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Satta Matka Game Satta Matka Guessing Number


The matka guessing game has been popular in India since the 1950s. However, if someone looks at the true traces of the game, it dates back to the pre-independence era. The merchants in Mumbai used the satta matka lottery form to place individual bets on the opening and closing rates of cotton imported from the New York Cotton Exchange. 

Later, in 1962, Kalyanji Bhagat, a shopkeeper with a grocery shop in Worli, Mumbai, started the ‘Kalyan Matka’ gambling. He initiated the satta matka guessing number game by accepting bets seven days a week on the opening and closing rates of the cotton traded. Just two years apart, Ratan Khatri, known as the ‘Matka King,’ initiated the New Worli matka game. However, he did introduce a few changes in the game rules. People could bet five days a week this time, and Saturday and Sunday were holidays. 

Fast forward to today, satta matka is now played online, and you get to win attractive rewards and fulfilling cash prizes by participating in the game. Like the offline matka game, one has to guess the correct order of the matka numbers and then claim the prize accordingly. To make things easy, there are online platforms that offer the right matka guessing numbers over calculation tools, amplifying your chances of winning in the game. At Jackpot Results, we help you with the right reviews about these online portals. We focus on supporting you with unbiased and transparent casino reviews, player ratings, user experiences etc.   

Satta Matka Guessing

The modern satta matka game is about placing your bets online and claiming winning rewards. You get to place the bets on the order of appearance of the selected numbers. These can be in singles, multiples or combinations. Among all the players, the one capable of guessing the right number order wins the game. As already discussed, to make it easy for everyone and help people win a fair share in the game, several platforms offer online matka guessing tools and lists. Following these will enhance the winning chances of one participating in the game. 

On coming across these sites, you will see different names and chart lists. A few words like ‘Jodi,’ ‘Panna,’ ‘Day,’ ‘Night,’ and ‘Sangam’ will be common among those. And that is because the particulars denote different bets and results – regarding matka rates or bhavs. The satta maka guessing number act as a guiding companion in the game. The primary focus is making it easy for you to win. 

Different Bet Types In Satta Matka Guessing

A deck of 52 cards without the Jacks, King or Queens is used in matka gambling. Here, all the Aces stand as 1, cards from 2 to 9 are regarded by their face values and the 10th card from each group is considered 0. You must place your bets and guess the matka outcome using these cards. Below is a comprehensive overview of the different bet types where you can use your guessing game:

  • Single (Ank) Bet – A single (ank) bet is the probable total value of an entire page (Panna) during the opening or closing of a draw. Using your satta matka guessing skills, you must predict whether the page value will be 1 on opening or 6 while closing. You win if your prediction turns out to be correct. 
  • Single Panna/Patti Bet – You will use your guessing skills to bet on a possible opening or closing panna, with no card values repeated. Unlike the Ank bet, this does not consider the sum of the 3 values. On the contrary, the value of each card within a single patti bet stands unique. You cannot place bets on cards like 111 or 455. Instead, opt for sequences like 468, 123, 340 etc. Also, ensure that the sum of your chosen sequence in a single panna bet must be an ank (number) between 0 and 9. Here the payout is 140/1 = Rs. 14,000 for each Rs. 100 invested
  • Double Patti/Panna Bet – For a double Patti Matka bet you can guess and select the repetition of two numbers while placing your bets. During the opening and closing draw, you can select numbers like 122, 299, 688, etc. You win Rs.27,000/- on each Rs. 100 invested as the payout is 270/1. 
  • Triple Patti/ Panna Bet – All the chosen numbers in the opening and closing draw must be the same. The Triple Patti payout stands at 600/1. That way, for a bet of Rs.100/-, you win 100 x 600 = Rs.60,000/-. Remember, each selected sequence must lead to a number between 0 and 9.  
  • Half Sangam – In Half Sangam, one must multiply the opening single ank with the closing panna vis-a-vis. For example:
    • You choose 123 as the opening panna and 234 as the closing panna. Now the ank value of these stands as – 
      • 1 + 2 + 3 = 6
      • 2 + 3 + 4 = 9
    • The calculation is 123 x 9 or 234 x 6 in the Half Sangam bet. The payout stands as 1400/1. For every Rs.100/-, you win Rs. 1,40,000/-. 
  • Sangam – In Sangam Bet, you must guess the combination of the opening panna and the closing panna. If you select the aforementioned combination for a Sangam bet, it will look like 123 x 234. The payout for the Sangam bet is 1/1500. You win Rs. 1,50,000 for every Rs.100/-
  • Jodi – It is the summation of the opening and closing panna. For example, the opening cards are 123, and the closing cards are 143. The result comes as 6 and 8. Therefore, 68 is the Jodi number that you will place your bets on. The payout is 90/1 or 95/1. You win Rs.90,000/- or Rs.95,000/-

Free Matka Guessing & Matka Tips To Win Matka Game Today

Participating in online matka is always entertaining. Besides, it will also help you with multiple winning opportunities and make some great earnings. However, remember that the matka game involves you investing real money. So, it will always be helpful to focus on the essential tips and then continue in the game.   

  • Understand the matka game, and then the rest will fall into place. Know how the game revolves around guessing the right numbers. And that is how you can win big.  
  • Then, opt for a matka guessing website with a solid reputation for offering adequate tips. With us at Jackpot Results, you are completely guarded. Check the best reviews on the platform regarding the industry regulars. And then continue in the game.
  • If you are a beginner in the game, this tip is a must to remember. Do not wager/invest all your money in one game. Opt for small investments based on past winning history. Also, keep a tab on the matka guessing numbers and place your bets. 
  • Remember, the entire arrangement is just a game, so invest or place your bets accordingly. Continue as long as you can guess the matka draw results rightfully or have access to the right satta matka guessing numbers. But once you see yourself losing control, it is better to get off the table.   

How Can Matka Guessing Help You Win Satta Matka?

Satta matka is a number-centric game, and there are several markets releasing the satta matka results at different times.  Also, every game has a fixed open and close time. The game rule goes like this: the participant has to guess and predict a unique number or ‘satta bhav.’ You are declared a winner when you have made the right matka guesses. As the satta game is online now, some websites do all the hard work, offering you the right guesses. They have these online satta guessing calculators/tools, implemented with a unique formula for each game.   

However, you need to remember that the satta matka lottery game is all about luck and coincidence and the satta matka guessing tools are only capable of helping you with a 99.99% accurate result. While the rest depends on the game and the platform. So, when participating, it is always important to have an in-depth understanding of the game-specific terminologies and outcomes. Here is a thorough overview of the most used terms in detail: 

  • Bookmaker – A bookmaker is the person who accepts bets and is also responsible for conducting the game. 
  • Market – The organisation which announces the game result. 
  • Result – The outcome of the game is known as the result. It is officially declared by the bookmaker or other representatives of the authorising organisation in charge of the game. 
  • Player/gambler – The person who selects a particular number, places bets and waits for the result.   
  • Open – It denotes the first half of the matka game result.
  • Close – This stands as the second half of the game. 
  • Record Chart – It is a comprehensive collection of all the previous matka results. It usually is used by the players to strategise their bets in the next game.  

The satta matka game results are shortly published before the market’s opening and closing time. So you must be quick with your satta bhav guesswork and place your bets. That will win you the maximum prizes.  

Matka Timetable

In the Online guessing matka game, the timetable is the most important aspect compared to anything else. Here, the players get a schedule of the lined matches, the timings, the day & date of each game, and other accurate information. The timetable is the only way players get to know when and where to place the bets and the accurate timing of the results. Also, through the same table, one gets notified when rewards will be available to claim.  

The matka time table is essential for both beginners and professional players in the game. Because all the available games are directly listed on the time table, along with their respective dates. Thus, everyone can easily participate in the game throughout the day. You will never find the individual timings of one game clashing with another. That helps the player with ample opportunities to try their luck in each game, winning exciting prizes. The initial game timing and play dates might vary from one platform to another. However, the game patterns and concepts remain the same. Below is a list of the most common game names that you will find in each matka time table. 

  • Super Matka
  • Madhuri
  • Navratna Day
  • Sridevi
  • Rajdhani Day
  • Bhoothnath Day
  • Kalyan Matka
  • Time Bazaar
  •  Prabhat
  • Tara Mumbai Night
  • Main Bazar

For the newcomers, a time table is no less important than a guiding schedule. The list of games clubbed together offers a complete layout of the play dates. One gets to understand the various ifs and buts in the game. The experienced players, on the contrary, make use of the matka time table to strategise their bets. These people check the winning history, game patterns and the market reputation of their contenders before placing their own bets.      

How Do Jackpot Results Rate Online Guessing Matka Number Sites?

Jackpot Results always believes in helping you with the best reviews of reputed sites. The focus is on offering a realistic overview of the online casinos and the games shortlisted. All the reviews are backed by the right evidence and are unbiased. All you can expect from us is information that is accurate and honest. Here is how we review the various matka game guessing platforms online. 

User experience – We consider the complete user experience of the website, counting on the design and functionality of the web pages. Our experts do check whether the users can navigate through the site seamlessly.   

Security – Important security check guidelines include SSL certificates and complete transparency over personal information usage. We only recommend sites that ensure personal and financial information are rightfully protected. 

Reputation & reviews – You can read reviews from real players on our website. We aim to help you with the right platform name, offering authentic online matka guessing overviews. Unlike other websites. The reviews here are quick and sure – minus the exaggeration and sugar-coated fake promises.  

Reliability– For that extra safety, we cross-check the reliability quotient of each matka game guessing platform. We ensure that the satta matka guessing outcomes provided by the platforms are appropriate and will surely win you some great amounts.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many satta matka game markets are there?

Kalyan market, main Mumbai market, Worli market, Milan market and Rajdhani market are some of India’s satta matka game markets. Satta matka is a number-based game, and each market shares its own numbers and winning settlements for the players to go through.  

  • Who is a Matka King?

The late Ratan Khatri was regarded as the original matka king of India. He used to run a nationwide satta business from the start of the 1960s to the 1990s and had lakhs of punters working under him. After Khatri’s demise on May 9th, 2020, any individual winning the most money from matka Gambling is regarded as the Matka king.

  • How many charts are there in a matka guessing game?

You have an Ank (single number) bet chart, Jodi bet chart and Panna bet chart in the matka guessing online game. Each comes with different payouts, enabling the player to win a comprehensive outcome from the game.

  • What are cut numbers in a matka game?

Ank (single numbers) are often linked in a online guessing matka game called cut numbers. The numbers have a difference of 5 digits between them.  

  1. 1 and 6
  2. 9 and 4
  3. 7 and 2
  • What is ‘Farak’ in the matka game?

Farak is the numerical difference between the Ank numbers in a Jodi. (If the jodi is 68, the Farak is 8 – 6 = 2). 

  • What is ‘Berji’ in the matka game? 

Berji is the last digit in the sum of a Jodi. (If you have a Jodi of 68, then 6 + 8 makes 14, and 4 is your Berji).

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