Nagaland Lottery (नागालैंड स्टेट लॉटरी)

The Nagaland State Lottery is a popular lottery in India, known for its fair and transparent operations. It is conducted by the Nagaland State Government and offers a variety of lottery games with attractive jackpots. The lottery is legal to play online, making it convenient for players across the country.

Introduction to Nagaland Lottery

Lottery, a long-standing custom that combines luck with the appeal of life-changing wealth, has fascinated people throughout the globe. The Nagaland State Lottery is renowned for its distinctive and thrilling nature and its exciting lottery games. Below is a detailed guide by Jackpot Results, which provides extensive coverage of the Nagaland lottery and everything you need to know about it. Nagaland has a government-run lottery system, which is noticeably named the Nagaland State Lottery. Since only government lotteries are legal, Nagaland is one of the few Indian states that permit the operation of any other sort of lottery.

The Nagaland State Lotteries Directorate was founded in 1972, overseen by the Finance Department. Originally, it was intended to establish a fixed source of revenue for the state government. The Nagaland Lottery occurs daily, with draws occurring at three distinct intervals: Morning, Day, and Evening. Each day, the lottery is conducted under a distinct title, with prize amount variations. The highest reward is valued at Rs. 1 Crore (including the Super Prize sum).

Types of Lotteries Offered

Eight Nagaland Lottery drawings are held daily at different times, each with its unique system. The following table displays the eight daily schemes and their corresponding draw names.

Day  Dear 1:00 PM Weekly Dear 6:00 PM Weekly Dear 8:00 PM Weekly Dear 10 weekly Labh Laxmi Weekly Dear Laxmi 10 Weekly Dear 50 Weekly Dear 100 Weekly
Monday  Dear Dwarka Monday Dear Desert Monday Dear Finch Monday Dear 10 Arrow Monday Labh Laxmi Active Monday Dear Laxmi 10 Bamboo Monday Dear 100 Fawn Monday
Tuesday  Dear Godavari Tuesday Dear Wave Tuesday Dear Goose Tuesday Dear 10 Circle Tuesday Labh Laxmi Auror Tuesday Dear Laxmi 10 Banyan Tuesday Dear 50 Azure Tuesday
Wednesday  Dear indus Wednesday  Dear Hill Wednesday Dear Pelican Wednesday Dear 10 Cross Wednesday Labh Laxmi Bright Wednesday Dear Laxmi 10 Neem Wednesday Dear 100 Ivory Wednesday
Thursday  Dear Mahanadi Thursday Dear Lake Thursday Dear Sandpiper Thursday Dear 10 Cube Thursday Labh Laxmi Grace Thursday Dear Laxmi 10 Peepal Thursday Dear 50 Crimson Thursday
Friday  Dear Meghna Friday Dear Mountain Friday Dear Seagull Friday Dear 10 Heart Friday Labh Laxmi Inspire Friday Dear Laxmi 10 Pine Friday Dear 100 Lime Friday
Saturday  Dear narmada Saturday Dear River  Saturday Dear Stork Saturday Dear 10 Oval Saturday Labh Laxmi Light Saturday Dear Laxmi 10 Sandal Saturday Dear 50 Cyan Saturday
Sunday  Dear Yamuna Sunday Dear Sea Sunday Dear Toucan Sunday Dear 10 Square Sunday Labh Laxmi Shine Sunday Laxmi 10 Teak Sunday Dear 100 Plum Sunday

Popular Lottery Games

As you brace up for playing the lottery games in Nagaland, primarily, understand the best lottery games available in the state. It helps you choose the right game and enhances your chances of being a lottery winner.

  • Daily Draw

The Nagaland State Lottery hosts daily draws, held at 1:00 PM, 6:00 PM, and 8:00 PM, offering players frequent winning opportunities. Its appeal stems from the simplicity, convenience, and regularity of chances to win. While the top prize for the 8:00 PM draw is consistently Rs. 1 crore, the lottery occasionally incorporates special themes or unique features, enhancing its attraction to a diverse player base.

  • Bumper Draws

The Nagaland Lottery is held several times yearly. Bumper draws are planned to honour significant milestones on the calendar, providing larger rewards. Presently, there are a total of six bumper draws conducted annually. They have been listed below:

  • Dear Baisakhi Bumper
  • Dear Holi Bumper
  • Dear Puja Special Bumper
  • Dear Puja Bumper
  • Dear Diwali Bumper
  • Dear Happy New Year Bumper

These bumper draws provide much larger prizes and supplementary prizes than regular weekly drawings, with prizes exceeding INR 5 crores. Every bumper event commemorates a festival or a certain time of year. Therefore, please revisit this page to find out the dates for each event.

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Participating in Nagaland State Government Lottery

By participating in the state-run lotteries, you are making efforts to change your life overnight and contributing to the state’s revenue and developmental projects. So, proceed with your lottery ticket purchase at once!

Follow the steps below to purchase Nagaland lottery tickets online and offline.

For Online Lottery Ticket Purchase

Purchasing your lottery ticket online is straightforward, and it just takes a few minutes—no need to find a lottery retailer locally. Lottery tickets may be acquired via a mobile website or a dedicated application.

  • Step 1: Select a lottery platform that is available in Nagaland.
  • Step 2: Register an account on the lottery website.
  • Step 3: Utilise a secure payment option to initiate a deposit. Prefer payment alternatives such as UPI and Paytm.
  • Step 4: Select the lottery game in which you would like to participate.
  • Step 5: Select your fortunate numbers and get the lottery ticket.
  • Step 6: Please be patient and await the announcement of the results.

For Offline Lottery Ticket Purchase

Purchasing a lottery ticket in Nagaland is legal and regulated by the Government. So, follow the below steps to buy lottery tickets:

Step 1: Discover Authorised Merchants

Locate officially sanctioned merchants or lottery kiosks that are authorised to offer Nagaland Lottery tickets in your area. These are often found at markets, convenience shops, or specialised lottery business establishments.

Step 2: Visit the store

Go to the chosen retailer during operating hours. Choosing a trustworthy and authorised dealer is recommended to guarantee the legitimacy of the lottery tickets.

Step 3: Choose your ticket

Explore the variety of lottery ticket choices. The Nagaland State Lottery typically provides a range of programmes and ticket values. Select the precise lottery and ticket you would like to buy.

Step 4: Submit Essential Details

Furnish the necessary information to the store, including your name and contact information. Documentation reasons may necessitate the provision of this information for some lotteries.

Step 5: Payment for the Ticket

Pay the specified amount for the chosen lottery ticket. Make sure you have a legitimate receipt for your transaction. The price of tickets fluctuates depending on the particular lottery system and the ticket type you choose.

Step 6: Validate the Ticket

Before departing from the merchant, verify the accuracy of the information on your lottery ticket, including the name of the lottery, ticket number, and date. This guarantees that you possess the correct ticket for the desired lottery drawing.

Step 7: Ensure the Security of the Ticket

Store your lottery ticket in a safe and protected location. If the ticket is lost, you cannot collect any possible winnings.

Step 8: Wait for the draw

Anticipate the declaration of the lottery draw. Newspapers, official lottery websites, or local news networks often disseminate results.

Claiming Prizes

To collect your reward as a fortunate winner of the Nagaland State Lotteries, you must provide the original winning ticket with a duly filled claim form. The ticket must be undamaged, and the authorities will examine it for any signs of alteration or interference. Winners must provide government-issued photo identification and passport-sized photographs.

To collect your winnings of up to Rs. 10,000, you may get the winning amount from a lottery agent or store. Prizes over Rs. 10,000 may be collected at the Kolkata Nagaland Office. Kindly forward your claim and the necessary documentation to the designated location.

Impact on State Development

The lottery for Nagaland state was also started with the intention of funding developmental initiatives; it does give back to the community in a way. If you are wondering how to read the following:

Revenue Generation

The primary goal of creating the Department was to provide a reliable income stream for the State Government. Consequently, the Department’s primary task was to arrange and carry out monthly lotteries in various District Headquarters around the State. Until 1992, the State lottery had a significant share of around 40% in the Indian lottery industry, indicating its substantial presence and widespread appeal. According to the finance department’s yearly administrative report, the department’s revenue profits have consistently and significantly risen.

The Annual Administrative Report (AAR), presented during the assembly session in the past, disclosed that the department has established an annual income goal of Rs. 7 crore from its commercial operations. 

Responsible Gambling and Security Measures

Playing the lottery involves a lot of luck with no guarantee of a win. However, there are chances you might secure a win if you play responsibly. Thus, follow the below responsible gambling tips for a seamless lottery experience:

  • Know the Odds

Before gambling or placing a bet, it is crucial to be aware of the probabilities involved and to refrain from wagering an amount that exceeds your financial capacity to bear potential losses. Thus, engaging in gambling only for the sake of amusement and recreation would be a responsible move. 

  • Limiting the Expenses

It is crucial to know your financial constraints for recreational activities and carefully choose the amount you want to allocate for each lottery session. Restrict gambling extra funds kept aside to meet essential requirements such as bills, rent, food, etc. and refrain from pursuing any losses. Several online applications provide resources that assist you in adhering to your predetermined spending restrictions.

  • Keeping Track of Time

Understanding the amount of time and money you dedicate to the lottery may assist you in maintaining a healthy equilibrium between gambling and other significant aspects of your life. Such as spending time with loved ones, saving for personal goals, or fulfilling job and educational obligations.

  • Take breaks

Engaging in periodic rest intervals may serve as an effective method for retaining authority over one’s gaming activities. If you believe that taking a longer hiatus from gambling may be advantageous for you, there are several tools and programs available to assist.

  • Security Measures

The government prioritises the security of your information. Rest assured that Nagaland State Lottery implements rigorous security measures to protect your information and maintain the ideals of fair play. The following will give you a glimpse into the security measures that have been implemented:

  •  Safety of the Transactions

Online systems use encrypted technology to ensure the privacy and reliability of your transactions. Your financial data and personal information are securely protected against unauthorised access.

  • Official shops

Acquire lottery tickets only from authorised and trustworthy shops. You must thoroughly examine and approve dealers who hold a valid license to uphold the integrity of the lottery process.

  • Transparency of Procedures

The procedures involved in conducting the lottery draw are characterised by transparency and are closely monitored. Each stage, from the allocation of tickets to the declaration of results, strictly follows rigorous criteria to guarantee impartiality.

  • Data Protection

Your personal details are held with the greatest care. Strict data confidentiality laws and regulations are already in place to protect you against unauthorised disclosure or use of your sensitive information.

  • Random Number Generation

The lottery numbers are created using meticulous randomisation procedures, guaranteeing an impartial and entirely random selection. This ensures that each player is given an equitable and unbiased opportunity to win.


The lottery is allowed in 13 states within the nation. Some of the nations include Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal, Manipur, Assam, and Arunachal Pradesh. Sikkim.

The Nagaland State Lottery operates through a government-regulated system of draws, where the participants buy lottery tickets with unique numbers. Winners are finally selected via random draws, conforming to transparency and impartiality.


The Directorate of Nagaland State Lotteries, operating under the jurisdiction of the Department of Finance, Government of Nagaland, conducts the state lottery.

Nagaland State Lottery contributes to the state’s finances via ticket sales, wherein a portion goes to the government for developmental initiatives. This income helps support education, healthcare, and more public services in the state.

You need to visit the official site of the Nagaland lottery. Further, follow the instructions on the website and check your results.

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