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Mahzooz Lottery

Welcome to the thrilling world of Mahzooz Lottery. Here, fortunes are made, dreams are realized, and lives are transformed every Saturday night. As one of UAE’s top-tier lottery platforms, Mahzooz has captured the hearts and imaginations of lottery players from all over the world.

Mahzooz Lottery Overview

Mahzooz is UAE’s first and a market leader in weekly draws. They are known for being consistent and top prize draws. The lottery platform offers participants multiple opportunities to win big. Millions of dirhams in form of payouts can be won every Saturday, making it a day to remember for all lottery players.

How Mahzooz Lottery Platform Works

Here’s how you can be in to win big in UAE’s favourite lottery platform:

Step 1: First, you have to create a new account or log in to your existing Mahzooz account.

Step 2: Second, you now have to buy your lines from the homepage or click the Buy Now section mentioned under Play.

Step 3: Third, select the number of water bottles you’d like to buy. Please note, each bottle counts as one line in the draw.

Step 4: Next, you have to click the plus sign or Add Another Line in order to increase the number of lines.

Step 5: It is time you pick 5 numbers in each line.

Step 6: In the next step you’ll have to create a new favourite selection by clicking on the heart icon. Or you can select from one of your existing favourites by clicking on the icon featuring a heart and lines.

Step 7: Your selection has to be added to the cart.

Step 8: Here, you’ll have to set up recurring purchases by entering the frequency, day of purchase, and duration. Please remember that it is optional.

Step 9: Any voucher code that is applicable can be added here. It is important to apply it here before checking out.

Step 10: Use your credit balance (if you have any) here. This can be used to pay for your purchase. If not applicable, click Checkout.

Step 11: Payment – While making the payment, choose from an existing saved card, or add new card details and pay.

Step 12: Confirmation – You’ll get a confirmation via a text message or email

Step 13: Stay tuned – Watch the live draw every Saturday at 9:00 pm (UAE time) on the below-mentioned channels

Click on the below links to watch the live draw:

Step 14: You are all set to make Saturday a festive one.

Mahzooz Lottery Prizes

The prize categories on Mahzooz lottery are classified under – Shared prizes, Fixed prizes and three winners in total under Triple 100 Raffle. Here’s how Mahzooz Weekly prize winnings are distributed against these categories:

MAHZOOZ SATURDAY MILLIONS (Winnings against Lottery Matches)
Match 5/5 AED 20,000,000 SHARED
Match 4/5 AED 150,000 SHARED
Match 3/5 AED 150,000 SHARED
Match 1/5 AED 5 FIXED
Triple 100 Raffle 3 X AED 100,000 AED 100,000 PER WINNER

Winners of Mahzooz Weekly Draw

Since 2021, Mahzooz has awarded fortunes to thousands of winners who have tried their luck in their lottery. Listing down details of the most recent winners (since May 2023) , dates, draw types and their winnings.




Sreeju November 11, 2023 AED 20 MILLION WEEKLY DRAW
Zain September 9, 2023 AED 1 MILLION WEEKLY DRAW
Muhammad September 2, 2023 AED 1 MILLION RAFFLE DRAW
Kristofer August 26, 2023 AED 1 MILLION RAFFLE DRAW
Rathish August 19, 2023 AED 1 MILLION RAFFLE DRAW
Tulsi August 12, 2023 AED 1 MILLION RAFFLE DRAW
Venkata August 5, 2023 AED 1 MILLION RAFFLE DRAW
Sachin July 29, 2023 AED 20 MILLION WEEKLY DRAW
Gowtham July 29, 2023 AED 1 MILLION RAFFLE DRAW
John July 22, 2023 AED 1 MILLION RAFFLE DRAW
Aijaz July 15, 2023 AED 1 MILLION RAFFLE DRAW
Timothy July 8, 2023 AED 1 MILLION RAFFLE DRAW
Mekgh July 1, 2023 AED 1 MILLION RAFFLE DRAW
Abdul Mannan June 24, 2023 AED 1 MILLION RAFFLE DRAW
Jeffrey June 17, 2023 AED 1 MILLION RAFFLE DRAW
Amin June 10, 2023 AED 1 MILLION RAFFLE DRAW
Mireille June 3, 2023 AED 1 MILLION RAFFLE DRAW
Sahar May 27, 2023 AED 1 MILLION RAFFLE DRAW
Vipin May 20, 2023 AED 1 MILLION RAFFLE DRAW
Surya May 13, 2023 AED 1 MILLION RAFFLE DRAW
Shahabaz May 6, 2023 AED 1 MILLION RAFFLE DRAW

Draw Schedule

Mahzooz Saturday Millions draw happens every Saturday at 10:30 pm Indian time, 9 pm UAE time. The draw results can be followed on Mahzooz’s official website – mahzooz.ae

Players from India and all over the world can also keep track of weekly draws here.

How to withdraw

Understand how to withdraw your Mahzooz Saturday Millions winnings add some important transaction guidelines in the following steps:

1) Login to you Mahzooz account online

2) Go to the Total Balance tab

Note: If no withdrawal/transfer request is placed within 60 days from the date of winning, the winning amount will be forfeited.

3) Click on Transfer/Withdraw. Then, enter the withdrawal amount to withdraw your winnings.

Note: If the withdrawal request is placed for a partial amount within 60 days, any remaining winnings will be automatically moved to the Credit Balance

4) Select your withdrawal method

5) Enter all the details as required to complete the withdrawal process

6) You will then receive a confirmation of your withdrawal via email or SMS text.

7) That’s it. You can come back next Saturday and follow the same steps and collect your winnings.


Yes, totally safe and secure for users for all sorts of transactions, including deposits and withdrawals.

No, it originated in the UAE, but is open for lottery players from all over the world.

Every Saturday, 10:30 PM Indian Time, 9 PM UAE time.

AED 20 Million, won by players on multiple occasions

Customer Support Centre on 800 5825 or +971 4 571 3410 from outside the UAE (or email customer.support@mahzooz.ae)

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