Delhi State Lottery

The Delhi government does not authorise or regulate Delhi state lotteries within the city, and there appears to be little interest in amending this law. While the Delhi government has not introduced its lotteries, there are no restrictions on participating in lotteries from other Indian states where they are legal or on international online lottery platforms. 


The absence of prohibitions on online lottery play means you can conveniently engage in lottery games through offshore-operated websites at any time. Even though Delhi does not host its lotteries, you can participate in physical lotteries organised by other Indian states where they are permitted. Opting for online lottery platforms is often the preferred choice since they are not subject to any prohibitions or regulations in Delhi. It allows you to enjoy various international and domestic lottery options without hindrance. 

Types of Lotteries in Delhi State

Now you know how the lottery system works in Delhi, let’s discuss the types of Delhi state lottery. They are given below:

1. Weekly Lotteries

Delhi offers weekly lotteries drawn weekly. These lotteries typically feature moderate jackpots and are a regular source of excitement for players.

2. Monthly Lotteries: 

Delhi also hosts monthly lotteries in addition to weekly draws. These lotteries have slightly larger jackpots and provide players with a once-a-month chance to win big.

3. Seasonal Lotteries:

Delhi State occasionally conducts seasonal lotteries, typically tied to specific seasons or festivals. These lotteries offer unique themes and larger jackpots to coincide with the festive spirit.

4. Bumper Lotteries: 

Bumper lotteries are the highlight of the lottery calendar in Delhi. These mega-events occur less frequently, often tied to special occasions or celebrations. Bumper lotteries feature massive jackpots, sometimes reaching extraordinary amounts, making them highly anticipated by players.

5. Delhi Dhamaka Lottery

Delhi Dhamaka Lottery is a daily lottery game that is operated by the Government of Delhi. It is one of the most popular lottery games in India, and it offers players the chance to win large prizes.

6. Special Occasion Lotteries:

Delhi State may also organize lotteries on special occasions or to support charitable causes. These periodic lotteries serve various purposes, including raising funds for social initiatives.

Prize Structure of Delhi Lottery Tickets

Now that you have seen the types of Delhi lotteries let’s take a brief look at their prize structure.

Lottery Ticket

Draw Days Minimum Prize

Maximum Jackpot (approx.)

Mega Millions

Wednesday, Saturday ₹300

₹10,900 crores 

Euro Millions

Friday ₹350

₹736 crores 


Wednesday, Friday, Sunday ₹160

₹1674 crores 


Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday ₹300

₹16,400 crores 

Places to Buy Lottery Tickets in Delhi NCR

You can buy lottery tickets online from authorised platforms permitted to sell government lotteries from other states. You can also buy from authorised lottery dealers in Delhi, whether state governments authorise individuals or companies to sell lottery tickets legally. If you are going to buy a physical lottery ticket, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the agent’s shop in person.
  2. Pay for the ticket, either with cash or online.
  3. Write your full name and address once you have the ticket.

It ensures your entry into the lottery is proper. If you’re unsure about finding a reliable seller, you can also search for recommendations online. You can search for ‘lottery agents in Delhi’ on Google or choose reputable online platforms for the lottery in Delhi, one such best platform is Jackpot Results. The portal is a homepage to several websites that offer different lottery games in Delhi.  

Play the Lottery Legally in Delhi

In Delhi, there are several ways to participate in lottery games legally. Firstly, you can play with paper lotteries organised by other Indian states, which is permissible in Delhi. While Delhi doesn’t have its government lottery, you can enjoy the excitement of lotteries from other states.

Secondly, regarding online lotteries, Delhi’s regulations are somewhat vague. While buying and selling physical lottery tickets is prohibited, there is no explicit mention of online lottery games in Delhi’s regulations. It means that residents of Delhi can potentially engage in online lotteries through various reputable websites like Jackpotresults.

However, players must be diligent and check the legality of lottery participation in their specific state, as rules may vary. By doing so, you can ensure that you’re enjoying lottery games responsibly and lawfully. Jackpot Results is a safe and legal lottery platform, ensuring all norms are met in compliance with pre-determined rules and regulations. 

How to Claim a Winning Prize?

Claiming a prize in a Delhi state lottery is straightforward at Jackpot Results. First, check the winning numbers against your ticket when the results are announced to see if you’ve won. If you hold a winning ticket, safeguard it as your only proof of the win. 

Follow the instructions from the lottery operator or the online lottery website to claim your prize. Be prepared to provide documents like ID proof, address proof, and the winning ticket for verification. Once verified, you can collect your prize money through various methods, such as bank transfer, cheque, or cash payout. This hassle-free procedure ensures you can enjoy your lottery winnings without complications.

Some of the Best Online Lottery Sites in Delhi

If you’re looking for the best lottery apps in India, you’re in the right place. Jackpot Results is among the best lottery sites associated with several trustable platforms. We’ve carefully reviewed and ranked the top five Indian lottery apps based on three main factors: popularity, customer experience, and app exclusives. Here’s the lowdown on the best lottery apps you can find in India:

  • lottoland_logo
  • Lottoland
  • Offer/Bonus 50% welcome bonus with 5 other welcome treats
  • Payment Methods
  • 22bet_logo
  • Lotto Agent
  • Offer/Bonus Up to $1,500, plus 200 free spins
  • Payment Methods
  • lottofy_logo
  • Lottofy
  • Offer/Bonus 50% Bonus, Buy 1 bet and get 2 more FREE
  • Payment Methods
  • lottosmile_logo
  • LottoSmile
  • Offer/Bonus Get 25% cashback on your 1st play*
  • Payment Methods
  • lotter_logo
  • TheLotter
  • Offer/Bonus Get 25% cashback on your 1st play*
  • Payment Methods

1. LOTTOLAND – The best lottery App in India

Lottoland takes the crown as the most popular lottery app in India. It’s been a leader in the online lottery scene, offering players from all Indian states a fantastic lotto experience. With a wide range of online lottery games, seamless Paytm withdrawals and deposits, and exceptional customer service, it’s no wonder Lottoland is a top pick. Their user-friendly app mirrors the website’s features and allows you to set notifications and customize your experience.

2. LOTTO247 – Top-rated Indian Lottery App for Web Browser

While Lotto247 doesn’t offer a downloadable app, their mobile website is designed to work just like a typical Indian lottery app. It’s user-friendly and loads quickly, providing a smooth experience. Though there are no app exclusives, you can personalize your account settings, save payment methods, and enjoy personalized offers based on your game preferences.

3. LOTTOSMILE – The best Android lottery app

LottoSmile, offers an enticing lottery app for iOS and Android. It’s one of India’s most popular lottery apps, known for its special offers, live results, winner stories, and easy navigation. The app allows you to receive personalized notifications, access your gaming history, and contact customer support. You can download the Android app from their website as an APK and find the iPhone app on the Apple App Store.


LottoSmile and TheLotter share the same parent company and offer similar features. LottoSmile takes the lead because it’s exclusively dedicated to Indian players. However, TheLotter’s online lottery app is equally impressive, providing personalized jackpot and results alerts. You can download this lottery app from the Apple App Store or their main website.

5. LOTTOFY – Your New Online Lottery Destination

Lottofy is a fresh face in the world of online lotteries. Although it’s relatively new, it’s licensed and safe to play. You can bet on lottery results or even participate directly in lotteries. With various games, convenient payment options, and helpful customer support, Lottofy aims to make your lottery experience enjoyable and secure. Give it a try and see if it’s your lucky platform!

These top-rated lottery apps bring the excitement of playing the lottery right to your fingertips. Whether you prefer a dedicated app or a mobile web browser experience, there’s an option for every lottery enthusiast in India.

Delhi Lottery Tickets Online

Why worry about a ban on the physical lottery when you can purchase the lottery online? Let’s explore the Delhi state lottery tickets online and their drawings.

1. Powerball

 Known for its record-breaking jackpots, Powerball offers a chance to win massive prizes with drawings on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

2. Mega Millions

Mega Millions is another giant in the lottery world, featuring enormous jackpots drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

3. Euromillions

With substantial jackpots, Euromillions offers draws on Wednesdays and Saturdays, providing a chance to win significant sums.

4. Eurojackpot

Eurojackpot is a popular Friday lottery with impressive jackpots, providing an exciting opportunity to win big.

5. SuperEnalotto

Hailing from Italy, SuperEnalotto offers draws on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, often featuring substantial jackpots.

6. Lotto 6/49

This Canadian lottery is quite popular in Delhi. It is drawn on Thursdays and Sundays, offering a chance to win millions in Canadian dollars.

7. La Primitiva

La Primitiva, drawn on Fridays and Sundays, provides an opportunity to compete for impressive jackpots in euros.

Step-by-Step Process to Purchase Online Lottery Tickets in Delhi

When planning to buy lottery tickets, exploring how to buy the Delhi state lottery online is equally important.

  • Register on a Legitimate Website

Visit a reputable international lottery website like Jackpot Results. Sign up on the platform, providing your personal information and banking details. Rest assured that your confidential data is secure due to high-level encryption technology. Some websites might require an initial deposit to get started.

  • Select Your Preferred Lottery

Explore the website’s wide range of international lottery games after registration. Choose the lottery you wish to participate in and proceed to select the lines and draws you want to play. Once you’ve selected, you’re ready to purchase your lottery tickets.

  • Add Your Lottery Ticket to the Cart

Now that you’ve decided on the lottery you want to play and selected your lines and draws, you can proceed with the purchase. Utilise the deposit in your account to buy the lottery ticket of your choice. Add this ticket to your platform’s shopping cart, then click the ‘checkout’ option to complete the purchase. The platform will send you a notification to confirm your successful purchase.

  • Ticket Confirmation and Delivery

Depending on the lottery website you choose, you may either be betting on the results of the official lottery draw or purchasing an official ticket. Regardless of your choice, the ultimate goal is to try your luck for the same winning odds and prizes. People often prefer purchasing an official ticket (or opting for the ticket messenger service). 

If you choose this option, the platform will send scanned copies of the paper lottery ticket(s) to your email or lottery account. If you buy the ticket(s) from a betting site, the platform will send a confirmation message to your email or the lottery account.

It’s important to remember that to stay within the legal boundaries in Delhi, you should only buy lottery tickets from legitimate international websites.

Different Online Lottery Games To Play

Lottery games are interesting and are curious to play. They build your curiosity, test your patience and give an unmatched thrill. Let’s explore some of the best Delhi state lottery games online. 

1. US Powerball

Known as the world’s largest lottery, US Powerball attracts Delhi players with its colossal jackpots, making it a top choice.

2. EuroMillions

Delhi players are drawn to EuroMillions due to its guaranteed jackpot fund and exciting Super Draw events, adding to the lottery’s appeal.

3. Germany Lotto

Recognised as one of the biggest national lotteries, Germany Lotto is a popular choice among Delhi players, who eagerly participate in its draws.

4. EuroJackpot

EuroJackpot, a straightforward European lottery game, is favoured by first-time Delhi lottery players who appreciate its simplicity.

5. MegaMillions

Delhi residents strongly like US lotteries, and MegaMillions is a particular favourite due to its widespread popularity.

6. Lotto India

This relatively new national lottery is steadily gaining popularity among players in Delhi, with increasing participation in every draw.

7. Australian Monday and Wednesday Lotto

Delhi players are drawn to the simplicity, favourable winning odds, and convenience of two draws on working days in this Australian lottery.

8. Italy Superenalotto

Delhi players have an affinity for European lotteries, and the Italian version, Superenalotto, offers them three draws per week and numerous winning opportunities.

Delhi Government Lottery Policy

The Delhi Government once had its lottery, but it was banned in 1995 due to widespread fraudulent activities. Despite an attempt to revive it in 1999, it remained unsuccessful, mainly because the Supreme Court had already outlawed single-digit lotteries. This ban effectively ended the era of lotteries in the capital. Over time, as loopholes were discovered and the internet became prevalent, playing lotteries online became hassle-free and legal, provided you do so on offshore websites.

Now, you might wonder whether the Delhi Government currently approves of lotteries. The answer is somewhat complex. The Lottery Regulations Act legalizes selling and purchasing lottery tickets in 13 Indian states, but Delhi is not one of them. The concept of a Delhi lottery is ambiguous at best.

One crucial point to note is that despite being a Union Territory, Delhi has its legislature, including a Chief Minister, Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs), and an assembly. However, Delhi lacks an Upper House, and the Lieutenant Governor makes final decisions. As a result, the Lotteries (Regulation) Act applies, but in a somewhat complicated manner.

This regulatory ambiguity has led to the legal playing of lotteries on offshore websites and through agents who sell tickets from other states. While the Central Government could potentially intervene to allow lotteries in Delhi, doing so might set a precedent for other Union Territories, making it an unlikely move.


Yes, the lottery is legal in Delhi under the Delhi Public Gambling Act 1955. Although most forms of gambling are prohibited, the lottery is an exception. Delhi doesn’t host its government lottery, but residents can legally participate in paper lotteries from other Indian states. The only restriction is for lotteries from states prohibiting ticket sales outside their borders. Additionally, there are no constraints on playing international lotteries online in Delhi. 

Yes, your chances do get better when you buy more tickets, but it still depends on which lottery you’re playing. For instance, it would be like having 100 times more chances than just one ticket in the US Powerball. Your odds might be around 1 in 2.9 million. In the UK Lotto, it’s about 1 in 450,000 for the jackpot. So, more tickets, better odds.

Yes, you can buy lottery tickets from other states in Delhi. The city has no lottery, but you can purchase tickets online and offline from states like Punjab and Nagaland. However, restrictions make certain lotteries from states like Sikkim no longer available in Delhi.

The ban on the Delhi Government Lottery, imposed in 1995 after the discovery of fake lottery rackets, has never been lifted. In 1999, there was an unsuccessful attempt to partially lift the ban. Subsequent discussions in 2003 about reviving paper lotteries and introducing online lotteries in Delhi also failed to materialize.

Yes, many lottery websites offer mobile apps that allow you to purchase lottery tickets online in India at the same prices as their desktop versions. If available, simply visit the website, download the app, use your existing login details, and buy tickets for international lotteries.

In Delhi, the sale and purchase of domestic lotteries are governed by the Indian Penal Code, Section 294(A) 1860. This law specifies that anyone found operating an office or shop for selling lotteries not approved by the State government or a State lottery can face penalties, including fines, a six-month jail term, or both. Since Delhi does not have its government lotteries, it can be concluded that domestic lotteries are illegal in the city.

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