El Gordo

The El Gordo lottery is also known as the Spanish Christmas lottery. The meaning of El Gordo in English is ‘The Fat One’, as the total prize money is the biggest in the world. It is an annual Spanish lottery, which takes place during the Christmas week on the 22nd December in Madrid, Spain, making the festival even grander. It is the second oldest continuously running lottery in the world. El Gordo is famous for awarding millions of Euros yearly to its multiple winners with record-breaking jackpots. Nearly 70% of ticket sales are awarded as prizes to all the winners of this Spanish lottery.

Apart from El Gordo, there is one more Spanish lottery for which you would not have to wait for the entire year. It is known as El Gordo La Primitiva. The lottery draw takes place every week and is meant for the players who can’t wait for a year long.

How to Buy El Gordo Lottery Tickets?

Tickets can be bought from lottery shops, social clubs, and certain restaurants. In this Spanish lottery, there are multiple copies or series of tickets. This means that there can be more than one person sharing the same ticket number.

El Gordo has a unique way of assigning certain numbers in the series to each shop, resulting in the winning tickets of that series to be from the same shop. Sometimes, this leads to that area of the city being full of El Gordo winners.

You can even buy an El Gordo ticket online and watch the results on the television (if you’re a Spanish resident) or check out our website to know who’s the winner.

To buy a ticket online, look for an online casino offering El Gordo lottery. Register on the website by filling in the required information. Once you have registered, you would need to make a deposit using your international debit/credit card to be able to buy the tickets for El Gordo.

Cost of Tickets

The cost of a standard ticket is €200. That’s a little too much on the pocket. And so, El Gordo gives you the option to either buy a full ticket, known as ‘Billete’, or a tenth of a ticket, known as a ‘Decimo’. It works like a share. You can buy a decimo for €20.

Another interesting fact about the El Gordo tickets is that you can even buy a fraction of a tenth of the ticket. Many organizations buy fractions of tickets and divide them into further fractions to sell to their colleagues, friends, relatives, family members, and even in charity. Local bars and associations also offer free decimos and fractioned tickets to their staff and customers.

The games is designed in this manner to allow many people to join the lottery and stand a chance to win.

How to Play El Gordo?

In this game, you have to choose a five-digit number between 00000 and 99999. If the number matches with the number drawn, then your ticket will win a prize of the full ticket (€200) and the people having the shares of the ticket will get the winning amount divided according to those shares.

For drawing the winning numbers, two large spherical cages are used. The larger one holds 100,000 small wooden balls. Each ball is laser-inscribed with a five-digit unique number ranging from 00000 to 99999. The smaller cage contains 1,807 small wooden balls, representing a prize, written in Euros.

Two pupils of Madrid’s San Ildefonso School draw one ball each from the two cages. The ball from the bigger sphere is the winning number, and the corresponding ball from the smaller sphere is the prize that number has won. This procedure is repeated until the small sphere is emptied.

The number that gets €4,000,000 against it is called the El Gordo winning number.

There are a total of seventeen winning tiers offered in El Gordo lottery, enabling players to win as many prizes as they can. These tiers can be summarized as:

Prize Level Total Number of Prizes Prize per Billete Prize per Decimo Total Prize
First Prize 1 €4,000,000 €400,000 €4,000,000
Second Prize 1 €1,250,000 €125,000 €1,250,000
Third Prize 1 €500,000 €50,000 €500,000
Fourth Prize 2 €200,000 €20,000 €400,000
Fifth Prize 8 €60,000 €6,000 €480,000
Two numbers one unit above and below the El Gordo number 2 €20,000 €2,000 €40,000
Two numbers one unit above and below the Second Prize 2 €12,500 €1,250 €25,000
Two numbers one unit above and below the Third Prize      2 €9,600 €960 €19,200
First three digits as those of the El Gordo number 99 €1,000 €100 €99,000
First three digits as those of the Second Prize 99 €1,000 €100 €99,000
First three digits as those of the Third Prize 99 €1,000 €100 €99,000
First three digits as those of the Fourth Prize 98 €1,000 €100 €198,000
Last two digits as those of the El Gordo number 999 €1000 €100 €99,000
Last two digits as those of the Second Prize 999 €1000 €100 €99,000
Last two digits as those of the Third Prize 999 €1000 €100 €99,000
Any five correct digits 1794 €1000 €100 €1,794,000
The same last digit as that of the El Gordo number (La Pedrea) 9999 €200 €20 €1,999,800


Claiming the Reward

After the draw is completed, the results are declared on the official website of El Gordo and on the result page of El Gordo on our website. In case you win, you are also notified on your registered email address.

If you’re a winner and have won a huge amount (the El Gordo jackpot), you will be taken through the steps of claiming the reward. For smaller amounts, the money will directly be transferred to your bank account registered with the casino operator.

If you are a resident of Spain, then winnings up to €2500 can be collected from authorized ticket offices. Prizes over €2500 have to be claimed from specific Spanish banks only.


Is El Gordo an annual lottery?

Basically, El Gordo is a Christmas festive lottery played on 22nd December every year. It is majorly meant for celebrating the great festival with lots of prizes.

Later a weekly lottery was also introduced by the Spanish Government by the name of El Gordo Primitiva. The draws of this lottery are conducted every Monday at 3.30 pm. The results are declared online immediately after the draw.

How can I be sure that I will receive my prize?

El Gordo is organized by the Spanish Government and is endorsed by the officials. Since 1812, it has been running without a break, and there is no missed payout of the winning prizes. So, it is surely 100% secure for prize payouts.

Are there any better numbers than others?

Usually, the lottery numbers are generated randomly. So all of the numbers have the same chances of winning.

Can I buy El Gordo lottery tickets in India?

Yes, there are a number of online casinos offering El Gordo lottery. You have to be sure that you are interacting with an authorized casino so that you buy genuine lottery tickets. You can also buy tickets from the official website of El Gordo and stand a chance to win and collect huge prizes by playing online from India.

What are my odds of winnings?

The best part of El Gordo lottery is that it gives enormous chances of winning. The odds of winning are 1 in 100,000. Moreover, since there are so many prize tiers, the odds are much higher than those of other lotteries, making El Gardo a huge hit.

What are the advantages of playing El Gordo online?

Playing a lottery traditionally involves visiting shops for buying the tickets and going to the venue of the draw. This is quite a hassle, especially if you live in a country other than Spain. You can save your precious time by playing online. You can look for the tickets online, complete your transaction, and participate in the El Gordo lottery. You can even check the results of the lottery online, on the El Gordo results page.

What is the double jackpot scheme in Spanish Christmas lottery?

This double jackpot scheme allows you to win twice the official amount on the first three tiers of the El Gordo lottery. To activate it, you have to pay double the ticket price.

Are El Gordo prizes tax-free?

Yes, all prizes under €40,000 are tax-free. For bigger prizes, a tax of 20% is deducted over the total amount of the prize won. This tax is automatically deducted from the reward before it reaches you.

Do I have to pay tax in India for my winnings?

Yes, all winnings are treated as the personal income of an individual, so they are taxable as per the Income Tax Law of Indian Government.

You have to pay a 30.09% tax under the tax laws. This tax is deducted directly from the source (TDS), and the balance amount is paid to the winner.