Bhagyalakshmi Lottery

Bhagyalakshmi Lottery is a popular private-run lottery in India with several interesting games. It started in 2017 and allows Indian players to participate online. The site is available only in English. Jackpot Results, your go-to page for exploring lottery sites in India, has curated this guide. It will help you explore how the Bhagyalakshmi lottery works and how to play it.

Bhagyalakshmi Lottery Guide

You can easily navigate the lottery’s online platform with the intricate knowledge and tips discussed in this guide. Get ready to explore the thrill and possibilities of Bhagyalakshmi Lottery online with our guide.

Lotteries Available

Bhagyalakshmi Lottery offers a unique selection, distinct from the more familiar Punjab and Maharashtra lotteries. While the site doesn’t feature traditional favourites, it introduces an intriguing lineup of lotteries, including: 

  • Opal Lottery
  • Topaz Lottery
  • Silver Lottery
  • Platinum Lottery
  • Gold Lottery
  • Diamond Lottery

How Does it Work?

When engaging in online lottery play, it’s crucial to understand the registration process for seamless navigation. The initial step to play the Bhagyalaxmi lottery involves registering for a player account on the website. Here are the steps:

  • Sign up at the official website; share only relevant details. 
  • An SMS, including a single-use PIN, will be sent to your mobile device for verification and activation. 
  • After confirming your account, you can access the platform to explore its features and services.
  • Click any banners or “Play Now” buttons on the platform to access the Bhagyalaxmi Lottery Ticket Concierge service.
  • The choices are varied, encompassing options like the Topaz, Silver, Platinum, Gold, or Diamond Lottery. Choose the specific lottery you want to play. 
  • After selecting your preferred lottery, the next step is to choose your numbers or the quick pick option for a random selection.
  • You can manually select your numbers using the number selector grid or opt for a random set by clicking the “Get Lucky” button.
  • Proceed by clicking the “OK BUY” button to complete your ticket purchase. 
  • After confirming your order, a representative from the Lottery Ticket Concierge Service in the lottery draw country will personally secure the ticket(s) for you from an authorised lottery outlet.

Apt Time to View the Lottery Results

Follow the below schedule to view the lottery results:

  • The lottery draw starts at 4:00 pm and concludes by 6:00 pm daily. The announcement of results promptly follows at 6:00 pm. Check the results on the same day if tickets are purchased before 4:00 pm.
  • For tickets bought after 4:00 pm, verify the results the next day at 6:00 pm. The countdown clock resets to zero at 4:00 pm, simulating the drawing process, and results are available for viewing at 6:00 pm. This routine allows participants to align their expectations with the specific timings of ticket purchases and result announcements.

Once the draw is complete and if you win, you’ll receive a notification through SMS or registered email. Updating your player account details is important so the lottery can easily reach you with good news. Prizes are directly transferred to your bank account when you win an amount not of substantial value. However, when you win huge prizes, a representative from the lottery concierge service will contact you to assist in the claim process. Providing your mobile number is mandatory, while an email ID is optional.

You can learn from this that the Bhaglayalakshmi lottery simplifies the process of online lottery participation while adding a touch of anticipation and excitement. From registering to purchasing a ticket and potentially receiving that notification of winning the lottery, each step is designed to make the experience accessible and engaging for players.

Winning on Bhagyalakshmi Lottery

The daily draw occurs from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, with immediate results available on Here’s how the prizes unfold:

  • Prize No: 1

The jackpot prize involves a six-digit number. If your six-digit ticket number matches this jackpot number, you win a jackpot cash prize equal to ten thousand (10000) times your ticket purchase value. This substantial jackpot amount is exclusive to one lucky winner.

  • Prize No: 2

Bhagyalakshmi lottery announces 10 numbers, each with five digits. If your six-digit ticket number matches the last five digits of any of these announced numbers, you win a cash prize equivalent to one thousand (1000) times your ticket purchase value. This reward is distributed to everyone whose number aligns with the last five digits.

  • Prize No: 3

For this prize, they announce 100 numbers, each with four digits. If the last four digits of your six-digit ticket number match any of these announced numbers, you win a cash prize of ten (10) times your ticket purchase value. This prize is distributed to all participants whose numbers match four digits.

Check the results on the website to see if your ticket holds the winning numbers for the exciting cash prizes.

How to Claim Your Winnings?

Simply follow the below steps to claim your lottery winnings at Bhagyalakshmi. If your ticket scores a win, the claiming process is hassle-free. 

  • Start by filling out the claim form on the website’s results page. Claiming your winnings from the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery involves a straightforward process. If you face any challenges during the claim procedure, assistance is available seamlessly via a supportive customer care team. 
  • To kickstart the claim process, meticulously complete the claim form, ensuring all details like ticket number, name, purchase date, results date, and the owed amount are accurate. Provide accurate personal information. You can include additional bank details if you opt for a bank transaction to receive your winnings. It ensures a comprehensive and accurate submission for a smooth claims process.
  • Once all the information is accurately provided, submit the claim form. It marks the end of the process, and you can anticipate the fulfilment of your well-deserved prize. Further, relax and await notification of your victory through an SMS or email you provided during account registration. Swiftly check the lottery results pages for draw outcomes.

Prizes are conveniently transferred directly to your bank account. Alternatively, you can receive a cheque for the winning amount. Shortly after your win, a lottery concierge service representative will reach out to guide you through the simple claims process, ensuring your prize reaches you without any complications.

Rules and Regulations

The Bhagyalakshmi Lottery adheres to the following rules and regulations so you can relax and play the lottery confidently. However, the basic rule is that a participant must be at least 18 years of age to play this lottery.

  • Indian Lottery Laws

While India has certain gambling restrictions, the regulations for lotteries and gambling are determined by individual states. Many states permit people to participate in lotteries, whether online or through traditional lottery retailers. Thus, when playing the lottery online, be assured that all the Indian lottery laws are followed.

  • Indian State Lotteries

Each Indian state has the authority to regulate lottery games within its jurisdiction, ensuring fair conduct and compliance with specific game rules and regulations. States like Goa, Punjab, and Sikkim are examples where lottery games are allowed. Thus, if you are playing the lottery online at Bhagyalakshmi, note that it follows all the state rules and regulations.

  • International Lotteries

Indian citizens can engage in international lotteries through online lottery ticket concierge services. International lotteries operate outside India, making them exempt from typical Indian gambling laws. Residents from any Indian state can participate, irrespective of specific state gambling regulations, allowing global access to play the lotteries.


How to Check Results on Bhagyalakshmi Lottery?

Checking Lottery results on this platform is a straightforward process. Follow the simple steps below:

  1. Visit the official Bhagyalakshmi Lottery website.
  2. Look for the “Lottery Result” section on the website.
  3. Click on the section where you may find options to enter the draw date.
  4. Download the lottery result file, which is often available in PDF format.

Following these simple steps, participants can easily access and check the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery results on the official website.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

When managing your transactions on the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery site, it’s important to note that specific payment portals aren’t explicitly outlined. The primary method that stands out is paying online via your credit or debit card. However, the details regarding the entity handling this transaction remain undisclosed.

It’s crucial to conduct these transactions in Indian Rupees (INR), as the website specifies that payments in any other currency won’t be accepted. There is an absence of information on the details of the payment portals. It leads to many unanswered questions. However, the platform clearly emphasises that the transactions must adhere to the Indian currency.

According to the website, prizes falling under a certain threshold value  (with the amount undisclosed) will be directly credited to the winner’s bank account. On the other hand, winners crossing the threshold amount will receive direct communication from the lottery. This personalised contact aims to guide them through the claims process, ensuring a smooth and secure transfer of substantial winnings. While the specifics on what constitutes a ‘substantial value’ remain unspecified, the lottery remains committed to facilitating a seamless payout process for all its fortunate winners.

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Certainly, the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery stands as a genuine and legitimate platform due to its transparency. It ensures that players can trust the authenticity of the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery experience.

Yes, the lottery offers the opportunity to engage with real money. Players can actively participate by purchasing lottery tickets with genuine currency, introducing an element of excitement as they vie for the chance to win enticing cash prizes. This real-money aspect adds a tangible and rewarding dimension to the lottery experience.

Indeed, the Bhagyalaxmi Lottery is fully legal in India. Operating within the regulatory frameworks established by individual states, the platform ensures compliance with local lottery laws. This legality gives players the confidence that their participation in the Bhagyalaxmi Lottery is enjoyable and within the bounds of the legal framework governing lottery activities in India.

Checking lottery results is a straightforward process. You can visit the official website of Bhagyalaxmi Lottery or designated result pages. The results are updated daily. So you can promptly discover whether your tickets hold the winning numbers. This user-friendly approach enhances the overall lottery experience for players.

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