Sikkim Lottery

The government of Sikkim organizes the Sikkim State Lottery. It offers daily morning draws that go by the name ‘Dear Morning’ along with several bumper draws that are available on festivals and special days through the year.


Are you eager to try your luck and participate in the Sikkim Lottery online? With the convenience of modern technology, you can now buy Sikkim lottery tickets online and potentially win exciting prizes without leaving the comfort of your home. The Sikkim Lottery offers various chances to win big, captivating lottery enthusiasts across the country. Whether you are a resident of Sikkim or a lottery enthusiast from another state, you can participate in the Sikkim Lottery online and stand a chance to win a jackpot. To get started, simply visit the official website of the Sikkim Lottery. Purchase your lottery tickets online, and if luck is on your side, you might be the next lucky winner. Read on to learn more about how to claim your prize money and the necessary steps to follow.

Note: “”All Sikkim lotteries have been stopped since 2020. The details on this page are about past draws and will be updated if Sikkim lotteries start again. In May 2023, a tender was issued, asking companies to apply for a license to run the Sikkim State Lottery, but the draws haven’t started yet. If any organization claims to be running Sikkim lotteries, it’s not true, and you should report it right away. You can contact us using the links at the bottom of the page.“”

Understanding State Lotteries

The main difference between state and international lotteries lies in their scope and reach. State lotteries are organised and regulated by the government of a specific state or country. They are typically limited to residents of that particular jurisdiction and offer prizes within a specified geographic area. State lotteries often contribute to local causes and initiatives through revenue generated.

Sikkim Bumper Draws

Right now, there’s one special Bumper draw happening in Sikkim. The schedule for these draws often changes, so they might announce new ones later. You can buy tickets for these special draws from lottery agents. They usually start selling them a few weeks before the actual draw date.

Dear Durga Puja Bumper

The Sikkim State Lottery celebrates the festival of Durga Puja with a big Bumper draw every year. In this special draw, the top prize is Rs. 10 crores, which is divided between two winning tickets. The second prize is Rs. 2 crores, and it’s also split between two winning tickets.

The Dear Durga Puja Bumper for the year 2020 happened on 24th October at 8:00 pm, and each ticket cost Rs. 2,000. They sold 20 series of tickets, and in each series, there were 1,000 tickets, making a total of 20,000 tickets. The prize breakdown for the 2020 Dear Durga Puja Bumper was as follows:

Prize Rank No. of Prizes Prize Amount (Rs.)
First Prize 2 5 crore
Second Prize 2 1 crore
Third Prize 20 10 lakhs
Fourth Prize 2,000 9,000
Fifth Prize 2,000 8,000
Sixth Prize 3,000 7,000

Sikkim Daily Draws

The Sikkim State Lottery now has a lottery draw called Dear Labhlaxmi Daily every day of the week. Every day, there’s a chance to win lakhs in prize money, and 40 lucky people will each get a First Prize of Rs. 10 lakhs.

Dear Labhlaxmi Daily

Dear Labhlaxmi Daily is the only lottery that happens regularly in Sikkim. They have a draw every day, and each day is named after a different gemstone or precious metal. For instance, Monday’s draw is called Platinum Monday, and Saturday’s is called Ruby Saturday. Here’s a table that lists the names of each draw and the days they happen:

Dear Labhlaxmi Weekly Scheme

Draw Day Draw Name
Sunday Sapphire
Monday Platinum
Tuesday Gold
Wednesday Silver
Thursday Topaz
Friday Emerald
Saturday Ruby

The draws typically happen at 6:00 pm. There are 40 sets of tickets for each draw, and every ticket has a four-digit number. To win a prize, you need to match your number with one of the numbers selected in the draw. Each ticket costs Rs. 10, and if you get the right match, you can win the First Prize of Rs. 10 lakhs.

For the top five prizes, a special combination is picked, and if any of your 40 tickets match that combination, you win a prize. There are 390 different combinations for the Sixth Prize, making a total of 1560 prizes. The table below explains how the prizes work for the Sikkim Dear Labhlaxmi Daily draw:

Dear Labhlaxmi Lottery Prizes

Prize Rank Prize per Series Total Prizes Prize Amount (Rs.)
1st Prize 1 40 10,000
2nd Prize 1 40 5,000
3rd Prize 1 40 500
4th Prize 1 40 300
5th Prize 1 40 200-206
6th Prize 390 1560 100

The Fifth Prize changes every day. It starts at Rs. 200 on Platinum Mondays and goes up by one rupee each day of the week. For example, it becomes Rs. 201 on Gold Tuesdays, Rs. 202 on Silver Wednesdays, and so on, reaching Rs. 206 on Sapphire Sundays.

What Is The Cost Of Sikkim Lottery Tickets?

The Sikkim State Lotteries feature nine weekly draws for the Dear Lottery. Each lottery ticket has a different purchase price and offers unique jackpot prizes.

The Dear lottery tickets are priced at INR 100 and provide a higher winning amount of around INR 19 lakh. These lottery schemes are periodically replaced by the government with new ones.

The results of the Sikkim State Lotteries can be checked on the official website, and an Android app is also available for players to stay updated with the draws and results.

How To Claim Your Sikkim Lottery Reward?

Claiming a lottery reward involves several important steps to ensure a smooth and successful process. Follow this guide to successfully claim a lottery reward:

  • Verify the winning lottery number: Double-check the winning numbers against your ticket to confirm that you hold a winning ticket. Compare the numbers multiple times to avoid any confusion.
  • Keep the ticket safe: Safeguard your winning ticket in a secure place. It is valuable and losing it may result in losing your prize. Consider making a photocopy or taking a clear picture of the ticket as a backup.
  • Inform the Lottery Office: Contact the appropriate lottery office or authority responsible for prize claims. The official team will help you out and provide the necessary information to complete the procedure.
  • Verify identification: Prepare and bring the required identification documents to prove your identity and eligibility to claim the prize. This may include a valid government-issued ID, proof of residence, and any other documents specified by the lottery office.
  • Update paperwork and claim reward: Complete the necessary paperwork as instructed by the lottery office. This may involve filling out claim forms, providing personal details, and signing relevant documents. Follow the instructions carefully and provide accurate information.

Top Online Lotteries Sites In Sikkim

In contrast to other Indian states without specific legislation regarding online lotteries, Sikkim has taken steps to legalise and regulate online lotteries.

Under the Sikkim Lottery Online Gaming Regulations of 2009, individuals can legally participate in fantasy gaming like cricket, horse racing, boxing, football, and hockey, as well as playing online poker, blackjack, rummy, or roulette. This legal framework has also facilitated access to international lottery draws, with many online platforms offering genuine tickets for these draws. Notably, the prizes from international lotteries can often surpass those offered by the state lottery.

The winnings from international lottery draws are subject to taxation. If you receive your winnings in your Sikkim bank account, they may be subject to taxation in accordance with the state’s tax laws. Some of the best Sikkim State Lottery Online sites are:

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How To Purchase Sikkim Lottery Online Lottery Tickets?

There are several reputable lotto websites that are licensed and regulated by authorities, catering to Indian players and accepting Indian payment methods. Examples of such websites include LottolandLotto247theLotter, and Lottofy. To purchase lottery tickets on these platforms, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Choose a lotto website and create an account by registering as a player.
  • Select the specific lottery draw you want to participate in from the available options. Many websites also offer guides for new players on how to Play Sikkim or any other Lottery.
  • Determine the number of tickets you wish to purchase. Manually select the numbers on your lottery or opt for random selection.
  • Complete the payment process and await the draw date to check the results.

Following these steps will enable you to buy lottery tickets on these reliable websites and stay updated with the draw outcomes.


You can buy tickets through local authorized ticket sellers or online from the official website of Sikkim Lottery.

A claim form has to be submitted along with your ticket, PAN card, and bank account details to claim your prize. The prize is transferred to the bank account.

Yes, all lottery prizes are taxable in India, and the winning prize is transferred to your bank account only after TDS (Tax Deduction at Source).

To play the Sikkim state lottery, you can purchase lottery tickets from authorised vendors or retailers in Sikkim. Pick your lucky numbers and make the payment. Retain your ticket and wait for the draw.

Yes, the Sikkim state lotteries are genuine and legitimate lotteries authorised by the state government of Sikkim.

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