Jhatka Matka Gambling

Jhatka Matka Gambling
‘Jhatka’ is a Hindi word translated to ‘mindblowing’, and ‘matka’ refers to the classic Satta Matka lottery game played in India for a long time. Matka is a type of lottery or betting that works like a lucky draw. The gamblers guess numbers and put bets on them. There are different sets of numbers, and bets can be placed in one or multiple sets. If guessed numbers are drawn, the gamblers win the bets. Putting multiple bets is a common practice as they can increase one’s chances of winning. 

Initially, the Satta Matka was called Ankada Jugar, and the Jhatka Matka Lottery is a modern form that you can play online and win big rewards. In the 1950s, the Satta Matka became a popular game in present-day Mumbai soon after India’s independence. In the beginning phase, people used to put bets on the opening and closing cotton rates on the Bombay Cotton Exchange that were transmitted from the New York Cotton Exchange. Gamblers soon needed alternatives as the New York Cotton Exchange stopped the practice in 1961. People started using papers to continue matka gambling. Numbers were written on pieces of paper, and the lucky number drawn from those papers was declared the winner. The lottery industry soon witnessed the origin of other types of matka businesses all over India, and credit to technological advancement, online matka or current online Jhatka Matka Lottery has made gambling more convenient and fun.

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Where to Play With the Best Jhatka Matka Lottery Ticket Price in India?

Many prefer to play the Jhatka Matka Lottery for its many perks. You can play from the convenience of your home while enjoying various options and prizes. Considering the popularity of the lottery, many platforms offer it. Jackpot Results has the best features and options among the many online platforms where you can see options and news related to the Jhatka Matka Lottery.

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How to Buy Jhatka Matka Lottery Tickets in India?

Checking the Jhatka Matka Lottery prices and buying the tickets is easier than ever with Jackpot Results. You can visit our state or lottery pages. You will find the prices available from different online lotteries in the particular state. Navigate to the ‘top lottery sites in the state’. You will see a list of available lotteries. Pick your favourite and click on ‘buy now’. Feel free to read the reviews before you buy the ticket.

You can also take the direct lottery option. Suppose you want to play the Jhatka Matka Lottery. Here are the steps you can follow.

  • On Jackpot Results, you can see four options on the menu – casinos, slots, lottery, and betting. Click on the lottery. 
  • The next page will show different options. Click on your preferred one.
  • You will be redirected to the online lottery page.
  • Create your account after entering a few details.
  • Once logged in, you can locate the Jhatka Matka Lottery.
  • Next, select the numbers, check the prices, and make the payment for the tickets. Online payment modes are available for easy transactions. 
  • The winner will be drawn at random. 
  • The prize money will be credited to your account once you win. 

When you buy the ticket, make sure to note the draw date. The draw dates can vary from state to state and from one online lottery to another. You can check out the results on Jackpot Results. 

How to Play Jhatka Matka Online From India?

The basic rules of playing Jhatka Matka are similar to the classic Satta Matka. Here are the primary steps for playing the Jhatka Matka Lottery!

  • Selecting Opening and Close Panna: Pick two sets of three-digit numbers. Each number can range from 0 to 9. The first set of digits will be the opening draw or panna, and the second set will be the closing draw or panna. 
  • Calculating the Jodi: Now, each of your selected sets of digits will be added to a single or double-digit. The last number of both sets will together become the Jodi. 

Suppose your opening draw is 2, 8, 5, and your closing draw is 0, 6, 7. 

Your Jodi will be = (2+8+5) X (0+6+7) = 15 X 13 = the last number of each digit = 53

The entire number set this one round of Jhatka Matka Lottery = 2, 8, 5 * 5 X 3 * 0, 6, 7

Once all numbers are sorted, you can start by putting your bets. Here are the available bets in a standard Jhatka Matka Lottery. Note that most online lotteries have all the following betting options.

  • Jodi: You can bet on the last two numbers of your opening and closing draws’ sums or the Jodi. It is 53 as per the above calculation. 
  • Ank: Bet on any of the three numbers on your opening or closing draws. 
  • Draw/Panna: You can place your bet on your opening or closing draw, for example, 2,8,5 or 0,6,7. Based on the digits of the pannas, see your three options in the table below.
Single Draw None of the three digits of the opening or closing draw are the same.
Double Draw Two of the opening or closing draw’s digits are the same.
Triple Draw All three digits of the opening or closing draw are the same.
  • Half-Sangam: The betting number here will be the opening draw and the second digit of the Jodi (2, 8, 5 * 3) or the closing draw and the first number of the Jodi (0, 6, 7 * 5).
  • Full-Sangam: You place your bet on your entire number set of the round, which is 2, 8, 5 * 5 X 3 * 0, 6, 7 from the above-mentioned example. It is also known as the jackpot.

Single Bet or Multiple Bets on Each Draw?

You can place single or multiple bets in the Jhatka Matka Lottery as you see fit. You can place a bet on a single draw, Jodi, etc., in the same draw or multiple bets in different digits in the same draw. Earlier, the opening and closing numbers of matka used to be 60 minutes apart. It has now been reduced to 15 minutes. Therefore, you can place several bets quickly and enjoy multiple wins.

How to Win Jhatka Matka in India?

As you check out the different lotteries, prices, and reviews on Jackpot Results, we also have smart tips and tricks to help you win the Jhatka Matka Lottery!

Understand the Basics

We have laid out the rules of the Jhatka Matka Lottery in the previous paragraphs. It is important to read and understand these basic rules to know how the lottery works and how you can place your bets. You can also analyse the previous winning numbers and try to find out the patterns, if any. It may improve the betting odds.

Choose a Safe and Trusted Platform

Jackpot Results come to the discussion here! A variety of state-wise lottery platforms are available on our websites apart from the list of international lotteries. You can pick from them after reviewing transparent and reliable reviews and ratings. We greatly advocate credibility, independence, quality, fair play, and accessibility. Users are our priority, and we encourage them to make knowledgeable decisions.

Choose the Correct Strategies

Start with smaller bets, especially for the beginning days. Smaller bets can result in significant wins while keeping the risk factors low. Once you have gained some experience, you are ready to take bigger risks. Do not make emotional or rushed decisions, which can lead to unfortunate results.

Practice Smart Money Management

Setting a budget before betting in the Jhatka Matka Lottery is a good idea. It will prevent overspending. Also, try diversifying your money in different bets in a single draw or in different draws to enhance winning chances.

You must remember that each bet has individual odds, and the riskier the bet, the higher the prize can be. Below are the odds of the Jhatka Matka Lottery.

Bets Odds
Jodi 1 in 100
Ank 1 in 10
Half-Sangam 1 in 1,667
Full-Sangam 1 in 2,778
Single Draw 1 in 167
Double Draw 1 in 333
Tripple Draw 1 in 1,000

Frequently Asked Questions

The rules of the Jhatka Matka Lottery are easy to understand. Playing bets and monitoring results via Jackpot Results is hassle-free. Draws happen every 15 minutes, giving you many chances to win big prizes. The results are available in real-time, and the prize is automatically credited to your account after each win.

Jackpot Results has enlisted the best online lotteries in the country for you. You can find the best options in the lottery section or check the state-wise list of lotteries. In either case, the ticket price, the draw dates, reviews from players, and other details are available for you to go through and make informed betting decisions.

The jackpot in the Jhatka Matka Lottery depends on correctly guessing the full Sangam. The full Sangam is the opening draw, the closing draw and the Jodi. The Jodi is made with two numbers. Add the digits of the opening draw, and the sum’s last digit will be the Jodi’s first number. Add the digits of the closing draw, and the sum’s last digit will be the Jodi’s second digit.

You can check the results of the Jhatka Matka Lottery on Jackpot Results. Draws are made in intervals of 15 minutes, and the results are announced in real time. Check the result or similar tab on the platform where you bought the lottery ticket, and it will display the winning numbers. You will be notified when the results are out, and the prize money will be transferred to your account.

When you win a draw, the prize money will be directly sent to your account using which you made your deposits and bought the tickets. Once the money is in your account, you can withdraw it however you wish. Most online lotteries have ensured a smooth and trouble-free transaction process for users.

You have to understand the game to win. The best strategy for winning the Jhatka Matka Lottery is to familiarise yourself with the game and patterns from recent winning numbers. If you are a new player, start with smaller hands. It will keep the risk as low as possible and generate wins.

Anyone above 18 can play the Jhatka Matka Lottery in India. Also, some states in India have banned online lottery. Ensure you are not located in a state where online lottery is prohibited. Jackpot Results has a list of the states where online lottery is allowed and their respective rules as well. Check them out before you start betting.