Kerala State Lottery Results

Kerala Lottery Kerala State Lottery Results


Check out the most recent Kerala Lottery results here. Discover today’s results from the Kerala State right after the draw concludes. Get details on the conducted lottery, draw number, location, jackpot prize, and, most importantly, check if you are a winner.

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Previous Kerala Lottery Results

Check out the past results of the Kerala Lottery below. Each day of the week features a different lottery draw, along with additional draws like the monthly Bhagyamithra game. Visit the Kerala State page for details on all draw days.

The result chart for 2023 below provides comprehensive information on the Kerala State draws from the last six months. It also includes details of Bumper Lottery results, such as Xmas New Year, Summer, Vishu, Monsoon, Thiruvonam, and Pooja, whenever they occurred.

LotteryDraw NumberDateResultLocationJackpot Prize AmountView
STHREE-SAKTHI392Tuesday 5th December 2023SZ 780640PAYYANUR₹75 LakhView
WIN-WIN746Monday 4th December 2023WJ 556511ERNAKULAM₹75 LakhView
AKSHAYA628Sunday 3rd December 2023AX 240107KOLLAM₹70 LakhView
KARUNYA630Saturday 2nd December 2023KC 172877ERNAKULAM₹80 LakhView
NIRMAL357Friday 1st December 2023NW 252839KOTTAYAM₹70 LakhView
KARUNYA PLUS498Thursday 30th November 2023PA 110927GURUVAYOOR₹80 LakhView
FIFTY-FIFTY74Wednesday 29th November 2023FU 547717PALAKKAD₹1 CroreView
STHREE-SAKTHI391Tuesday 28th November 2023SL 748787KAYAMKULAM₹75 LakhView
WIN-WIN745Monday 27th November 2023WS 744599THIRUVANANTHAPURAM₹75 LakhView
AKSHAYA627Sunday 26th November 2023AG 137452THIRUVANANTHAPURAM₹70 LakhView
KARUNYA629Saturday 25th November 2023KO 873729MANANTHAVADY₹80 LakhView
NIRMAL356Friday 24th November 2023 NC 965999NEYYATTINKARA₹70 LakhView
KARUNYA PLUS497Thursday 23rd November 2023 PZ 507803IRINJALAKUDA₹80 LakhView
POOJA BUMPER 202394Wednesday 22nd November 2023JC 253199KASARAGOD₹12 CroreView
STHREE-SAKTHI390Tuesday 21st November 2023SS 958011KOTTAYAM₹75 LakhView
WIN-WIN744Monday 20th November 2023WL 627833THRISSUR₹75 LakhView
AKSHAYA626Sunday 19th November 2023AT 588401KOTTAYAM₹70 LakhView
KARUNYA628Saturday 18th November 2023KM 665263KAYAMKULAM₹80 LakhView
NIRMAL355Friday 17th November 2023NY 278342IRINJALAKUDA₹70 LakhView
KARUNYA PLUS496Thursday 16th November 2023PL 556302PATHANAMTHITTA₹80 LakhView
FIFTY-FIFTY73Wednesday 15th November 2023FD 772087THIRUVANANTHAPURAM₹1 CroreView
STHREE-SAKTHI389Tuesday 14th November 2023SL 810616MALAPPURAM₹75 LakhView
WIN-WIN743Monday 13th November 2023WS 695529ATTINGAL₹75 LakhView
AKSHAYA625Sunday 12th November 2023AM 482230THAMARASSERY₹70 LakhView
KARUNYA627Saturday 11th November 2023KV 690197ALAPPUZHA₹80 LakhView
NIRMAL354Friday 10th November 2023NH 905089PUNALUR₹70 LakhView
KARUNYA PLUS495Thursday 9th November 2023PV 864867VADAKARA₹80 LakhView
FIFTY-FIFTY72Wednesday 8th November 2023FT 302095KOTTAYAM₹1 CroreView
STHREE-SAKTHI388Tuesday 7th November 2023SV 948626KASARAGOD₹75 LakhView
WIN-WIN742Monday 6th November 2023WG 596004KOTTAYAM₹75 LakhView
AKSHAYA624Sunday 5th November 2023AS 435030THIRUVANANTHAPURAM₹70 LakhView
KARUNYA626Saturday 4th November 2023KD 532364WAYANADU₹80 LakhView
NIRMAL353Friday 3rd November 2023NU 131102PATTAMBI₹70 LakhView
KARUNYA PLUS494Thursday 2nd November 2023PB 743048THIRUVANANTHAPURAM₹80 LakhView
FIFTY-FIFTY71Wednesday 1st November 2023FA 839068VADAKARA₹1 CroreView
STHREE-SAKTHI387Tuesday 31st October 2023SH 226992PALAKKAD₹75 LakhView
WIN-WIN741Monday 30th October 2023WT 465665KOLLAM₹75 LakhView
AKSHAYA623Sunday 29th October 2023AD 519598PATTAMBI₹70 LakhView
KARUNYA625Saturday 28th October 2023KR 546802IRINJALAKUDA₹80 LakhView
NIRMAL352Friday 27th October 2023NF 325587PATTAMBI₹70 LakhView
KARUNYA PLUS493Thursday 26th October 2023PZ 261309THIRUVANANTHAPURAM₹80 LakhView
FIFTY-FIFTY70Wednesday 25th October 2023FY 764308ADIMALY₹1 CroreView
STHREE-SAKTHI386Tuesday 24th October 2023SP 220689WAYANADU₹75 LakhView
WIN-WIN740Monday 23rd October 2023WD 824552KARUNAGAPALLY₹75 LakhView
AKSHAYA622Sunday 22nd October 2023AV 974984ATTINGAL₹70 LakhView
KARUNYA624Saturday 21st October 2023KJ 732899KOTTAYAM₹80 LakhView
NIRMAL351Friday 20th October 2023NS 857079KATTAPPANA₹70 LakhView
KARUNYA PLUS492Thursday 19th October 2023PL 200159ERNAKULAM₹80 LakhView
FIFTY-FIFTY69Wednesday 18th October 2023FC 600110ALAPPUZHA₹1 CroreView
STHREE-SAKTHI385Tuesday 17th October 2023SG 489862NEYYATTINKARA₹75 LakhView
WIN-WIN739Monday 16th October 2023WX 250899ALAPPUZHA₹75 LakhView
AKSHAYA621Sunday 15th October 2023AM 905786NEYYATTINKARA₹70 LakhView
KARUNYA623Saturday 14th October 2023KO 128210ADIMALY₹80 LakhView
NIRMAL350Friday 13th October 2023NE 129409MANANTHAVADY₹70 LakhView
KARUNYA PLUS491Thursday 12th October 2023PP 409033THRISSUR₹80 LakhView
FIFTY-FIFTY68Wednesday 11th October 2023FT 303966ERNAKULAM₹1 CroreView
STHREE-SAKTHI384Tuesday 10th October 2023SV 427128THRISSUR₹75 LakhView
WIN-WIN738Monday 9th October 2023WG 929441VAIKKOM₹75 LakhView
AKSHAYA620Sunday 8th October 2023AY 197092THIRUVANANTHAPURAM₹70 LakhView
KARUNYA622Saturday 7th October 2023KG 622156KANNUR₹80 LakhView
NIRMAL349Friday 6th October 2023NZ 929546THIRUR₹70 LakhView
KARUNYA PLUS490Thursday 5th October 2023PB 294042THIRUR₹80 LakhView
FIFTY-FIFTY67Wednesday 4th October 2023FC 682046THAMARASSERY₹1 CroreView
STHREE-SAKTHI383Tuesday 3rd October 2023SD 787439THRISSUR₹75 LakhView
AKSHAYA619Sunday 1st October 2023AA 933826ADOOR₹70 LakhView
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