Jackpot Yantra Results

Welcome to our website! Get ready for the Jackpot Yantra draws happening every 15 minutes, all day long. The first draw kicks off at 8:30 AM, and the last one wraps up at 10:00 PM. Stay updated with the latest Jackpot Yantra results right here.

We host a total of 5 exciting lotteries in the Jackpot Yantra series: CHETAK-A, RAJA RANI-B, GOLDEN-C, LUCKY-D, and SUPER-E, each occurring daily in quick succession every 15 minutes. Join the excitement and see if you’re the next lucky winner!

Check the Jackpot Yantra Results

Here you can check the Jackpot Yantra Results here

Date Results
04-04-2024 View
03-04-2024 View
02-04-2024 View
01-04-2024 View

Check Previous Jackpot Yantra Results

Date Results
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02-02-2024 View
01-02-2024 View

Jackpot Yantra Lottery Numbers

Lottery Numbers: 0,0,0,0,0,0


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