The Lottery is a popular game in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. The lottery is operated by the Arunachal Pradesh State Lotteries and offers several daily and weekly draws. Players can participate in the lottery by purchasing tickets from authorised retailers. The lottery offers several prizes, including a daily jackpot of up to 10 lakh rupees (approximately 13,500 USD). The Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery is a legal and regulated lottery game in the state.

Daily Lotteries

  • The daily lottery is held three times a day, at 11:55 AM, 4:00 PM, and 8:00 PM.
  • The ticket price for the daily lottery is Rs. 10.

Weekly Lotteries

  • Discover Seven Weekly Lotteries, each unveiled on a different day of the week.
  • The ticket price for the weekly lottery is Rs. 50.
  1. Singam Peak – Every Monday
  2. Singam Summit – Every Tuesday
  3. Singam Pinnacle – Every Wednesday
  4. Singam Cliff – Every Thursday
  5. Singam Heap – Every Friday
  6. Singam Stack – Every Saturday
  7. Singam Volcano – Every Sunday

Bumper Lotteries

  • Bumper lotteries are typically held on special occasions, such as festivals and holidays.
  • The ticket price for bumper lotteries is typically higher than the daily and weekly lottery, but the prize money is also much higher.

How To Buy Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery

Here is How to Participate:

Arunachal Pradesh is one of the thirteen states of India where playing the lottery is legal. People here who are over 18 years of age can try their luck in the lottery and win multiple prizes in cash, offered by the state.

The lottery draws are conducted by the Civil Secretariat at the Department of State Lotteries, Block No. 3, Ground Floor, Itanagar-791111.

To participate in an Arunachal Pradesh Lottery, you can purchase a ticket from an authorized lottery dealer in Arunachal Pradesh. Tickets are typically available at newsstands, grocery stores, and other retail outlets.

Arunachal Pradesh Lottery Schemes

Arunachal lottery runs three main schemes on a daily basis. All three draws take place every evening. Details of the schemes are as follows:

Day Labhlaxmi ( 4.00 p.m.) Dear 50 ( 5.00 p.m.) Dear Gold 20 (5.30 p.m)
Monday Aries Gold Monday Precious Monday
Tuesday Tauras PlatinumTuesday Value Tuesday
Wednesday Gemini Silver Wednesday Worth Wednesday
Thursday Cancer Emerald Thursday Pricey Thursday
Friday Leo Topaz Friday Costly Friday
Saturday Virgo Ruby Saturday Worthy Saturday
Sunday Libra Pearl Sunday Prized Sunday

Labhlaxmi Lottery

Cost of a Labhlaxmi lottery ticket is Rs 10. A player can buy as many tickets they want to play, and win cash prizes. There are six tiers of rewards. The winning amount of all tiers remains the same for all days of the week except that of the fifth tier. The prize amount increases by Re 1 each day, starting at Rs 200 on Monday and rising up to Rs 206 on Sunday.

Rank Prize Amount No. of Prizes
1st Rs 10,000 50
2nd Rs 9,000 50
3rd Rs 500 50
4th Rs 300 50
5th Rs 200 50
6th Rs 100 20,000

Dear 50 Lottery

Cost of each Dear 50 lottery ticket is Rs 50. The draw takes place at 5.00 p.m. every day. Here also a player can buy as many tickets as he/she wants to play and win cash prizes. There are seven tiers of prizes. The winning amount of all tiers remains the same for all days of the week, except that of the consolation prize. This prize amount increases by Rs 100 every day, starting at Rs 9,400 on Gold Monday and rising to Rs 10,000 on Pearl Sunday.

Rank Prize Amount No. of Prizes
1st Rs 7,00,000 1
2nd Rs 2,000 25
3rd Rs 1000 25
4th Rs 500 25
5th Rs 200 25
6th Rs 100 3000
Cons. Prize Rs 9,400 4

Dear Gold 20 Lottery

The cost of a Dear Gold 20 lottery ticket is Rs 20 each. The draw is organised at 5.30 p.m. every day. A player can buy as many tickets as they desire, and win cash prizes accordingly. This lottery offers its players four tiers of rewards. The winning amount of all tiers remains the same for all days of the week except that of the 2nd prize. This prize amount increases by Re 1 every day starting at Rs 5000 on Precious Monday and rising to Rs 5,006 on Prized Sunday.

Rank Prize Amount No. of Prizes
1st Rs 10,000 1
2nd Rs 5,000 1
3rd Rs 2000 400
4th Rs 200 1800

Arunachal Pradesh Lottery Tickets Online

Buying online lottery tickets to take part in the international lottery is much better. There will be no physical tickets, and the process will be 100% safe and secured as our experts have only selected trustworthy platforms. It is impossible to lose the ticket as long as you have your account information.

These jackpot lottery games are usually offered by international lottery companies and are known for their large and sometimes life-changing jackpots. Some popular Jackpot Lotto games include Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions and UK Lotto.

Online Lottery Ticket Price Draw Days Biggest Jackpot
Big Ticket AED 500 1,9,17,24 day of every month Approx. 20 Million Dirhams
El Gordo €200 Mon Approx. €4,000,000
EuroMillions ₹240-300 Wed, Sat Approx. ₹1500 crores
EuroJackpot ₹350 Friday Approx. ₹736 crores
Mega Millions ₹300 Wed, Sat Approx. ₹10,900 crores
UK Lotto £2 Wed, Sat Approx. £66,070,646
Powerball $2 Mon, Wed, and Sat Approx. $1.08 Billion

Top Online Lotteries Sites In Arunachal Pradesh

We have researched the reputation and reliability of many lottery sites before finalising the most reliable ones. These are the top online lottery sites available in Arunachal Pradesh.

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How To Purchase Online Lottery Tickets In Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh has several small-scale lotteries with frequent draws and modest prizes. However, online lottery websites make it possible to participate in international lotteries from anywhere in the world.

Here’s how to purchase and start playing the Arunachal Pradesh online lottery right away:

  • Step 1: Choose a Lottery Website

    There are several websites that offer online lottery tickets in Arunachal Pradesh. Popular websites include Lottofy, lottosmile, thelotter, Lottoland etc,.

  • Step 2: Register on the Website

    You must register and create an account on the website you’ve chosen by entering your personal information, such as your name, email address, and phone number. You might also be asked to present identification proof, such as a passport or a utility bill. Before registering, make sure to carefully read the website’s terms and conditions.

  • Step 3: Choose a Lottery Game

    Most online lottery websites in Arunachal Pradesh offer a variety of games, including daily, weekly, and monthly draws. Depending on your interests and financial situation, you can select the game you want to play. Each game has its own rules and prizes, so make sure to read the instructions carefully before buying a ticket.

  • Step 4: Buy a Ticket

    Once you’ve chosen a game, you can buy a ticket online using your debit or credit card, e-wallet, or other payment methods accepted by the website. The ticket cost will vary depending on the game you choose and the number of tickets you want to buy. You can also buy multiple tickets for the same game to increase your chances of winning.

  • Step 5: Check the Results

    After the draw, you can check the results on the website or through the official lottery app. The winnings from any prizes you win will be added to your online account. You can then withdraw the money to your bank account or use it to buy more lottery tickets.

    Buying lottery tickets online in Arunachal Pradesh is a convenient and easy way to try your luck and win big prizes.


Anyone who is more than 18 years of age is eligible to play the Arunachal lottery. You can buy tickets from the state of Arunachal Pradesh through various authorised lottery agents. It is strongly recommended to check the authenticity of the lottery dealer so that you buy only genuine lottery tickets.

You can also buy these tickets over the internet. Many websites offer Arunachal lottery tickets. Also, you can visit the official website of Arunachal Pradesh lotteries and pay online to buy the lottery tickets.

The results are declared just after the draws have taken place. The results can be verified from the state lottery agents. Various newspapers also publish lottery results. You can even check them online at the website you bought the ticket from or the official website of Arunachal lottery.

Live results are also broadcasted by Arunachal Pradesh lottery organisers.

All of the prize amounts below Rs 10,000 can be collected from the retailers all over Arunachal Pradesh. Rewards above Rs 10,000 have to be collected directly from the Directorate of State Lotteries of Arunachal Pradesh.

For claiming a high prize amount, you have to fill a claim form, along with two passport size photographs attested by first class magistrate/Notary. You will also be required to attach your winning ticket to the claim form, along with your bank details, to get the transfer of the winning amount in your bank account.

You can download the claim form by clicking the link below: Claim Form

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