How to Play Sikkim State Lottery

Sikkim Lottery How to Play Sikkim State Lottery


Sikkim State Lottery is a daily lottery conducted by the Sikkim government in India. The name of the Sikkim State Lottery is “Sikkim Lottery Sambad.” It is one of the most popular lotteries enjoyed and played by many in the state. The game has three draws daily (1 pm, 6 pm, and 8 pm), and the results are announced on the same day. You can spend your valuable time learning about Sikkim’s online and offline lotteries. 

You can also win big with the help of Jackpot Results, which provides information about the results of lotteries. So, let us explore further to understand better about the Sikkim state lottery.

Steps to Play Sikkim State Lottery

Below are the steps to play the Sikkim state lottery. You can buy the tickets offline as well as online.

Process to Purchase Online Lottery Tickets

Here are the steps you are required to follow to buy lottery tickets online for the Sikkim state lottery:

  • Select the Lotto website and register yourself as a player.
  • Submit the required information like name, date of birth, email address, phone number, etc. Also, select your payment methods.
  • Select the lottery draw. Most websites provide a guide to play lotteries for new players.
  • Choose the tickets you wish to buy. The websites will allow you to select the numbers manually or computer-generated random numbers.
  • You can choose your draw days, as there are multiple weekly draws.
  • Complete the payment method and check the results on the draw date selected.

Process to Purchase Lottery Tickets Offline

Here is the insight on buying lottery tickets in Sikkim:

  • There are 14 weekly Labh Laxmi lottery draws and 9 weekly Dear lottery draws. 
  • Always buy tickets offline from authorized vendors. 
  • Draws have different purchase prices and come with unique perks. 

The Labh Laxmi draw lotteries are available in 14 different schemes and 14 different names. However, they all cost ₹10 and offer prizes worth ₹10,000 as the first prize. On the other hand, the Dear Lottery schemes are a bit more prized, but the winning prizes are high as well, up to ₹19 lakhs. The draw events are open to the public; you can check the results on the official website.

(Note: The government keeps changing the lottery schemes.)

Choosing Your Numbers

There are a few techniques which you can follow to choose your numbers:

  • Do not opt for more than two consecutive numbers.
  • Choose at least one number over 31 because loads of people will use all birthdates, and you should make sure you are not one of them.
  • Do not select multiples of a number.
  • Calculate the total number of possible combinations.

According to October 2015 USA Mega data, 61, 32, 21, 63, and 36 are the five most popular numbers. The least drawn are 13, 34, 49, 29 and 26.

The best way to choose your numbers is to choose your numbers based on the frequency. For example, you can draw a number that is drawn less frequently.

Checking Sikkim State Lottery Results

There are a few steps to check the results:

  • Visit the official website of the Sikkim State Lottery.
  • Click the “Lottery Sambad Result” button.
  • Select on the date and time of your draw.
  • Click on the link that says “Today Result View”.

As a player, we want unbiased and perfect results of the draw. Thus, along with the official state website, you can check your draw results on Jackpot Results for unbiased and perfect results. It provides the results of the draws on the announcement day so the participants don’t need to wait extra hours. 

Sikkim Lottery Rules and Regulations

Following the Lotteries Regulations Act of 1998 in India, Sikkim decided to legalize state lotteries. Only government-run lotteries are permitted in the state according to Indian lottery law. You can only purchase the tickets from authorized retailers; online sales are prohibited. 

In 2009, Sikkim legalized its online betting and gaming for all its citizens. Residents of Sikkim are permitted to gamble and bet on sports through online platforms following the Sikkim Online Gaming Regulations of 2009. Everything is legal, including Online Poker, Blackjack, Rummy, horse racing, football, and hockey. It’s also permissible to place bets on cricket, boxing, and other sports. 

Below are some of the generic rules and regulations of the Sikkim Lottery: 

  • The player should be of age 18 at least.
  • Every single international lottery prize is taxable. It implies that if you get your wins in your Sikkim bank account, they can be subject to taxation in accordance with the local tax rules.
  • Only Indian citizens can play in the Sikkim state lottery. 

Tips for Responsible Lottery Play

These games are all for enjoyment, and we should never play them irresponsibly, which could cause significant losses. Here are some of the tips that shall help you to play the game responsibly:

  • Never gamble with borrowed money.
  • Only spend when you can afford to lose.
  • Buy tickets only from authorized sellers to avoid fake draws.
  • Always seek advice if you are new in this field.
  • Never comprehend the lottery as a primary source of income. 

Stories of Sikkim Lottery Winners

On 31st July 2023 (Monday), we had the lucky winner Rita Verma, and the draw time was 1 pm, and her ticket number was 80J 31720. She is from Gangtok, Sikkim. She shared that she was not expecting to get the first prize and is pleased with the results that have been declared. She won a cash prize of ₹1 crore.


  1. Is online lottery legal in Sikkim?

Yes, online lottery is legal in Sikkim. People can bet on sports, play casinos, etc, according to the Sikkim Online Gaming Regulations of 2009.

  1. What is the basic requirement to play in the Sikkim State Lottery?

Anyone who is an Indian resident can play the Sikkim state lottery.

  1. How does Jackpot Results help players?

Jackpot Results helps the players know the correct and unbiased results after the draw is carried out.

  1. Are any tax charges applied to the winning prizes of the Sikkim State Lottery?

Yes, the tax charges will be applied to the winning prizes per the local tax rules.

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