The Lotteries Rules and Regulations, 2010

The Kerala Paper Lotteries (Regulation) Rules, 2005, establish a comprehensive framework for the regulation and conduct of paper lotteries within the state. The rules cover various aspects, from the title and commencement to the interpretation of provisions. Here is an in-depth summary of the key sections:


1. Title, Application, and Commencement (Rules 1)

The rules are titled the “Kerala Paper Lotteries Rules and Regulations, 2005,” and apply to the entire state. They come into immediate effect upon issuance.

2. Definitions (Rules 2)

Several definitions are provided to ensure clarity:

  • Act: Refers to the Lotteries Rules and Regulations Act, 1998.
  • Agent or Agency: Denotes an entity authorized by the District Lottery Officer to sell government lottery tickets.
  • Agency Discount: Represents the discount allowed on the face value of lottery tickets at the point of sale.
  • Director: The Director of State Lotteries, Kerala.
  • District Lottery Officer: The officer responsible for lotteries in a revenue district.
  • Draw: The method of selecting prize-winning tickets.
  • Form: Prescribed forms for documentation.
  • Government: The Government of Kerala.
  • Paper Lottery: Any lottery conducted under the Lotteries Rules and Regulations Act, 1998, excluding online lotteries.


3. Printing of Lottery Tickets (Rules 3)

This section outlines the procedures for printing lottery tickets:

  • The Director must obtain model and design approval from the government before printing.
  • Tickets should bear the facsimile signature of the Secretary to the Government of Kerala Taxes Department.
  • Various details, including draw number and cost, must be displayed on the front side.
  • Counterfoils, containing the draw date and ticket number, are required.
  • Important information, including prize patterns and terms, must be printed on the reverse side.
  • The government decides the series, ticket quantity, and other details.
  • Printing may be done at the government press or an approved high-security press.


4. Conduct of Lottery (Rules 4)

The Director of State Lotteries is responsible for conducting Kerala State Paper Lotteries in line with the Act. The Director may appoint agents for lottery sales in the state, subject to Act and Rule provisions.

5. Grant, Renewal, and Cancellation of Agency (Rules 5)

This section outlines the process for obtaining, renewing, and cancelling lottery agencies:

  • Application in Form No. II, along with a fee of Rs. 400, is required for agency acquisition.
  • Renewal requires Form No. II submission and a renewal fee of Rs. 100.
  • Agencies not renewed automatically cancel, but those in existence during the lottery ticket sale prohibition in 2005 are deemed granted.
  • Identity cards are issued to agents, with duplicate cards available for Rs. 50 in case of damage or loss.


6. Duties and Responsibilities of Lottery Agent (Rules 6)

Agents can sell lottery tickets through sub-agents, with responsibilities including compliance with the Act and rules. Agents must maintain and produce information about sub-agents for verification.

7. Sale of Lottery Ticket (Rules 7)

This section covers the sale of lottery tickets:

  • Tickets are sold to agents at face value, with agency discounts determined by the government.
  • Sale proceeds are credited to the state’s general revenue.
  • Tickets, once sold, cannot be returned.
  • The reverse side of tickets is stamped before sale, with counterfoils cut off and retained.
  • Details of ticket stock and issuance are maintained in Forms III, IV, and V.


8. Conduct Draw and Results (Rules 8)

Procedures for conducting lottery draws and announcing results are detailed:

  • Draws are conducted under the Director’s supervision between 2:30 P.M. and 5:30 P.M.
  • A panel of judges, including a Chairman, oversees the draw.
  • Results are announced by the Director or an authorized officer, published in newspapers, and recorded in the Government Gazette.


9. Prize and Prize Claims (Rules 9)

This section covers the payment and claiming of prizes:

  • The government guarantees prize payments.
  • Prize money may be provided as a demand draft, ticket exchange, or cash, deducting necessary amounts.
  • Prize claims are subject to specific documentation, with different thresholds for District Lottery Officers and the Director.
  • Agents’ prizes and incentives must be claimed within three months.
  • Taxes are deducted from prize claims.
  • Prize money disbursement depends on genuineness, with prizes unclaimed after 30 days becoming government property unless authorized delays occur.


10. Interpretation (Rules 10)

Any questions, doubts, or disputes in interpreting these rules are referred to the government, with the government’s decision being final.

In summary, the Kerala Paper Lotteries (Regulation) Rules, 2005, establish a comprehensive framework for the regulations and conduct of paper lotteries within the state, covering every aspect from printing tickets to claiming prizes. The rules aim to ensure transparency, fairness, and legality in the operation of lotteries, protecting both participant’s and the government’s interests.

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