Delhi Dhamaka Lottery | दिल्ली धमाका लॉटरी

Delhi Dhamaka Lottery | दिल्ली धमाका लॉटरी


Although the Delhi Dhamaka Satta King game was formally prohibited by the government in 1998, it remains a popular pastime in India. Despite the government’s banning, it is nevertheless quite popular and is played by a large number of people today. However, playing the Delhi Dhamaka lottery game is illegal in the eyes of the law.

Why is the Delhi Dhamaka Lottery considered illegal?

Because it is a single-digit lottery, similar to Matka, Delhi Dhamaka is illegal. That form of lottery was banned in 1998 with the passage of the Lotteries (Regulation) Act and there are two reasons for this:

  • Single-digit lotteries are easier to play and offer better odds, which might lead to addiction.
  • People who are poor and looking for an easy way out are drawn to the odds.
  • When you believe you are on the verge of winning, it is simple to buy another ticket.
  • It is usually inexpensive to play and difficult to keep track of the entire cost.

As a result, while there may have been additional political and economic reasons, these are the primary justifications for the ban of single-digit lotteries such as Delhi Dhamaka (दिल्ली धमाका). In other words, what appeared to be a simple manner of entertaining adults in India had a significant impact on the economy and society as a whole. It was impossible to control the activities of both players and vendors, who were expanding at a rapid pace back then. As a result, keeping single-digit lotteries lawful could have led in a large increase in cases of irresponsible gambling and addiction. We may have fun without that type of game now that online lotteries provide far more stunning prizes and intricate games at affordable odds from the comfort of our own homes.

Results of Delhi Dhamaka Lottery Chart

Date Time Number
30-Oct-2022 10:05 09
30-Oct-2022 10:35 66
30-Oct-2022 11:05 70
30-Oct-2022 11:35 85
30-Oct-2022 12:05 10
30-Oct-2022 12:35 63
30-Oct-2022 01:05 71
30-Oct-2022 01:35 38
30-Oct-2022 02:05 52
30-Oct-2022 02:35 34
30-Oct-2022 03:05 12
30-Oct-2022 03:35 89
30-Oct-2022 04:05 77
30-Oct-2022 04:35 55
30-Oct-2022 05:05 61

Note: Despite the ban, it is not hard to locate Delhi Dhamaka games or any other similar game taking place across the country. However, those are carried out by shady shops that, aside from not being permitted to do so, are completely untrustworthy.

Is it Possible to Play Delhi Dhamaka in India?

Delhi Dhamaka is not available in India, including on online lottery services. It is illegal under local law, and no website has built an exact replica of a single-digit lottery. They would rather offer other types of lotteries and even scratch cards than Delhi Dhamaka.

Participating in any form of organisation of single-digit lotteries in India is illegal when it comes to physical tickets. It goes without saying that the danger is not worth it, especially when the winnings are inferior than those offered by online lotteries.

Imagine discovering you are a victim of fraud and having no one to turn to for help. That is, if you ever realise it is a fraud and end up losing a large sum of money over time, believing you would win it at some point.

Legit and Legal – An Alternative to Delhi Dhamaka

The exclusive online and legal Matka given by Lottoland is a fantastic approach to recall the lottery’s roots in India without violating current legislation. Even if there are various bet types available, it benefits from the beneficial legal feature of being in a foreign lottery site while having some qualities of those single-digit lotteries.

That version is Jhatka Matka, which has many drawings every day and is reasonably priced. With its growing popularity, it is hoped that new games that do not follow the Western pattern of lotteries would emerge.

Finally, is it safe to play Delhi Dhamaka?

Anyone who does not want to risk getting in trouble with the police should avoid Delhi Dhamaka stores and any other single-digit physical lottery in India. Also, any website offering those games that operate from India and are not among those we have evaluated should be avoided, otherwise you will be duped.

While that type of game is unlikely to be legalised again, you may play an exclusive Matka game on Lottoland every day. Matka is likewise outlawed in India, however it is entirely lawful to play on international sites if the game is not given by an Indian official.


Is the Dhamaka Lottery in Delhi legal? (क्या दिल्ली में धमाका लॉटरी वैध है?)

No, Delhi Dhamaka and all single-digit lotteries have been banned in India since 1998, even in states where the lottery is available.

Is the Delhi Dhamaka Lottery available online? (क्या दिल्ली धमाका लॉटरी ऑनलाइन उपलब्ध है?)

There is no online version of the Dhamaka lottery, but you can play Matka with Lottoland’s Jhatka Matka game.

What If I Play Delhi Dhamaka in India? (अगर मैं भारत में दिल्ली धमाका खेलूं तो क्या होगा?)

If you play any illegal game in India, you risk being prosecuted under both national and local laws.

Why Is Playing Dhamaka Illegal? (धमाका बजाना अवैध क्यों है?)

Single-digit lotteries were prohibited due to the high danger of addiction and the inability to monitor the activity.