El Gordo Spanish Lottery

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El Gordo Lottery is famous and one of the oldest lotteries in Spain, dating back to 1812. Every year on December 22nd, they have a big event where they pick the winning numbers. It’s shown on TV, and kids help announce the numbers and prizes. El Gordo is the main prize, and the lottery has a huge amount of money to give away. People often buy tickets together with friends and family to share the experience. Even outside of Spain, many people around the world are excited to join in the fun and hope to win big in this special and historic lottery. El Gordo’s long history makes it even more special and interesting for everyone involved.

The Maximum Jackpot Prize In 2023

In 2011, El Gordo, the Spanish Christmas Lottery, marked a historic moment as it became the ‘fattest’ in history, famously dubbed ‘El Gorda más gorda de la historia.’ The grand prize for the winning number reached an impressive 4 million euros, a record that has remained unchanged since. Fast forward to 2023, and the winning number still carries the same substantial reward, with a decimo ticket holder reaping 20,000 euros for each euro played. This translates to a hefty 400,000 euros for a decimo ticket, priced at a modest 20 euros.

The second prize in this illustrious lottery offers a substantial 1.25 million euros, providing winners with 6,250 euros for every euro played. The third prize stands at an impressive 500,000 euros, awarding lucky ticket holders 2,500 euros for each euro invested. Moving down the prize tiers, two different fourth prize numbers grant winners 200,000 euros each, equivalent to 1,000 euros for every euro played. The fifth prize category sees eight different numbers, each yielding a substantial 60,000 euros, offering a return of 300 euros for every euro played.

This lottery tradition continues to captivate participants with its substantial prizes, and despite the passage of years, the allure and excitement surrounding El Gordo remain as vibrant as ever. The enduring appeal lies not only in the potential for life-changing winnings but also in the festive spirit and anticipation that accompany this celebrated Spanish tradition.

Is El Gordo Lottery Accessible In India

El Gordo refers to the Spanish Christmas Lottery, officially known as “Lotería de Navidad.” It is one of the oldest and largest lotteries in the world. While the lottery itself is based in Spain, people from around the world can participate in it through online lottery platforms and international lottery agents.

However, the availability of such services in India may be subject to local regulations and restrictions. It’s important to note that online gambling and lottery regulations vary by country, and participation in foreign lotteries may be restricted or regulated.

Before attempting to participate in the El Gordo Lottery or any other international lottery, it’s recommended to check the local laws and regulations in India regarding online gambling and lotteries. Additionally, be cautious about using reliable and reputable online lottery platforms if they are accessible from India.

What Are El Gordo Lottery?

El Gordo Lottery, or “The Fat One,” is a Spanish Christmas lottery known for its large prize pool. It operates on a unique system where a single winning number can be sold multiple times.


  • The main drawing, held on December 22nd annually, involves balls with numbers corresponding to tickets. It’s a festive event, broadcast live.
  • The drawing includes numerous prizes, with the top “El Gordo” prize being substantial. The unique ticket-sharing system allows more people to win.


  • El Gordo, the grand prize, is substantial and often shared among multiple ticket holders.
  • There are various other prize categories, providing a high overall chance of winning. Prizes contribute to the holiday spirit, making it a widely anticipated event in Spain.
  • The lottery has gained international attention for its significant prizes and festive atmosphere during the holiday season.

How To Play El Gordo?

El Gordo, or the Spanish Christmas Lottery, is played by purchasing a ticket with a 5-digit number ranging from 00000 to 99999. Players can buy a whole ticket or a fraction, and prizes are awarded based on the matched digits. To play:

Purchase a Ticket:

  • Tickets for El Gordo can be purchased from authorized lottery retailers in Spain or online through official channels.
  • The tickets are relatively expensive compared to other lotteries but offer a chance at significant prizes.
  • A full ticket costing €200, printed with a five-digit number and several series numbers.
  • One-tenth of a billete costing €20, sharing the same number and series as its corresponding billete.
  • You can buy them online or from authorized lottery vendors in Spain.


  • Pre-printed numbers range from 00000 to 99999.
  • The draw selects winning numbers for various prizes, with “El Gordo” being the grand prize for the number matching exactly.
  • Smaller prizes are awarded for matching parts of the winning number or series numbers.

Playing online:

  • Websites like elGordo.com allow purchasing décimos online from outside Spain.
  • Check their registration and payment requirements before proceeding.

Choose numbers:

  • Select 5 numbers from 1 to 54.
  • Choose an additional “key number” from 0 to 9.


  • Place your bets at authorized lottery vendors or online at sites like loteriasyapuestas.es.
  • You can choose multiple combinations for additional chances of winning.


  • Matching all 5 numbers and the key number wins “El Gordo.”
  • Smaller prizes are awarded for matching fewer numbers or just the key number.

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What Is The Minimum And Maximum Ticket Price Of El Gordo?

S. No. Number of Games Minimum Price € Minimum Price INR
1 2 Game 7.51 683.77
2 3 Games 11.26 1,025.65
3 6 Games 22.52 2,051.30
4 8 Games 30.03 2,735.07
5 10 Games 37.54 3,418.83

What is the Prize Pool of the El Gordo?

It’s important to remember that El Gordo only takes place once a year, on December 22nd. Since today is January 10th, 2024, the prize pool for the latest drawing (on December 22nd, 2023) is no longer relevant.

However, I can tell you about the total prize pool for the December 22nd, 2023, drawing:

  • Total prize pool: €2.6 billion (around $2.8 billion)
  • El Gordo (top prize): €4 million (around $4.3 million)
  • Other prizes: There are thousands of other prizes in various amounts, distributed widely across tickets.

It’s worth noting that the prize money for each individual ticket depends on whether they have the full number or just a “décimo” (a tenth of the number). Each décimo wins a proportionally smaller amount of the prize money.

If you’re interested in the details of the prizes for the December 22nd, 2023, drawing, you can check out resources like Elgordo.net or news articles about the event. However, since the next El Gordo draw won’t happen until December 22nd, 2024, the official prize pool and rules have not yet been announced.

Is it possible to improve my odds of winning the El Gordo?

While it’s important to understand that El Gordo, like any lottery, is ultimately a game of chance with very low odds of winning the jackpot (1 in 100,000), there are a few things you can do to potentially improve your chances of winning something, though not necessarily the coveted El Gordo itself:

Increase your number of tickets: This is the most straightforward way to increase your odds. Each additional ticket gives you another shot at matching the winning numbers. However, remember to gamble responsibly and only spend what you can afford to lose.

Play with a group: Pooling money with friends, family, or colleagues to buy multiple tickets with different number combinations can potentially increase your chances of winning any prize tier, while sharing the costs.

Play strategic numbers: While statistically all numbers have the same chance of being drawn, some people opt for birthdays, anniversaries, or other personalized numbers. This doesn’t actually improve your odds, but it might make the win feel more meaningful if it happens.

Focus on secondary prizes: El Gordo offers numerous smaller prizes for partially matching the winning numbers. While the payout won’t be as life-changing as the jackpot, your odds of winning something are significantly higher.

Understand the different prize tiers: Familiarize yourself with the various prize tiers and payouts in El Gordo. This way, you’ll know exactly what kind of win you’re looking for and can adjust your expectations accordingly.

Playing El Gordo should be a fun and festive experience, not a serious investment. Be realistic about your chances of winning and don’t overspend. Enjoy the tradition and the community spirit surrounding the lottery, and see the potential win as a pleasant bonus, not the sole purpose of playing.

How to Win the El Gordo?

El Gordo, the Spanish Christmas Lottery, as it’s a game of chance. However, I can share some information about the lottery and strategies that might increase your odds of winning:

Understanding El Gordo:

  • Draw: The draw takes place on December 22nd of each year in Madrid, Spain.
  • Tickets: Instead of picking numbers, you buy pre-printed tickets with five-digit numbers ranging from 00000 to 99999. Each ticket is divided into ten smaller units called “décimos.”
  • Prizes: The lottery has multiple prize tiers, with “El Gordo” being the grand prize, typically around €4 million. Other tiers include aproximaciones (close numbers), pedreas (smaller prizes), and La Paga de Navidad (a consolation prize for all participants).

Strategies to Increase Your Odds:

Buy tickets early: Popular numbers sell out quickly, so get your tickets as soon as they go on sale, usually in July.

Consider syndicates: Pooling money with friends or family allows you to buy more tickets and increase your chances of winning.

Choose meaningful numbers: Some players pick numbers based on birthdays, anniversaries, or other significant dates. While this doesn’t guarantee a win, it adds a sentimental touch to the experience.

Note:- No strategy can guarantee a win in El Gordo. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the tradition of this special Spanish lottery.

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