Big Ticket Results

Join the excitement of the Big Ticket draws happening every third day of the month at 7:30 pm GST (9:00 pm IST) in Abu Dhabi. Witness the live draws and stay tuned for the results published online shortly after. With millions of dirhams in prizes up for grabs, each draw includes a Dream Car prize, featuring coveted models like BMWs, Jeeps, and Land Rovers. Additionally, multiple lower prize tiers with smaller rewards are also part of each draw, sometimes extending payouts to up to ten lucky winners.

Follow the latest Big Ticket results here as the draw unfolds. For more details about a recent draw, simply select the relevant date from the table below.

Latest Big Ticket Results – November 2023

big ticket november winner 2023

Weekly Winners – Sunday 1 October 2023

Every week, in the run-up to the main monthly draw, there are Big Ticket draws, with each weekly draw picking one lucky winner to receive a significant cash prize. The results for the most recent Big Ticket weekly winner are listed below, along with a link to a website listing all of the weekly winners.

Big Ticket Weekly Result 1 October 2023

Previous Big Ticket Results

View previous Big Ticket lottery results in the UAE below. In each draw, the winning ticket raffle number for the top prize is displayed beside the multi-million dirham award. To display all prizes won, select a certain draw.

Big Ticket Results and Winners for 2023

Dream Car Winners

Along with each Big Ticket draw, there is a Dream Car lottery in which one lucky winner receives a luxury car. Check out the list of winners, the automobiles they won, and the nations they came from below.

Promotion Series Winner Ticket Number Country
Maserati 09 Azaruddin Moopar Ameed 022449 India
Jeep 10 Sharon Francisco Cabello 013280 Philippines
BMW 23 Rajashekar Gunda Ramuloop Gunda 011182 India
Jeep 09 Mintu Chandra Bari Chandra 012078 Bangladesh
BMW 22 Denesh Kumar 004796 India
Range Rover 10 Yasir Hussain 025003 Pakistan
Maserati 08 Muhammad Shahbaz Ghulam Yasin 010031 Pakistan
Range Rover 09 Arun Moonumoolayil Joseph 000856 India
Maserati 07 Arun Kumar Dey Late Satyendranath Dey 005774 Bangladesh
Range Rover 08 Suman Muthaiah Nadar Ragavan 013726 India
Maserati 06 Sunil John 013693 India
Range Rover 07 Nisha Muhammed Bihas 007616 India
BMW 21 Abdul Azeez Khadir 019238 India
Jeep 08 Shaji Puthiya Veettiil Narayanan, Mohamed Ali Parathodi 010952 India
Maserati 05 Ajay Bhatia 008904 India
BMW 20 Sharon Cabello 016827 Philippines
Maserati 04 Jebaramya Varatharaj 020021 India
Jeep 07 Jaison Jhon 018924 India
BMW 19 Saad Ullah Malik 001506 Pakistan
Maserati 03 Julie Fe Teoh 007020 Philippines
Maserati 02 Shanidh Meethale Kottorantavida 004898 India
Range Rover 06 Nasir Uddin 013887 Bangladesh
Maserati 01 Ashokkumar Koneru 012276 India
Range Rover 05 Balasubramoniam Sankaravadivu Anandapadmanabhan 010409 India
BMW 18 Santosh Kumar Yadav 019692 India
Range Rover 04 Mohamed Hasim Parappara 029864 India
Mercedes 01 Ahmed Aish 015559 Egypt
Range Rover 03 Muhammad Amjad Ismail Muhammad Ismail Anwari 002785 Pakistan
BMW 17 Seeni Shaheek 014900 India
Jeep 06 Thilakan Purushothaman 017221 India
Porsche 01 Kutubbhai Hakimuddinbhai Rajanpurwala 009630 India
Range Rover 02 Manikandan Thiyagarajan 016121 India
BMW 16 Sujan Shrestha 018152 Nepal
Range Rover 01 Wilma Danthi 001517 India
BMW 15 Dina Daisy Dsilva 018416 India
Jeep 05 Mohammed Wasim 013292 Bangladesh
Jeep 04 Aadidev Anoop 008919 India
BMW 14 Anil Madathil 002370 India
Jeep 03 Bhoja Shettigara Shettigara 012677 India
BMW 13 Sujukumar Soman 000225 India
Land Rover 19 Mohammed Hamza 002985 India
BMW 12 Mohammed Jahangir 015446 India
Jeep 02 Shinu Rajan 001858 India
BMW 11 Subodh Sudhakaran 008177 India
Jeep 01 Akheesh Puthiyodath 029925 India
BMW 10 Dilshad Rahim 001545 India
BMW 09 Nishad Hameed 003222 India
Land Rover 18 Abdul Rehman Haji Shikandar 001600 Pakistan
BMW 08 Dwilif Kumar Bhaskaran 003336 India
BMW 07 Hansraj Mukesh Bhatia 001417 India