Bhutan Lottery Results

Discover the excitement of the Bhutan Lottery, where you have the chance to win fantastic prizes. With different lotteries and various draws, Bhutan Lottery invites you to try your luck and potentially win big rewards. Get ready to explore the world of Bhutan Lottery, where each ticket carries the promise of excitement and the possibility of winning!

Bhutan State Lottery Result Today of Kanchenjunga Lottery – 11:55 AM Morning, 4:00 PM Day, and 8:00 PM Evening / Night.


Bhutan State Lottery Tickets

The Bhutan State Lottery hosts seven Kanchenjunga weekly lotteries, featuring a top prize of ₹10,000/-. Each ticket is priced at ₹5/-. Drawings occur three times daily at 11:55 AM, 4 PM, and 8 PM, with varying schemes based on both the day of the draw and the specific draw time.

Day 11:55 AM 4:00 PM 8:00 PM
Monday Nallaneram Morning Super Day Queen Evening
Tuesday Kumaran Morning Delux Day Star Evening
Wednesday Vishnu Morning Rose Day King Evening
Thursday Thangam Morning Sincere Day Lucky Evening
Friday Parrot Morning Silver Day Glamour Evening
Saturday Peacock Morning Gender Day Venus Evening
Sunday Bulbul Morning Benefit Day Power Evening

Bhutan State Lottery Prize

Rank Prize Amount (in ₹)
1st Prize 10,000
Cons. Prize 2000
2nd Prize 9500
3rd Prize 9000
4th Prize 600
5th Prize 300
6th Prize 130

Bhutan Lottery Results Today

bhutan lottery results


Bhutan lottery results are often published on official websites, in newspapers, or displayed at authorized lottery retailers. Ensure you are consulting reliable sources to verify the results.

Bhutan lottery draws have specific schedules, varying between different lotteries. Understanding the draw times and frequencies helps participants stay informed about when to check for results.

If your Bhutan lottery ticket is a winner, follow the claiming process outlined by the lottery authorities. This usually involves presenting the winning ticket, along with valid identification, to claim your prize.

Bhutan lotteries often have multiple prize categories with varying prize amounts. Understanding the distribution of prizes across these categories provides insights into potential winnings.

Bhutan lotteries may have specific eligibility criteria, including age restrictions. It’s crucial to be aware of and comply with any such regulations before participating in any Bhutan lottery.

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