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Launched in 2013, Lottoland is one of India’s most popular online lottery platforms that allows its users to purchase tickets for national and international lotteries. This site offers a user-friendly interface and quick payouts. The site aims to provide a fun and rewarding gambling environment where users can buy lottery tickets, place bets, and win money in simple, hassle-free steps. The home page of the Lottoland website has everything mentioned in an easy-to-understand and eye-catching manner. You can do everything in seconds, from sorting the different lotteries to finding the lottery results! 

The online lottery platform has made participating in online lotteries and bettings easier and more convenient by launching the Lottoland App.

Below is a detailed guide from Jackpot Results on downloading the Lottoland app in simple steps.

Why Download the Lottoland App?

Play and win jackpots anytime, anywhere; it is an exciting statement and can be a reality with the app from Lottoland. You will have the whole world of online lottery with all the jackpots on your mobile. When you opt for the Lottoland app download, you will receive many benefits.

  • Quick Access to Lotteries: All the national and international lotteries will be available in the mobile app that you can open and participate in whenever you want. 
  • Easy, Secured Deposits and Withdrawals: The Lottoland app will allow you to make deposits and withdraw your wins via secured payment gateways. 
  • Notifications: The key feature of the app from Lottoland is notifications. The app will notify you of all important and relevant information. You will get an automatic win notification.

Lottoland App Download for Android & iOS

Below are a few steps to download the Lottoland application on Android and iOS devices. These are as follows:

For Android Devices

Here’s a guide on how to download and install the Lottoland app on an Android device.

  • Visit the Google Store on your device.
  • Type ‘Lottoland App’ in the search bar. 
  • Once the screen shows the app, click the Lottoland app download/install button. It may take some time, depending on your internet connection. You may have to grant permission to install unknown apps on your device to complete the download. 
  • When the download is complete, click the open button and launch the app.

For iOS Devices

The steps to download the Lottoland app on iOS are similar to the Android process. It includes:

  • Go to the App Store on your iPhone or iPad device.
  • Search for the Lottoland app and tap on the ‘Get Button’. You may have to enter your Apple ID and password, face ID or Touch ID to initiate the download.
  • You can open the app from your home screen after the download. 

First Time Login / Register Process

If you already have an account on the Lottoland website, use the same credentials to log into the Lottoland app on your mobile device. Otherwise, you can create a new account and complete the Lottoland login on the app in a few steps.

  • You will find the option to sign up or register on the app’s home page. Click on it. 
  • Enter your name, email address, phone number, and other details as asked on the screen.
  • Cross-check all the information and click on the Create an Account button. 
  • The account will be created. You can then opt for the Lottoland login as and when you need. Track your tickets, wins, offers, etc., in the My Account section. 

Activate Promo Code / Offer

Lottoland has retained many users by providing exciting features and perks. Promotions, bonuses and other offers are one such key perk. Activating the promo code or offer is easy, much like any other Lottoland app or website procedure. First, you can check out the available promotions and offers in the Promotion section in both the app and the website of Lottoland. The bonuses will be available in the Bonus Funds section. You can claim the offer by clicking on the link or manually entering the promo code in the add fund section. 

Remember to complete the Lottoland login to view and avail of the promo codes and offers. 

Mobile Website Version Overview

Lottoland aims at providing a smooth user experience to all. It has been a key consideration while developing the website and the application. If you wish to explore the website on your mobile, you will have a hassle-free experience. The mobile website version is easy to navigate. It doesn’t take time to load. It shows all the options on the mobile, as you can see on a computer, laptop, or any other bigger screen.

How to Buy Lottery Tickets from Lottoland

You can buy a Lottoland lottery in the following steps.

  • Create an account and complete the registration, or opt for the Lottoland login button if you are an existing user.
  • You will see some lotteries on the home page. The lotteries section will have all available lotteries.
  • Check out the options and pick the lottery you want.
  • Now, select your numbers manually. There’s also a ‘Quick Pick’ option. It will automatically choose the numbers for you.
  • Once satisfied with the lottery and number selection, confirm the purchase, checkout, and complete the payment. 
  • You can check the results when the draw happens. The app will show notifications.

Security and Safety – Fairplay

Lottoland focuses on safety along with entertainment and wins. It is operated and regulated legally. Lottoland takes privacy strictly and has taken adequate measures to protect its users’ private data. It offers guaranteed payouts. Safe gambling is also encouraged at Lottoland. While you purchase a Lottoland lottery ticket and indulge in the thrill, the platform is committed to creating a safe and secure gambling environment with a strong emphasis on fair play and equal access.

Customer Support

The customer support service of Lottoland is prepared to help the users with all their queries. You can contact Lottoland customer support in various ways. Send them an email or message. You can also talk to them on their live chat option.

The available support channels for Lottoland are:

  • Email ID: 
  • Direct Message: Click on the Contact Us tab, and it will show the option to ‘Send a message’.
  • Live Chat: Select the Contact Us tab. The next page will show you the Live Chat section. 
  • Help/Support & FAQ: You can tap on the Help & FAQ section Support & FAQ section. It will show all the support channels. 

Most Popular Lotteries at Lottoland

The wide variety of lotteries makes Lottoland one of the best online lottery sites. Here are the most popular names from the long list of Lottoland lotteries!

Lottery Price per Ticket Draw Record Jackpot
PowerBall ₹300 Tuesday, Thursdays & Sundays  ₹11,200 Crores
EuroMillions ₹ 240 Tuesday & Friday  ₹1555 Crores
MegaMillions ₹300 Wednesdays & Saturdays  ₹10,900 Crores
EuroJackpot ₹160 Tuesday & Friday ₹736 Crores
Gullak Gold ₹60 Monday to Sunday  ₹ 130 Crores


  • Can I make deposits on the Lottoland App?

You can make deposits using the Lottoland app. Navigate to the My Account section, which will have the Depsoit button.

  • Is there any minimum withdrawal limit on Lottoland?

The minimum withdrawal amount on Lottoland is ₹800.

  • Will I get any notification from Lottoland if I win the lottery?

You will get an email from Lottoland following each lottery draw. The Lottoland app also shows notifications.

  • Do I have to pay tax on my win from Lottoland?

Indian residents must pay 30%, and non-residents must pay around 31.2% tax on their winnings from Lottoland. 

  • Can I access the Lottoland website from my phone?

Yes, you can access the Lottoloand website from your phone. It will be a smooth experience. You can also download the Lottoland mobile app.

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