How To Buy Kerala State Lottery

Kerala, a state known for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture, is also famous for its state-run lotteries. These lotteries offer the chance to win substantial prizes, and they are a part of the cultural fabric of the state. If you’re interested in trying your luck and want to know how to buy Kerala State Lottery tickets, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the process and provide you with valuable insights.

Methods to Purchase Kerala Lottery Tickets

  1. Official Website of Kerala Lotteries

  • Visit the official website at
  • Navigate to the Lottery Tickets tab in the top menu bar and select the buy option.
  • Find the “Buying online” option at the bottom of the page.
  • Begin by registering on the website and providing essential details such as name, mobile number, and official ID.
  • A verification code will be sent to the registered mobile number to validate the information and ensure its authenticity.
  • Due to the risk of online fraud, the website mandates the submission of crucial information to prevent inconvenience.
  1. Third-Party Unauthorised Websites

  • The alternative method involves purchasing tickets from unofficial third-party websites, not sanctioned by the state government.
  • These websites, operated by agents, lack government regulation and are less popular among players due to limited options and public awareness.
  • Tickets are available in denominations of ₹100 and ₹1000, with a maximum of five tickets allowed per transaction.
  • The lottery guarantees a winning amount of ₹1 crore for each draw.
  • Despite the availability of upcoming lotteries and diverse options, the official website remains the preferred choice among players.
  1. Official and Authorised Platforms

Kerala Lotteries can be purchased exclusively through the Directorate of Kerala State Lottery. They serve as the official and authorised platform for obtaining these thrilling lottery tickets. Below are the associations from where you can buy Kerala Lottery tickets:

  • Directorate of Kerala State Lottery
  • Kerala State Lottery Directorate (Annex)
  • Office of the Regional Joint Director
  • Office of the Regional Deputy Director
  • Kerala State Lottery Agents and Vendors Welfare Fund Office (Head Office)

Cost of Kerala Lottery Tickets

The cost for the weekly tickets (Win-Win, Shree Shakti, Akshaya, Karunya Plus, Nirmal, Karunya, and Pournami) ranges from Rs 30 to Rs 50 per ticket, and the prize money ranges from Rs. 50 Lakhs to Rs. 1 Crore.

The cost for the Bumper Lottery tickets (Christmas New Year Bumper, Summer Bumper, Vishu Bumper, Monsoon Bumper, Thiruvonam Bumper, Pooja Bumper) ranges from Rs 100 to Rs 200 per ticket, and the players can win up to Rs 10 Crores as the prize money.

Claiming the Reward

The winner of the Kerala Lottery draw has to match the number on their ticket with the winning number published on the official site of Kerala Lotteries or in the Kerala Government Gazette. The winning ticket has to be submitted with the identification proof of the winner within 30 days of the draw to claim the prize money.

Rewards up to Rs 1 Lakh can be collected from the respective District Lottery Offices. The Director of State Lotteries in Kerala gives the rewards that are above Rs 1 Lakh in amount after all the valid documents are verified.

Documentation Required to Claim the Prize Money

  • A duly filled application form and self-attested photocopy of both sides of the ticket
  • Two passport size photographs of the winner, duly attested by a Gazetted Officer or Notary
  • A receipt for the prize money in the prescribed format with a revenue stamp of Re 1.00
  • A guardian certificate in case the winner is a minor
  • In the case of joint claims, a joint declaration of Rs 50 on stamp paper
  • Self-attested copy of Pan Card
  • Self-attested proof of identity (Ration Card / Driving License / Passport / Voter Card)
  • The prize money can also be claimed through national banks or State / District co-operative banks. Along with the prize-winning ticket, all the above documents have to be submitted to the bank. The bank will also submit the following documents to get the prize money.
  • Letter of authorization from the winner Format: Click to download
  • Certificate from the receiving bank Format: Click to download
  • A certificate from the collecting bank Format: Click to download

Contact Details

For detailed information on the available lotteries, pricing, and the purchasing process, we recommend contacting the Directorate of Kerala State Lottery directly. Here are the contact details:

Directorate of Kerala State Lottery

Vikas Bhavan P.O

Thiruvananthapuram – 695033

Ph: 0471-2305193, 0471-2305230,

0471-2301741, 0471-2301740 (Fax)

e-mail: cru[dot]dir[dot]lotteries[at]kerala[dot]gov[dot]in

Receive Your Kerala Lottery Ticket by Post

Receiving lottery tickets by post is an option for those without online banking access. After purchasing the Kerala Lottery from online agents and making a bank payment, tickets can be sent via post to the provided address. Ensure accuracy in address details on the website for successful courier delivery.

Minimum ticket quantities apply 12 tickets for prices below ₹100 per ticket and 10 tickets if the cost exceeds ₹100 each. Courier charges vary; transactions below ₹2000 incur a ₹40 fee, with additional bank transaction charges of ₹50 for transactions under ₹2000.

Participating in the game is now easier through online channels, though some prefer the physical lottery due to scepticism about online lotteries. To buy tickets online, open a bank account, possess a debit or credit card, and have the necessary documents ready for registration.

Congratulations on successfully navigating the step-by-step process to buy Kerala Lottery Online. Now, as you eagerly await the draw, may luck be on your side. With Jackpot Results, your path to fortune has just begun, and the possibilities are boundless. You can get all the latest information about lottery results on Jackpot Results and stay updated.

Important Notes

  • Ensure you are dealing directly with the official Directorate or their team to avoid scams or unauthorised sellers.
  • Double-check the terms and conditions for purchasing Kerala Lotteries to ensure a smooth experience.
  • Be aware of the deadlines for purchasing tickets to participate in specific lottery draws.
  • With this guide, we hope to assist you in navigating the process of acquiring Kerala Lotteries through the official channels. Good luck, and may the odds be in your favour!
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