Maharashtra State Lottery | महाराष्ट्र राज्य लॉटरी

Maharashtra State Lottery | महाराष्ट्र राज्य लॉटरी


Maharashtra is one of India’s significant and biggest states, and it has a considerable effect on its entertainment, including the Maharashtra state lottery. The lottery has always been one of the ways through which people entertain themselves, hoping to win extraordinary rewards and prizes.

Therefore, Maharashtra presents with many opportunities to play lotteries of different kinds. Each lottery has a prize, and when you choose to play a specific game, you will start with your bet first. Upon making the bet, if you win the game, then the prize is yours in the Maharashtra state lottery.

However, some lottery games are not available all the time of the year. Thus, people treasure special and seasonal lotteries to win unique rewards. While playing the lottery, you can also consider the laws made for playing the lottery in the state and its limitations or benefits. 

Types of Lotteries Available in Maharashtra State

Generally, the Maharashtra state lottery (महाराष्ट्र राज्य लॉटरी) is divided into sub-divisions with weekly, monthly, seasonal, and festive lotteries.

The monthly and weekly draw of the lottery is influenced by where you buy the lottery ticket. The online lottery tickets released weekly and monthly come with benefits and perks while giving you attractive prizes. 

Comparatively, the seasonal and festive lotteries are made available during special occasions of the year. These times can be Diwali, Christmas, New Year, and many more. These lotteries have unique prizes, unlike what is available throughout the year. Hence, winning the seasonal and festive lotteries is considerably more beneficial and is great for putting you in a celebratory mood. 

Lotteries are fun but are also considered a way of making money. When considering betting on lotteries, betting online is also more beneficial. Its benefits are related to the ease of making your bet and being able to withdraw your winnings instantly. 

Prize Structure


Ticket Price Maximum Prize

Draw Date


Rs. 250 per ticket Jackpot (varies)

Wednesday and Saturday


Rs. 250 per ticket 90 million


Mega Millions

Rs. 300 per ticket Jackpot (varies)

Tuesday and Friday


Rs. 200 per ticket 220 million

Tuesday and Friday


Rs. 200 per ticket Jackpot (varies) Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

How to Legally Play?

You can legally play the Maharashtra state lottery online in various ways. The state government of Maharashtra does not have any online lotteries, but you can bet on the lottery through many legitimate online sites and platforms, such as Jackpot Results. The platform offers several websites to legally indulge in diverse lottery games. However, to bet on these websites, you must have a minimum age of 18 and choose a registered, tested, and reviewed platform. 

It is even better to bet on platforms not headquartered in Maharashtra since the rules are not as strictly implemented on them. Hence, you can easily play the lottery from many platforms headquartered outside Maharashtra with the licenses and registrations required to sell lottery tickets. Overall, betting and playing lottery games in Maharashtra is legal, and the state does not bar you from buying lottery tickets. 

Similarly, the registration and license of platforms means you can trust them with your personal information. It boosts the platform’s transparency with you, making every lottery exchange entirely legal under the state jurisdiction of Maharashtra. 

How to Claim Winning Prize?

Claiming your winning prize for the Jackpot Results Maharashtra state lottery (महाराष्ट्र स्टेट लॉटरी) is simple and easy. First, you are notified through a message or email if you win any lottery prize. You will also be sent all the details you provided to the platform while signing up. After the draw, you can check out the outcome from your respective lottery page to ensure your win.

Once your win is confirmed, your reward gets sent to your online account on the platform. From there, you can use the winning reward to purchase future lottery tickets or withdraw the money and transfer it to your bank account. 

No matter your decision, getting your prize from Jackpot Results is straightforward and does not require much time. It is one of the reasons why online lottery attracts a lot of individuals from Maharashtra and all over the country. 

Best Online Lottery Sites in Maharashtra

Jackpot Results is one of Maharashtra’s most trusted online lottery platforms. It is one of the safest and most secure online platforms, with various lotteries you can purchase weekly. Once you have won a lottery, you can withdraw with a seamless and swift process that makes it convenient for you to use your winnings. 

It consists of several recognised websites that have amassed many customers because of their customer-centricity and trustworthiness. Hence, some of the best lottery websites for the Maharashtra state lottery include the following:

  • Lottoland

Lottoland is among some of the most popular lottery websites. It provides the convenience of a website and an application to purchase your lottery ticket whenever you want, using different modes. Moreover, this platform is known for some of the fastest withdrawals and has a wide collection of international lottery games. 

Lottoland also follows all the standard norms and regulations. It is licensed in many international markets. This portal lets you bet on the Maharashtra state lottery without any concerns. 

  •  LottoSmile

LottoSmile is among the country’s best online lottery service providers. But unlike many other websites, LottoSmile physically purchases your lottery ticket in your name. It qualifies you for many real lottery draws, such as Mega Million, Powerball, and more. 

LottoSmile is also popular for providing some of the biggest jackpots, using its state and international lotteries in a single place. Moreover, even if it’s an international platform, it shows its ticket prices in Indian currency, making it convenient for you to buy the Maharashtra state lottery. Further, LottoSmile has a long experience in providing genuine and legitimate lottery services which its customers trust. 

  • Lotto247

Lotto247 gives you some of the biggest jackpots in the lottery segment. In Lotto247, you can get draws for some of the biggest jackpots every week and benefit from the platform’s wide variety of bonuses and promotional offers.  

Lotto247 also gives a wide selection of lottery games that help you increase your winnings while investing a little of your money. And since you find lottery tickets at different price ranges, you can purchase the one you are comfortable spending on. Your purchase can give you some of the biggest wins you can withdraw easily through the account Lotto247. 

  • LotteryWorld

Starting on LotteryWorld will be immensely useful if you are a beginner with lotteries. The website brings to you some of the biggest Maharashtra state lottery tickets that you can purchase to have a considerable win. The informative guide presented on the website makes it convenient for users to purchase lottery tickets from the online portal. 

Moreover, the lotteries given in LotteryWorld accommodate your price range and what you can afford. But your winnings are not influenced by the price of your ticket. Instead, you choose the ticket price but have a free winning range. Such elements deliver immense opportunities to make some quick money using LotteryWorld. 

Maharashtra Lottery (महाराष्ट्र लॉटरी) Tickets Online

Purchasing your lottery tickets online is a great idea when you don’t want to leave your comfort zone to buy the ticket or fear misplacing it. You can use several websites to purchase your Maharashtra state lottery (महाराष्ट्र राज्य लॉटरी) tickets. Hence, some popular lottery tickets in Maharashtra include the following:

  • Powerball

Powerball is one of the biggest lotteries in Maharashtra and India. It has created many winners in the country, and you can be one by investing your money, selecting your lucky numbers, and purchasing your tickets. Once you have done that, wait for the draw and see if you have won. 

But with Powerball, you must be considerate of the draw days. The draw days of this Maharashtra state lottery include Wednesday and Saturday. You can even win some of the biggest jackpots and rewards.

  • Mega Millions

Mega Millions is also one of the lotteries in the Maharashtra state lottery, with some of the biggest jackpots. Even with Mega Millions, you start by choosing your lucky numbers after you have made a deposit, and from there, you can complete your purchase and check the draw. You can even have a number randomly assigned if you don’t want to pick a number according to your preference. 

Regardless of your chosen method, winning once through Mega Millions will give you some of the biggest returns in Maharashtra. Once you win an amount, you can use it again to make another purchase or simply send it to your account. 

How to Purchase Online Lottery Tickets in Maharashtra?

Purchasing online Maharashtra state lottery tickets is easy by going through the below-mentioned step-by-step process. Therefore, the steps to purchase the best lottery tickets in Maharashtra include the following:

Step 1: Select a Lottery Site

To purchase your Maharashtra state lottery (महाराष्ट्र राज्य लॉटरी) tickets, select the website from which you can purchase your ticket. Jackpot Results offers several websites from where you can get  some of the widest selection of tickets. 

Step 2: Create your Lottery Account

After shortlisting your preferred website, register yourself on the portal. You may create your profile using your personal information to complete your registration. 

Step 3: Make your First Deposit

Make your initial deposit using the payment methods available on every lottery website. These methods are generally given in various choices such as UPI, net banking, debit card, and more, through which you can easily make your transaction. 

Step 4: Pick your Lottery Draw

Upon making your first deposit, you can choose the lottery draw you want to participate in per your choices.

Step 5: Wait for the Draw

After purchasing the preferred ticket, wait for the draw results. If your draw wins, you get a considerable reward for your purchase. 

Maharashtra Online Lottery Games

Before purchasing your lottery ticket, considering the lottery games you want to participate in is also a great idea. Some common lottery games include the following:

  • Powerball

Powerball is a popular lottery game known for its high jackpot and simplicity. You can play this game easily through some of the best lottery websites such as Lottoland, Lotto247, Lotto Smile and more through Jackpot Results. You can be a part of this entertainment every Saturday and Wednesday. 

  • Mega Millions

Mega Millions is another game similar to Powerball. It also has many big jackpots with a minimal prices. You can play a variety of games every Friday and Tuesday. You can participate in Mega Millions by picking six numbers from different number pools. Also, you can opt for a quick or easy pick of numbers. After selection, you can win the jackpot by winning the numbers in a draw.

  • EuroMillions

EuroMillions is another lottery game to win considerable jackpots. In this game, you will choose five numbers from one to fifty and two Lucky Start numbers. Once you have picked your number, you simply need to wait for every Friday and Tuesday to check your draw and have an opportunity to win crores of rupees. 

Maharashtra Lottery Laws

When indulging in the Maharashtra state lottery, one of the significant concerns is related to the state’s lottery laws. The lottery laws are dictated by two primary Acts, which include the Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998 and the Maharashtra Tax on Lotteries Act, 2006. 

The Lotteries (Regulation) Act 1998 dictates that Maharashtra can host lottery games from accredited and licensed distributors. However, selling of Indian or international tickets is strictly prohibited by a distributor without a license. The Maharashtra Tax on Lotteries Act 2006 states the collection of taxes on lotteries in the state. 

At the same time, both Acts do not restrict the distribution of online lotteries from outside the state or Indian borders. It means you can purchase as many Maharashtra state lottery tickets as you want online without any hindrance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Where can I buy the Maharashtra state lottery tickets?

You may purchase any lottery ticket in Maharashtra using online websites. You only need to look for a registered website with a license. 

  1. Is there any possibility of playing a free online lottery in Maharashtra?

So far, there is no option of playing a free lottery online. You need to purchase a ticket to play it. 

  1. How do I start buying online lotteries online?

You can start buying online lotteries online by picking a website. Once you choose the lottery website, you can create an account, make your first deposit, and purchase the Maharashtra state lottery ticket you like.

  1. What should I look for when choosing a lottery website?

You should look for many things when you are choosing a website. One of the first things you must consider is whether the platform is registered and licensed. Then, you start looking for other factors such as its banking methods, various games, safety and security, transparency, customer-centricity, and more.

  1. Is it easy to play lottery games online?

Lottery games are not challenging if you know how to play them. Generally, most Maharashtra state lottery (महाराष्ट्र स्टेट लॉटरी) games need you to choose many numbers. Once you have chosen them, you must wait for the draw and see whether you won. 

  1. How to be eligible for the lottery rewards in Maharashtra?

You are eligible for all the rewards of a game in Maharashtra. So, you can start playing the game and be eligible for the wins.