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Mizoram Lottery

Mizoram State lottery is organized by the State Government of Mizoram. All the lottery draws are as per the approval of the Director of Institutional Finance and State Lottery. Before the tickets are printed, all the schemes are sent to RBI and IBA indicating the number of tickets, details of prizes, and terms and conditions. After the final approval, the lottery tickets are printed in a high-security printing press.

There are a total of six lottery schemes which take place every day. All the draws are organized at 3.00 p.m. daily. The prize tiers for all the six lottery schemes remain the same for all days of the week, with the same prize money in each scheme.

The cost of a ticket for Mizoram lottery is just Rs 2.00, which has made Mizoram lottery the cheapest lottery scheme in India. Such a low price enables more players to take part, win multiple cash prizes, and stand a chance to win a fortune.

Types of Mizoram State lotteries

Mizoram State organizes six types of draws every day. These are:

  • Silver 10
  • Diamond 15
  • Swan 20
  • Roja 30
  • Gold 50
  • Orange 100

Mizoram Lottery Prizes:

There are six tiers with equal prize structure for all the six schemes. These are:

Rank Prize Amount Total no. of Prizes
1st Prize Rs 8,000 1
2nd Prize Rs 3,000 10
3rd Prize Rs 750 10
4th Prize Rs 200 100
5th Prize Rs 100 100
6th Prize Rs 50 1000


The draws are held at 3.00 p.m. daily in the draw hall of the department at Aizawal, Mizoram. All lottery draws are open for the general public. The lottery is conducted under the supervision of the Director or his representative, in the presence of two Judges duly appointed by the State Government. The draw results are duly recorded by the two judges and authenticated by the supervising officer.

Each ticket is entitled to one highest prize only. All the winning numbers are valid for 26 days from the date of draw.

A certified copy of the winning numbers is supplied to the lottery distributor and their agents. The winning draw numbers are published in local newspapers and on the authorized website of Mizoram lottery. You can check your winning numbers on the official website of Mizoram lottery.

Claiming the Reward

Prizes of Rs 5000 and below can be claimed from lottery distributors and their authorized concerned agents. The prize-winning ticket has to be deposited while making prize claims. Tampered or mutilated tickets will not be entertained, so you should keep your lottery ticket carefully stored.

Other prize claims of more than Rs 5001 have to be submitted to the Director, Institution of Finance and State Lotteries. A duly filled claim form has to be attached along with the original winning ticket with one attested photocopy, for which the claim has been made. You also have to provide your bank account details with a cancelled cheque attached to get your winnings transferred to your bank account. You can download the claim form from by clicking on the link below.

Download claim form

The prizes have to be claimed within 45 days of the draw date. After this stipulated time, the government cannot be held responsible for any non-payments.


How to buy Mizoram State Lottery tickets?

You can buy paper lottery tickets from the authorized distributors and their agents all over the state. You are free to buy as many lottery tickets you want to play with.

Alternately, you can buy online lottery tickets on the official website of Mizoram lottery or various online casinos in India. The information about the sale of tickets and the player’s choice of any particular number or combination of numbers is simultaneously registered with the central computer server.

How do I check my ticket for its genuineness?

All the printed tickets for a particular draw bear the imprint and logo of State Government with distinctive serial number, date and time of the draw, and the maximum sale price per ticket. The ticket also bears the facsimile signature of the Director of Institutional Finance and State Lottery.

Similarly, the printing of online tickets is done by the retailers and have the logo of State Government along with the facsimile signature of the Director.

Why does the Mizoram State organize lotteries?

The state government organizes lotteries to raise additional revenue without laying any tax burden on its residents. These additional funds help the government to run various development schemes of social importance, like education, health welfare, special programs for handicapped, poverty alleviation, and many more.

Are my winnings taxable?

All winnings from any lottery game are taxable in India. The government charges a tax of 30.9% on the winning amount. This tax is deducted at source (TDS), and the balance amount is transferred to the winner’s account.

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