Arunachal Jackpot Results

The Arunachal Jackpot is marked with three draws every day that offer chances for winners to earn the grand prize amounting to up to ₹26.03 lakhs. Besides this, participants also stand a chance of pocketing different smaller sums ranging from ₹120 to ₹9,500 thus making a difference in lives.


In Arunachal Pradesh alone, each ticket goes for only ₹6; this may turn out to be one of the best bets one has ever made. Keep an eye on our page as we shall be updating you with details regarding the lottery result of this month. Be lucky in Arunachal Pradesh where fortune can’t help but smile on someone playing lotto consistently.

Moreover, dive into the daily excitement of the Arunachal lotteries for a chance to transform your day with just a ₹6 ticket. For instance, all tickets are printed with an eight digit serial number such as 12A 34567 which can change your life completely. Irrespective of whether you are in it for fun or for money; keep tabs on your card until after they announce outcomes so that you compare yours to those that succeeded.

Arunachal Lotteries Draw Schedule

Lottery is not just a game but part and parcel of everyday life. The routine changes every day because there are different names given to various draws each time they happen again. Just take Sundays – when Singam Volcano awakens the whole village or Thursdays when Singam Cliff spices up the day. No matter how different such games can be, there is still the same excitement because they all have a similar number of prizes, ticket cost and draw time.

Lottery enthusiasts have three chances each day to try their luck: a morning draw at 10:55 a.m., an afternoon session at 3:00 p.m., and an evening finale at 7:00 p.m. Here’s what you should know about the weekly schedule of Arunachal Lottery draws so that you can take part in all of them.

Arunachal Lottery Schemes

Draw Name Draw Date
Singam Stack Saturday
Singam Volcano Sunday
Singam Peak Monday
Singam Summit Tuesday
Singam Pinnacle Wednesday
Singam Cliff Thursday
Singam Heap Friday


The first prize in each Arunachal lottery draw is Rs. 26.03 lakhs, and you win it by correctly matching all eight digits of the winning combination. You get the consolation prize if you do not match the three-digit serial number but do match the five-number combination that follows it. In addition, over 100 more items are given away in each draw. The table below lists all of the available prizes and how to win them.

Arunachal Singam Lottery Prizes

Prize Prize Amount Number of Winners How to Win
1st Prize Rs. 26.03 lakhs 1
Match the 1st Prize combination exactly
Consolation Prize Rs. 9,500 1
Match the last five numbers of the 1st Prize combination
2nd Prize Rs. 9,000 10
Match one of the 2nd Prize combinations (all serials)
3rd Prize Rs. 500 10
Match the last four numbers on your ticket with one of the 3rd Prize combinations (all serials)
4th Prize Rs. 250 10
Match the last four numbers on your ticket with one of the 4th Prize combinations (all serials)
5th Prize Rs. 120 100
Match the last four numbers on your ticket with one of the 5th Prize combinations

The winning combinations must be matched in the exact same order. You do not win the promised prize if you match the digits but in a different order. All rewards in the Arunachal State Lottery must be claimed within 90 days following the draw.