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Dubai conducts multiple lotteries with the highest prize amounts. Check the Dubai Lottery results for the 3-digit and 4-digit lotteries in Dubai. Find the winning numbers here.

Just a few days ago, two Indians won the jackpot within two months. Maybe you are the next winner. Try your luck!

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Dubai Duty Free Prize Categories

Dubai Duty Free Raffle prizes are available in three categories.

1) Millennium Millionaire

The Millennium Millionaire is the largest prize draw from Dubai Duty Free. By buying a Dubai Duty Free Millionaire Raffle ticket for AED 1,000, you can enter the draw and have a shot at winning USD 10 million. It’s your chance to win big, but you need to grab a ticket to be in the running!

If you are not visiting Dubai, then you can buy Dubai Duty Free Raffle ticket online by Dubai Duty Free website.

2) Finest Super Car

The ticket for the Finest Surprise Car costs AED 500. With this ticket, you could win amazing cars like Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, BMW, Porsche, Audi, or Range Rover. Each round of the Finest Surprise Car has only 1,300 tickets available. But sometimes, they offer more tickets, up to 2,300, giving you even more chances to win luxurious cars like Bentley, McLaren, or Aston Martin.

3) Finest Surprise Motorbikes

In 1989, they started Finest Surprise Motorbikes. They only sell 100 tickets, and each ticket costs AED 100. But the good news is, if you participate, you could win amazing bikes like BMW or Indian motorbikes.

Visit our webpage to learn more about the Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire.

Big Ticket Abu Dhabi

Big Ticket is a lottery where you can win big prizes. To participate, you buy a ticket with a unique number. Then, wait for the draw date. If your ticket number matches the winning number, you win! Check the results to see if you’re the lucky winner of a big prize!

The Big Ticket draws happen on the third day of each month at 7:30pm GST (9pm IST) in Abu Dhabi. The results are quickly published online afterward. Every month, there are millions of dirhams in prizes up for grabs, including Dream Cars like BMWs, Jeeps, and Land Rovers. Besides, each draw features several lower prize levels with smaller rewards. Sometimes, as many as ten winners can take home prizes from these draws.

Big Ticket Prize Structure

Prize Tier Prize Amount (AED)
1st 20,000,000
2nd 100,000
3rd 100,000
4th 100,000
5th 100,000
6th 100,000
7th 100,000
8th 100,000
9th 100,000
10th 100,000
11th 100,000

Mahzooz Lottery

You have the chance to be part of the special Mahzooz Millionaires Club by entering the Mahzooz Saturday Millions for AED 35. Find out about our prizes and how to win them on this page. Having just 5 winning numbers could make a big difference in your life!

If you match all 5 numbers in any order, you could win AED 20,000,000 and become our next millionaire! Even if you match 4 out of 5 numbers or 3 out of 5 numbers, you could still share a prize pool of AED 150,000 with other winners in those categories. Additionally, if you match 2 out of 5 numbers, you could win AED 35, and if you match 1 out of 5 numbers, you could win AED 5.

We’re also running the Triple 100 Raffle, where three winners will each receive a guaranteed AED 100,000, adding up to a total of AED 300,000 in prizes.

Mahzooz Weekly Prizes Structure

(Match in any order)
PRIZES AED 20,000,000 AED 150,000 AED 150,000 1 FREE LINE AED 5

Mashreq Millionaire

Mashreq Millionaire is a special event where you have the chance to win big prizes. To join, you get a ticket with a special number. Then, they pick a winner. If your number matches, you could become a millionaire! It’s an exciting opportunity to win big and change your life!

Mashreq Millionaire Prize Structure

The Mashreq Millionaire prize structure was recently updated. There are monthly prizes and quarterly prizes.

Monthly Prizes

  • 25 Prizes worth AED 1,000
  • 3 Prizes worth AED 5,000
  • 50 Prizes of 10,000 Salaam Points (redeemable for airline tickets, hotels, retail stores, and cinemas)

Quarterly Prizes

One AED prize 1,000,000 each quarter during March, August, December.