Play Legal Matka In India

With time, Matka has seen many developments. They were levied Certain government restrictions to keep the process fair and enjoyable for all. All things considered, you can still play Matka legally in many places in India, including Goa, Kerala, West Bengal, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Punjab, Kerala, Nagaland, and Mizoram. Multiple international lotteries are available where you learn how to play Matka, place bets, and get exciting prizes.


Matka is one of the oldest lotteries or betting games in India. Many were engaged in this fun and rewarding game, from betting on cotton rates to using paper. Some may call it a matter of luck, but experts and experienced players accept the value of strategising and number analysis that often goes into the process. The lottery attracted large attention among all sorts of punters quickly after its introduction in the country in the 1950s. Its popularity reached its peak by the 1980s. A variety of Matka businesses were operating in the country back then, serving a large number of participants. With well-formed rules and regulations, Matka continues entertaining and rewarding thousands of people today. 

Learn more on how to play Matka, its rules, strategies, latest information, jackpot results, player reviews, and expert tips on Jackpot Results. We aim to guide you through a safe and fun gaming experience where you understand how to play Matka and make each decision with all the necessary information. You can also rely on us for the latest trends, developments, and regulations!

How to Play Matka Online?

The foundation of online Matka in India made online gambling easier and hassle-free. The answer to how to play Matka online and offline is almost similar, but you should opt for the online process for a safe, secure, legal, and rewarding experience. Online lotteries and platforms are there that run legally and offer an authentic Matka experience. 

The basic process of Matka involves punters putting bets in a draw, randomly pulling a number from the bets, and generating the prize to the winner’s account. 

Explore our website, Jackpot Results, and you will find everything you need to know when you play Matka online. Read on to learn the basic steps of how to play Matka online.

  • The first step starts with finding the right lottery. Jackpot Results has multiple options for you.
  • Next, you sign up or register for your selected online lottery. 
  • Navigate through the casinos and lotteries to find Matka.
  • Check the available bets and pick one or more.
  • Make payment and get the ticket. You can use one of the many online transaction methods to make deposits and buy tickets. 
  • Wait for the results and receive impressive prizes with each win.

Here are the basic rules of playing Matka.

  • Seven different types of bets are available, which we will discuss below.
  • Several odds and prizes are available with different bets. 
  • You can place more than one bet in a single draw.
  • Draws happen at random. 
  • Draws are made at intervals of 15 minutes.
  • You cannot cancel a ticket after purchase.

Matka Betting Types, Prizes, and Odds

You must familiarise yourself with the different betting types, prizes, and odds available.

Important Numbers

Two important concepts are here – opening and closing. They are also called pannas or pattis. Each of the draws has three digits, and you can select them. They should be between 0 and 9. Suppose your opening draw is 9 6 3 and your closing draw is 7 1 4. Remember these two draws; we will use them to calculate and categorise the bets.

Matka Betting Types

Based on the opening and closing numbers, Matka betting is categorised into seven types.

  • Jodi: Your opening and closing draws are summed up to calculate the Jodi. It will have two digits and can range from 00 to 99. Follow these steps to get your Jodi.
    • Add your opening three digits. (9 + 6 + 3 = 18)
    • Add your closing three digits. (7 + 1 + 4 = 12)
    • Now, take the last digit of each draw’s sum, 8 and 2.

The Jodi for this draw is 82. You can place your bet on this number.  

  • Ank: You can guess and bet on any digit during the opening or closing draw.
  • Single Draw: Place your bets on the entire opening or closing draw, where all three digits will be unique. 
  • Double Draw: Bets are available on both drawings where two of the three digits will be the same. 
  • Tripple Draw: You bet on all three similar digits in either opening or closing draws.
  • Half Sangam: You have to guess the opening digits and the Jodi’s second digit or the Jodi’s closing digits and the first digit. Basically, you guess one drawing set and the sum-up digit of the other set. For example, your bet can look like 9 6 3 * 2 or 7 1 4 * 8.
  • Full Sangam: It is the jackpot. Naturally, it has the biggest prizes and the most competitive odds. Here, you have to guess the entire set, including the opening draw (9 6 3), the second digit of its total (8), the closing digits (7 1 4), and the second digit of its total (2). With said example, your full Sangam should look like 9 6 3 * 8 X 2 * 7 1 4. You will hit the jackpot if you can guess the entire set correctly.

Prizes and Odds

As you master how to play Matka, remember the prizes and odds for the most rewarding bets.

The calculation below is based on a ticket of Rs. 100. You can calculate your prizes and odds per your budget as a part of learning how to play Matka.

Betting Type


Odd 1 in


Rs. 90 10


Rs. 900


Single Draw

Rs. 1000


Double Draw

Rs. 2000


Tripple Draw

Rs. 6000


Half Sangam

Rs. 10,000


Full Sangam Rs. 120,000


How to Play Matka in Easy Steps

With detailed knowledge of the basic rules, different types of bettings, their odds, and prizes, learn how to play Matka in easy steps.

  • Choose the Online Matka Platform

Offline Matka is banned almost everywhere in India. Hence, you must know how to play Matka online. Start by selecting a platform with beneficial features and prizes. Visit Jackpot Results and check out the lotteries in different cities. There is a list of international lotteries that you can pick from. Also, you can directly view the lotteries by clicking on the ‘Lottery’ tab. 

  • Register Yourself

Enter the required information on your selected platform and sign up. You can use the same credentials to log in to your website.

  • Make Deposits

You must make a first-time deposit before you can start playing. The minimum amount for the first-time deposit may vary based on the platforms. Many platforms offer a sign-up or first-deposit bonus. 

  • Calculate the Matka Numbers

We discussed opening digits, closing digits, Jodis and Anks above. Remember the different types of bettings and proceed.

  • Pick Your Bet

Find the Matka option on the platform to start betting. Next, pick the type of betting, i.e., Ank, Single Draw, Full Sangam, etc. 

  • Select the Draw, Steak, and Numbers

Each bet will show the two draws (opening and closing) and different steaks (the bet amounts) you can pick from. Note that you can decide to bet on both drawings. Finally, select the number per the bet type you have selected. 

  • Complete the Purchase and Wait for the Results

After carefully selecting all the details, pay to buy the ticket. You can use any of the available net banking facilities to pay for it. Check the results to complete the betting process. You can see if your numbers have won on the same platform. You will not have to wait much as a drawing interval is only 15 minutes. 

How Do You Win Playing Matka?

Jackpot Results presents tips and tricks to increase your chances of winning while playing Matka.

  • Remember the Basic Concepts: Before you know how to play Matka, you must know the basic rules, concepts, and betting types. You can place bets accurately only with a clear idea.
  • Divide Your Bets: Betting big to win big may seem a common strategy when one learns how to play Matka, but it may not be a great idea, especially for new players. Try to place smaller bets or divide your money into different bets or draws for a better winning chance. 
  • Study Patterns: Luck plays a significant part in Matka, but it’s not merely about luck. You can guess good numbers by studying previous numbers and finding crucial patterns in the winning digits. 

How to Claim the Prizes?

Online lotteries aim to make your experience as smooth as possible. You can easily learn how to play Matka, find the different options and place bets on the user-friendly interface. The purchase process of tickets becomes simple and secure as online payment facilities are available. Similarly, the claiming process is completely effortless. Once the draw is made and your numbers are declared as winners, the winning prize will be auto-credited to your account. You can withdraw the amount quickly and easily as required on the platform.


Apart from the ticket price, you won’t have to pay any fee for playing Matka. Simply learn how to play Matka, select your bet, draw, and steak and make the payment online. You will receive the prize money in your account if you win. Note that the entire Matka win or prize money is taxable under the Income Tax Act of India. TDS may also be applicable.

The odds vary from one in 10 to one in 2778 based on the type of bet you have selected. The higher the betting odds, the bigger the prize you can win. Jodis and Anks have the best winning odds, but the prize is the lowest. The odds become more competitive with single draws, double draws, and triple draws. The full Sangam and the half Sangam have the most and the second most competitive betting odds, respectively.

Most online lotteries work fine on computers as well as mobiles. A laptop is not mandatory for playing Matka. Open your mobile phone’s browser and launch the website of your preferred online lottery. Then, follow the required steps and enjoy Matka. Making deposits or withdrawing prize money will be easily possible, too.

Indian regulations have banned all forms of physical Matka. Hence, you cannot play Matka offline and must opt for online lotteries. Also, online lotteries are banned in a few states. Make sure to read the rules and restrictions aside from knowing how to Play Matka on Jackpot Results before you place your bet.

Berji is the single or last (in case of two digits) of the Jodi’s total sum. When you add the three opening and closing digits, the second digit of the two sums makes the Jodi. Add the Jodi; the single or last digit will be the Berji. For example, if your Jodi is 95, your Berji will be (9+5=14) 4.

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