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Nagaland Lottery(नागालैंड स्टेट लॉटरी)

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Nagaland is one of the 13 states of India where playing the lottery is legal. This lottery is managed by the Directorate of the Finance Department of Nagaland State. The draw is conducted at P.R. Hill Junction, Kohima.

The Concept of State Lottery

A state lottery is a government-regulated lottery system where people buy tickets to win prizes. The state government or a designated lottery commission operates it. State lotteries are legal and widely practised in many countries, including India.

The lottery works by selling tickets with a combination of numbers or symbols. Players select their desired numbers, and if their chosen numbers match the ones drawn during the lottery drawing, they win a prize. The prizes can vary, ranging from small cash amounts to life-changing jackpots.

State lotteries serve as a significant source of revenue for governments. The funds and taxes collected with the help of lotteries contribute to the state's budget and help finance essential services and projects.

How to play Nagaland State Lottery(नागालैंड स्टेट लॉटरी)

Playing the Nagaland State Lottery is a straightforward process that offers participants a chance to win attractive prizes. Follow these simple steps to join the excitement:

  • Choose a Ticket: Decide which Nagaland State Lottery game you want to participate in. Different games offer different prize structures and ticket prices. Select a ticket that aligns with your preferences.
  • Select Numbers: For games where you need to choose numbers, select your preferred set of numbers according to the rules of the specific game. Each game might require you to pick a certain number of digits from a given range.
  • Purchase Tickets: Purchase your chosen नागालैंड स्टेट लॉटरी टिकट from authorized retailers or online platforms, depending on the options available. Make sure to buy your ticket before the drawing time to ensure eligibility for that particular draw.
  • Keep the Ticket Safe: Once you've purchased your ticket, keep it safe in a secure place. This ticket is your proof of participation and your potential key to winning.
  • Check the Results: Tune in to the official Nagaland State Lottery result announcements on the designated drawing dates. These results are usually published on the official website and are also available at authorized retail outlets.
  • Claim Your Prize: If your ticket matches the winning numbers, congratulations! You've won a prize. To claim your prize, follow the instructions provided by the Nagaland State Lottery authorities. This typically involves filling out a claim form and presenting your winning ticket.
  • Prize Distribution: The Nagaland State Lottery offers various prize tiers, so even if you don't match all the numbers, you might still be eligible for smaller prizes. Prize amounts vary based on the game and the tier you've won.
  • Stay Informed: Stay updated with the latest information about Nagaland State Lottery games, schedules, and results. This will ensure you don't miss out on any opportunities to play and win.

Types of Nagaland lotteries

Nagaland state organizes three draws every day at 1.55 a.m., 4.00 p.m., and 8.00 p.m. The cost of each ticket is Rs 6.00 only, and a player can buy as many tickets as they want.

All tickets are printed with a unique serial number. The serial number is of eight alpha-numeric digits. First two digits are in numbers, followed by a letter of the alphabet and five numbers ranging from 00000 to 99999.

The three draws can be summarized in the table below.

The most popular Nagaland online lottery tickets and their average cost are given below.

DAY 11.55 a.m. 4.00 p.m. 8.00 p.m.
MONDAY Dear Loving Morning Dear Precious Monday Dear Flamingo Evening
TUESDAY Dear Sincere Morning Dear Loved Tuesday Dear Parrot Evening
WEDNESDAY Dear Faithful Morning Dear Valuable Wednesday Dear Eagle Evening
THURSDAY Dear Kind Morning Dear Worthy Dear Falcon Evening
FRIDAY Dear Tender Morning Dear Admire Dear Vulture Evening
SATURDAY Dear Gentle Morning Dear Prized Saturday Dear Ostrich Evening
SATURDAY Dear Affectionate Morning Dear Respect Sunday Dear Hawk Evening

Prizes in Nagaland lottery

In the Nagaland lottery, numbers are drawn using a mechanical draw machine, as per the guidelines of the Nagaland Government. The prize categories of the draw are:

  • First Prize: Rs 26.05 Lakhs
  • Second Prize: Rs 9,000
  • Third Prize: Rs 500
  • Fourth Prize: Rs 250
  • Fifth Prize: Rs 120
  • Consolation Prize: Rs 9,500

All draws and results are supervised by two judges to ensure the authenticity of the lotteries.

How To Claim Your Nagaland Lottery Reward

Once you have purchased a Nagaland lottery online ticket and won some amount, you can initiate the withdrawal process. For prizes up to Rs 10,000, you can conveniently collect your winnings from lottery distributors, sub-distributors, and retailers near you. However, if you have won a prize exceeding Rs 10,000, you'll need to follow these steps to claim your winnings:

  • Download the claim form from the official website of Nagaland Lottery.
  • Fill out the claim form accurately, providing your name, address, PAN Card number, two recent passport photographs, and a government-recognised photo ID.
  • Include your bank account details where you would like the prize money to be transferred.
  • Make sure to attach the winning ticket to the claim form. The ticket should be in good condition without any damage or alterations.
  • Send the completed claim form along with the attached ticket to the following address:

The Director / Nodal officer
Directorate of Nagaland State Lotteries,

121, Jessore Road, South Michael Nagar,
Madhyam Gram, Near National Model High School,
Kolkata- 700133 (West-Bengal)

All the claim forms have to be duly filled with the correct details of your name, address, Pan Card number, two recent passport photographs, a government recognized photo-ID, along with bank account details in which you want your prize money to be transferred.

It is mandatory to attach your winning ticket with the claim form. The ticket attached should be intact and without any damage or cuttings. All the winnings will be directly transferred to your bank account, subject to the verification of your documents after the draw has taken place.

After the draw has taken place, your documents will be verified, and upon successful verification, your winnings will be directly transferred to your provided bank account. Remember, it is important to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your claim form and provide all necessary supporting documents to expedite the prize money transfer process.

Note: Remember to claim your prize within 30 days from the date of the result announcement to avoid invalidation.

The Concept Of International Lottery

An international lottery system extends beyond a single country's boundaries and allows participants from different countries to participate and win prizes. These lotteries are typically organised and operated in one country and players from different countries can participate in it.

International lotteries offer larger prize pools and more significant jackpots compared to national lotteries due to the huge number of participants from multiple countries. The increased player base leads to higher ticket sales and, consequently, bigger prizes.

Participants in international lotteries usually purchase tickets with a specific combination of numbers or symbols, similar to national lotteries. The winning numbers are picked randomly, and players who match the drawn numbers win the prizes.

International lotteries provide a unique opportunity for individuals to try their luck on a global scale, sometimes resulting in life-changing winnings. However, it is crucial to be cautious and aware of the legitimacy of international lottery schemes, as scams and fraudulent activities also exist. Participating in reputable and licensed international lotteries is advisable to ensure a fair and secure experience.

Online Lottery Ticket Price Draw Days Biggest Jackpot
Big Ticket AED 500 1,9,17,24 day of every month Approx. 20 Million Dirhams
El Gordo €200 Mon Approx. €4,000,000
EuroMillions ₹240-300 Wed, Sat Approx. ₹1500 crores
EuroJackpot ₹350 Friday Approx. ₹736 crores
Powerball $2 Mon, Wed, and Sat Approx. $1.08 Billion
Mega Millions ₹300 Wed, Sat Approx. ₹10,900 crores
UK Lotto £2 Wed, Sat Approx. £66,070,646

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How to buy Nagaland lottery tickets Online?

Nagaland Lottery tickets can be purchased offline as well as online. You can buy lottery tickets online via various websites. You should be very sure of the authenticity of the website you are purchasing the ticket from. Check out its online reviews and ensure that the website isn’t fake. Also, you can buy a ticket from the authorised Lottery Operators of Nagaland lottery.

Here are the steps to follow to नागालैंड स्टेट लॉटरी Buy Online:

  • Create an Account: Sign up or create an account on the chosen online lottery platform.
  • Select the Lottery: Choose the specific national or international lottery you wish to participate in, such as Dear Morning, Dear Day, Dear Evening, or Dear Night (national).
  • Choose Your Numbers: Select your desired numbers for the ticket. Some online platforms offer the option to manually pick the numbers, while others provide quick pick options for random number generation.
  • Complete the Purchase: Proceed to the payment section to finalise the purchase of your lottery tickets. Make sure to review and confirm your selection before finalising the transaction.
  • Ticket Confirmation and Delivery: After the Nagaland State Lottery Online Purchase is complete, you will receive a confirmation email or notification with your ticket details.
  • Await Results: Stay updated with the draw dates and result announcements. The online platform should provide information on how to claim rewards you may have won.

There are also some dealers who can send you paper tickets via Indian postal services. You have to pay them online for the number of tickets you want to play, and they will send the tickets by courier, etc.

You can buy physical paper tickets from the authorized dealers and retailers in the state of Nagaland and in the states where lottery play is legal.

Nagaland lottery FAQs

How do I check the lottery results?

You can check results on the official website of Nagaland lottery or the website from which you purchased the ticket. The results are also revealed in the morning newspapers. Moreover, if you are one of the winners, you will be directly contacted by the state. Also, in case you purchased the lottery ticket from an authorized dealer, you can get a hard copy of the lottery results.

One ticket is eligible for winning only one prize. In case you’re winning two prizes, you will be given only the higher prize amount. All other prizes stand cancelled.

Yes. All lottery winnings are taxable in India. As per the section 194B of Income Tax of India, a tax of 30.9% is deducted from the prize money, before it is transferred to the winner’s account.

Yes. A resident of any state is free to play the lottery. You can buy Nagaland lottery online tickets from the official website of Nagaland lottery and take part in India’s oldest lottery to be one step closer to your dream.

Nagaland Lottery Online tickets are generally available for purchase to individuals who are at least 18 years old and meet the legal age requirement set by the Nagaland State Government for participating in lottery games.

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