How to Play Dubai Lottery From India


Playing the Dubai Lottery gives you a thrilling journey where fortune could change your life. This manual will bring you through the straightforward yet compelling procedure while shedding light on the opportunities ahead. Discover how playing the Dubai Lottery might be your passport to a future filled with riches and chance as you enter a world of possibilities. Take advantage of this opportunity to transform a ticket into a trip that will change your life!

Jackpot Results knows the exhilaration of playing the lottery and the fantasies it might bring you. The website provides insightful analysis, winning tactics, and details on various international lotteries. We have all the necessary information, including the most recent lottery results, prize amounts, and strategies for increasing your chances. Play the Dubai lottery and change your life. The manual will also provide information on how to play the Dubai lottery and win exciting prizes.

List Of Dubai Lotteries

Here is a list of the top Dubai lotteries you can participate in from India. All game types are exclusive and well-built, with amazing return prizes.  

1. Emirates Draw

Emirates Draw is a UAE-based CSR-first organisation that serves society with unique and responsible lottery schemes. Here, you can select from draws like Fast 5, Mega 7 and Easy 6 to win millions from the comfort of your home. When participating in the draw, you should select your seven-digit number or let the system choose. Once you have chosen a number, it gets locked immediately, and no other participant can select the same.   

2. Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire Lottery

The Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire Lottery, or DDF, operates from the Dubai International Airport and has become popular due to its spectacular winning odds (1:5000). A player can participate in the draw from the airport or online as convenient. There are 5000 tickets in a bundle of  DDF – Millennium Millionaire. And the final draw is conducted once the entire bundle is sold out. The more tickets you buy, the greater your chances to win a jackpot.  

3. Big Ticket Abu Dhabi

Big Ticket Abu Dhabi is famous as the largest and longest-operating raffle draw, offering dream luxury cars and cash prizes. The best thing is that you get a free third ticket for each two tickets you buy. Apart from the millionaire prize draws, the Big Ticket Dubai lottery is popular for dream car promotions, and seasonal prize draws throughout the year.  

4. Mashreq Millionaire

To participate in the Mashreq Millionaire draw, you must buy Mashreq Millionaire certificates. However, you cannot transfer the certificates or try to hold them jointly. The more certificates you have, the higher your winning chances. The Department of Economic Development Dubai officials hold the draw monthly; winners are notified via SMS or call.    

5. ADIB Ghina Savings Draw

You can participate in ADIB Ghina Savings Draw by opening a bank account at the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank with a minimum balance of  AED 20,000. Among all the other Dubai lottery types, this one operates like a regular bank, offering access to debit cards and a dedicated banking app. 

6. ADCB Millionaire Savings

For the ADCB Millionaire Savings draw, you must apply through the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and maintain a consistent monthly balance of AED 5,000 in the account. That will make you eligible for the prize draws. Also, an additional AED 1000 deposit will earn you extra prizes. The prizes are declared quarterly, and the base money withdrawal has no lock-in period or penalty.   

7. Kunooz Savings

Participants must open a Kunooz Savings account with the Emirates Islamic Bank to stand a chance for weekly, monthly and quarterly draws. For every AED 1000 extra saved, you become eligible for additional cash prizes. The winning amount will be credited to your account within two months from the draw date. 

8. Mahzooz Prize Draw

Mahzooz Dubai lottery is famous for offering weekly draws with the highest payouts. Participants get access to life-changing opportunities and win millions in Dhirams from around the globe. You can buy tickets online or purchase Al Emarat water bottles for AED35. Each bottle has a unique number, providing a chance in the draw. You can purchase tickets or water bottles worth AED 10,500 in one transaction.    

Prize Structure Of Dubai Lotteries

Here is a comprehensive prize structure of the individual Dubai lotteries for adequate help. 

1. Emirates Draw

Based on the draw you chose, Fast 5, Mega 7, and Easy 6, you are eligible for multiple prizes between AED 7,650,000 and AED 150,000. By participating in the Emirates Draw, you can also be a part of their coral reef restoration initiative.  

2. Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire Lottery

One in every 5,000 stands a chance to win the jackpot prize of US$ 1 Million. Other lucky draw prizes include surprise cars and superbikes from top-quality brands.  

3. Big Ticket Abu Dhabi

The Big Ticket Abu Dhabi lucky draw assures a grand prize of 15 million, alongside Jeep Wrangler and Maserati Ghibli to the lucky winners. The car models keep on changing from one series to the next. 

4. Mashreq Millionaire

Each Mashreq Millionaire certificate costs AED 1000, and you need just 1 certificate to be eligible for all prizes, including the grand draw of AED 1 million. The grand draw takes place in April, August & December, while every month, Mashreq announces 25  AED 1000 prizes and 3 AED 5000 prizes. 

5. ADIB Ghina Savings Draw

For each successful saving of  AED 20000, you can win AED 3 million and other grand prizes. The grand draw takes place every 4 months, and you can win 1 Kg of Gold against a deposit of AED 250,000 in your account. 

6. ADCB Millionaire Savings

The ADCB Millionaire Savings draw offers AED 2 million cash prize for 2 winners per year, AED 1 Million cash prize for 1 winner every month and AED 10000 lucky raw for 10 winners per month. 

7. Kunooz Savings 

With the Kunooz Savings draw, you are eligible for a weekly cash prize of  AED 10,000 on a minimum balance of AED 3000. The monthly prize includes a Mercedes EQS. AED 1 Million is guaranteed over every Quarterly Grand Cash Prize.  

8. Mahzooz Prize Draw

Participating in the Mahzooz Prize Draw makes you eligible for an AED 20,000,000 grand draw and an AED 1,000,000 raffle draw. All draw results are declared on Saturday at 9:00 p.m. (UAE time).  

Steps to Play Dubai Lottery

Mentioned are the steps to purchase lottery tickets online and offline.

Process to Purchase Offline Lottery Tickets

  • Visit any Duty-Free shop in Dubai.
  • Visit the lottery window
  • Inform the cashier of the lottery in which you intend to participate.
  • Select your numbers by informing the cashier of your preference. You can also request a random number generator from the cashier.
  • Use cash or a credit card to purchase your ticket.
  • Ask the cashier for your lottery ticket.

Process to Purchase Online Lottery Tickets

  • Visit the duty-free website of Dubai or try the official website of Jackpot Results.
  • In the top menu bar, select the “Lottery” tab.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the lottery you wish to play.
  • You may select your numbers by tapping on the numbers on the screen. 
  • Click the “Add to Cart” button after selecting your numbers.
  • Click the “Proceed to Checkout” button after reviewing your cart.
  • Enter your name, email, phone, and residence place in the personal detail section.
  • Enter your payment details, including the expiration date and credit or debit card number.
  • You will get the lottery ticket through confirmation mail, and then you can try your luck playing the Dubai lottery online.

Choosing Your Numbers

You must choose the correct lottery number when buying a ticket to enhance your chances of winning. Below are some tips for selecting a lottery number that can increase your chances of winning.

  • Quick Pick

The quickest and most popular method is to let the random number generator select a set of numbers for you. The rapid choice option is available in almost all lotteries. Your Mega Millions or Powerball numbers may be chosen randomly when the ticket is printed. 

  • Research the Trend

The lottery numbers are pretty arbitrary. Therefore, there’s a chance that the one you choose will match the historical patterns of lottery ticket selection. Some view these results as predictive patterns that increase their chances of winning. Play the Dubai lottery and gamble your luck to become a millionaire.

  • Using your Lucky Number

Though the numbers for the lottery are picked randomly, still, everyone has a certain number they believe is lucky for them. The number might represent their spouse’s or kids’ birthdays. So, you can go ahead with your lucky numbers while selecting the digits of the lottery. 

Checking Dubai Lottery Results

After completing the payment using your selected platform to participate in a lottery session, it’s time to check the results. After purchasing tickets, you must wait a certain period. The draw results are available on a particular day and hour. Visit the Jackpot Results site and review the results to see whether today is your lucky day!

Dubai Lottery Rules and Regulations

Dubai Lottery is a government-owned business that runs retail establishments at Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport. Tickets for the lottery may be acquired online or at any Dubai Duty-Free location, and it is available to both locals and tourists. There are various rules on how to play the lottery in Dubai.

  • To buy a lottery ticket, you must be at least 21.
  • For each drawing, only one ticket may be purchased.
  • Once a lottery ticket has been purchased, it cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • Within 30 days after the draw date, you can collect your reward.
  • If you win a reward, you’ll have to provide identification and evidence of residency.

Tips for Responsible Lottery Play

While playing the lottery might be thrilling, it’s essential to do it responsibly and with awareness to have a good time. Here are some pointers for playing the lotto responsibly:

  • Decide on a firm spending cap for playing the lottery that won’t affect your ability to cover essential expenses or maintain financial stability.
  • Don’t go above the budget you’ve set forth for lottery tickets. Refrain from going over it even if you want to.
  • Consider playing the lottery as entertainment, like going to the movies or dining out. Spending should be done for enjoyment, not to solve financial issues.
  • If you don’t win, don’t buy more tickets to attempt to. Accepting that failing is a part of the game will allow you to move on.
  • If you play frequently, take breaks to assess your commitment and ensure it stays within acceptable limits. You must play the Dubai lottery responsibly to avoid any issues that may arise.

Stories of Dubai Lottery Winners

  • The inaugural FAST5 Grand Prize has been won by Indian expat Mohd Adil Khan, who resides in the UAE. He received AED 25,000 (about Rs 5.5 lakh) every month for 25 years.
  • A driver from India who lives in Dubai has won a reward in the Emirates Draw valued at Rs 33 crore, or Dh15 million.
  • According to the UAE daily, Khaleej Times, Ajay Ogula remarked after receiving the lottery prize, “I still cannot believe I hit the jackpot.”

How To Claim?

Click on the lottery you had invested in and find out whether your ticket number is on the winning list. If that’s you! Congratulations. It’s your big day, and you must be grateful for such an amazing gain. Claiming your winnings over reputable platforms is easy. You get the money transferred to your bank account in a few steps. Quality experts at Jackpot Results check the withdrawal convenience for each third-party platform. Understanding the speed, variety and methods available to ensure adequate outcomes. We only recommend platforms that offer quick withdrawals and easy convenience fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1  How likely will I win the Dubai Lottery?

Regardless of the chances, playing the lottery gives you the potential to earn amazing rewards and possibly the jackpot.

Q2. Are there various Dubai Lottery game types?

Yes, the Dubai Lottery provides a variety of games, each with unique rules and reward systems to suit individual tastes.

Q3. Can non-Dubai residents participate in the Dubai Lottery?

Yes, the Dubai Lottery gives residents and non-residents an equal chance to win.

Q4. Are wins from the Dubai Lottery taxed?

Depending on your home nation and local tax rules, there may be different tax ramifications for winners. 

Q5. How are rewards from the Dubai Lottery awarded?

According to the game’s regulations and the matching numbers on your ticket, prizes are awarded. 

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