimizes Risk – Since casinos return a fixed percentage of your loss as the cashback bonus, your risk reduces. You can increase your stakes with the same deposit
  • Relaxed Wagering Requirements – Many online casinos provide no or low wagering requirements. You get what you see with no strings attached


  • Loss Comes First – To get cashback bonuses, you must lose first. Hence, you have to prepare yourself for accepting losses
  • Might Come With a Cap – Sometimes, casinos restrict the bonus amount you may claim or withdraw in a single transaction
  • Not Universal – Cashback bonuses are usually casino-specific or game-specific. So, neither all casinos offer cashback bonuses, nor are all games cashback-enabled

Are Cashback Bonuses Legal?

Online casinos need a license to operate legally and accept deposits from players. So, if an online casino is legal, its cashback bonuses are also legal.

Players do not need to deposit anything extra to get bonuses – the amount is credited as an extra.

A legal casino offering cashback bonuses will carry the MGA or UKGC authentication seal. Other licensing bodies may also certify the casino. lists the most reputable and 100% legal casinos for you to spin or bet safely.

Cashback bonuses are legal as long as your country or state permits it, so check the terms and conditions listed on a casino’s website to check whether you can avail them.


  1. How can I claim a cashback bonus?If you have opted for cashback bonuses during the promotion of a game, you are eligible to get the cashback. Once you receive the bonus coupon or code, you need to redeem it from within the platform. The bonus amount gets credited after the cashback period expires.
  2. Do I get cashback bonuses instantly?Generally, cashback bonuses are not credited instantly. You have to wait until the expiry of the cashback period. You may have to wait for more if you opt for a bank transfer. However, once the amount is credited to your online casino account, you can use it for playing games.
  3. What is casino cashback?The casino cashback bonus is expressed in percentage terms. It is credited to the player’s account when they endure a loss. Cashback bonuses depend on the deposit amount, casino’s clientele, software, target market, and player status (VIP or Non-VIP).
  4. Which online casino has the biggest cashback bonus?777bay Casino offers up to a 30% cashback bonus and tops the list. is a premium source of 100% legal and best casinos with the biggest cashback bonuses. Check the list of live casinos paying exorbitant cashback bonuses before playing.
  5. Do cashback bonuses have wagering requirements?Cashback bonuses may or may not have wagering requirements. It is wise to read the terms and conditions to check the same before depositing money.
  6. Is there a limit on a casino cashback bonus?Although there is a limit on casino cashback bonuses, they vary widely. Generally, the limit is between 10% and 25%. But, the limit might be as high as 50% for VIP clients.