Discover Big Stories of the Top Jackpot Result Winners

Lottery Discover Big Stories of the Top Jackpot Result Winners

Winning the jackpot is a rare occasion. And ever since there have been jackpot result winners, some have been able to completely alter their lives using their rewards. But more so, the lucky winners who have won from jackpot results are evidence of the authenticity of the lottery site. 

Through the authorised lottery site, many players have bought tickets online from different countries and have won some of the most significant prizes. You can familiarise yourself with the jackpot result winners to know the amount you can win from jackpots and all the heart-warming stories of how so many people were able to alter their lives because of playing the lottery online.

Top 13 Jackpot Result Winners Who Won the Biggest Prizes!

Jackpot results help you to transform your life and solve all your life’s challenges. Follow the story of the people given below who changed the direction of their lives using their jackpot result wins. 

Name Year Amount Won Story
Hira Singh 2019 $50 million Singh’s incredible jackpot win with the numbers 10-12-16-29-57 and mega ball 18.
Balraj Awasthi 2017 $12.8 million Awasthi’s dream of world travel and owning a business came true with his jackpot win.
Sandeep Singh 2012 $30 million Sandeep Singh’s life-changing jackpot win, which happened just days after a breakup.
Nirmal Damodarsamy 2016 $1 million Damodarsamy’s graduation gift turned him into a millionaire, fulfilling family and travel dreams.
Mohammad Salah 2020 $1 million Salah’s unique situation as the youngest lottery winner, thanks to his father’s Dubai Duty-Free ticket.
Ushakiran Patel 2018 $1 million Patel’s coincidental win with the numbers 6, 13, 19, 36, and 51, and the impact of taxes on her winnings.
Nandlall Mangal 2018 $245.6 million Mangal’s record-breaking jackpot win and his plans to go to Hawaii and invest in a trust.
Lingaraju D 2020 $520,000 Lingaraju’s emotional win and his plans to buy a new home, pay off loans, and help family members.
Partho Mandal 2020 Rs. 53 lakh Mandal’s affordable ticket purchase and how he used his prize money.
Prasanth Parasuraman 2017 $286,000 Parasuraman’s surprise at the actual prize amount and his vacation and business plans.
Tahir Ali 2014 $2 million Tahir Ali’s spontaneous lottery ticket purchase and his decision to support his children’s education.
Pragnesh Peter Saija 2017 $7 million Saija’s offline ticket win and his decision to get a house for his family and support loved ones.
A.K. Mohammad Basheer 2016 Millionaire Basheer’s miraculous win after escaping a life-threatening situation.
  • Hira Singh

Hira Singh is one of the people who won the highest prize in the world from a lottery. Singh was among the fortunate few who matched all six lottery ticket numbers. Unlike purchasing his lottery ticket online, Singh bought his from a store on a Tuesday draw. He also bought a ticket for a Mega Millions lottery. Once Hira Singh bought his ticket, he almost missed his opportunity to win the prize when he skipped the live draw announcement. 

However, he is now among the jackpot result winners because he scanned his ticket with the numbers 10-12-16-29-57 and the mega ball number 18. The machine showed him that he had won the incredible jackpot amounting to $50 million. This surprise was so unbelievable to Singh that he rescanned it thrice. But even after rescanning, it remains unchanged that he is among the luckiest lottery winners in history. 

  • Balraj Awasthi

In 2017, Balraj Awasthi worked in Canada as a chef when he purchased a lottery ticket, hoping to win the jackpot. With the jackpot, he dreamt of travelling the world and also owning a business in Canada. And much to his surprise, his hopes were answered soon when he won a staggering $12.8 million after buying a lottery ticket. 

  • Sandeep Singh

Sandeep Singh is another miraculous jackpot result winner who won a whopping amount of $30 million by purchasing a Mega Millions lottery ticket in 2012. At 22, Sandeep Singh got a scratch card from which he purchased a lottery ticket worth $4. Before this, Singh had gone through a tumultuous period in his life. However, he could never have anticipated that he would hit the jackpot just days after his breakup with his girlfriend. 

The grand jackpot had been $61 million, and since the lottery had two winners, it was divided between Sandeep Singh and another winner. So, after winning the prize, Singh used some of the money to pay off his family debt and donated a part of it to the charity as well. 

  • Nirmal Damodarsamy

In 2016, Nirmal Damodarsamy became a millionaire. He was an Indian student studying in Chicago when he subscribed to the US Powerball. From this subscription, he bought tickets for draws from which he won approximately $1 million in his first attention. Such a big prize made him one of the jackpot result winners, and it was also a great graduation gift. Damodarsamy intended to sponsor his family’s stay after graduation and their travels with this money.

  • Mohammad Salah

In 2020, Mohammad Salah became the youngest lottery winner at only one year of age. Technically, lottery tickets can only be bought by people over 18. But in Salah’s case, his father, Ramsee Rahman, had purchased a Dubai Duty-Free ticket. The Dubai Duty-Free lottery allows people to purchase tickets under someone else’s name. And Rahman benefitted from this. 

During the time of winning the lottery, Ramsee Rahman, along with his son Mohammad Salah, had been living in Dubai. When Rahman won $1 million in Salah’s name, he intended to save and invest the money to secure a bright future for his son. 

  • Ushakiran Patel

In 2018, Ushakiran Patel won approximately $1 million from a Powerball ticket. Patel matched the five numbers that were given on her lottery ticket. These lottery numbers included 6, 13, 19, 36, and 51. Ushakiran Patel’s lottery win had been surprising because she was not a frequent lottery player. She did not plan or make any calculations, and her win was coincidental. 

However, even after winning a million dollars, she could only take home around $633,040 after all the taxes. And even though Patel is an Indian retiree in the US, her life has considerably improved by being among the jackpot result winners.

  • Nandlall Mangal

Possibly, the person who won the highest amount from a lottery in its history is Nandlall Mangal. Nandlall Mangal had won a staggering amount of $245.6 million in 2018 from a Powerball ticket. He bought the ticket and chose Powerball number 24 while selecting other numbers, including 5, 56, 43, 62, and 68. These were the numbers that made Mangal a millionaire. 

Even though Mangal is an experienced lottery player, he won this enormous prize by being a consistent lottery player. Before winning the prize, Mangal also worked in the construction industry, and he continues to work there even though he has won a lot. However, he still has plans to go to Hawaii for a holiday using the money and invest it in the trust of Sea and Sand. 

  • Lingaraju D

Lingaraju D is an Indian who won from Mega Millions an amount of $520,000. Lingaraju is a Bengaluru resident who won this amount in 2020 after purchasing his lottery ticket from Lotto247. After becoming one of the jackpot result winners, Lingaraju was overcome with emotions and had considerable plans to use his money. However, his back story and how he learned about the prize are unusual. 

Lingaraju D is a veteran health inspector who won the lottery ticket by matching four out of five numbers. But initially, he didn’t know that he had won a prize. Instead, he was informed via an email that he had won a whopping amount, around Rs. 3.8 crores. Now, using this money, he wants to get a new home for his wife, pay off his children’s loans, and help other family members. 

Lingaraju is among all the deserving jackpot result winners who got their prizes at that point in life when they truly needed this money. And with the prize won from playing the lottery, they can fulfil any dream they might have thought of. 

  • Partho Mandal

Partho Mandal is again one of the few jackpot result winners who won a lottery ticket through Lottoland. He bought the ticket for Rs. 40 and matched the numbers 03-05-14-30-31 to land an incredible prize of around Rs. 53 lakh. After winning this prize, Mandal decided to pay off all his debts and help all his family and friends in need. 

  • Prasanth Parasuraman

Prasanth Parasuraman is a 26-year-old Indian who plays the lottery frequently. In 2017, he matched some numbers, which led him to winning $286,000. Initially, Parasuraman thought he had just won $286. However, when he went to claim his prize from the lottery store where he got the ticket, Parasuraman was informed by the salesperson what his actual prize was. 

Parasuraman was living in Canada when he became one of the jackpot result winners. But with his prize money, he could take a much-needed vacation to Mexico and Jamaica. After that, he used the rest of the money to start his own business and save the leftovers. 

  • Tahir Ali

Tahir Ali is another person who amassed a considerable fortune of $2 million after playing and winning lottery tickets. However, his win had been more coincidental than intentional. Before winning the lottery ticket, he lived and worked in Mississauga, Canada, for around seven years. Then, one day, he hears about lottery jackpots on the radio and decides to test his luck. Finally, he did test his luck and won a staggering amount involving millions. And with that money, he has decided to support his children’s education. 

  • Pragnesh Peter Saija

Pragnesh Peter Saija is another Indian living in Canada. He won $7 million. In his case, Saija won his lottery prize by purchasing a ticket offline. He was mind-blown when he heard about his win since he had not expected much. But after winning the lottery, he has now decided to get a house for his family and support his loved ones. 

Pragnesh Peter Saija is one of the jackpot result winners who used their money for good causes even after becoming a millionaire. 

  • A.K. Mohammad Basheer

Dubai Duty-Free lottery ticket has seen many winners, and one of them turned out to be A.K. Mohammad Basheer, another jackpot result winner who became a millionaire by winning a lottery ticket. Moreover, this incident happened in 2016, a day after miraculously escaping a life-threatening situation.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Lottery Ticket

All of the jackpot result winners above could win the lifetime lottery because many knew what factors they should consider when playing the lottery. Hence, you should also know the factors to consider when buying a lottery ticket. The factors below will ensure that you can buy the best lottery ticket, which can guarantee success. 

  • Prize Structure

One of the most crucial things you should consider when buying a lottery ticket is its prize structure. The prize structure tells you about jackpot sizes, ranges, and more. The prize structure also differs between the kind of lottery you are playing. Knowing about these structures helps you with setting realistic expectations. 

  • Ticket Cost

Ensure you know the ticket cost while purchasing lottery tickets. Consider your budgetary considerations while making a decision. Note that buying a lottery ticket of a particular cost does not guarantee your chances of being one of the jackpot result winners.

From some of the winner stories above, you can evaluate that some lottery winners had bought the minimum-priced lottery tickets. But they still managed to win considerable rewards, whether they had consistently played the lottery or just once. Thus, the lottery ticket cost has very little to do with your chances of winning a lottery.

  • Winning Odds

The winning odds represent your chances of hitting the jackpot. And every lottery varies widely regarding your chances of winning the jackpot and having its outcome in your favour. Therefore, some lotteries give you better-winning odds than others, and you can improve your chance of winning an attractive award if you understand these odds. 

Top Lotteries to Play Online

Now that you know the factors you should consider when buying a lottery ticket for yourself and becoming one of the jackpot result winners, you can also go through the lottery tickets that will help you win considerable rewards. Some of the common lottery tickets that have helped people be lottery winners are the following:

  • Mega Millions

Mega Millions is one of the most common lottery tickets that have helped people become wealthy. It has helped turn ordinary people into overnight millionaires. And you can become one, too, when you know how beneficial Mega Millions is and how often it produces its winners. Moreover, Mega Millions has some of the highest prizes you can ever win. 

Almost one in every twenty-four people wins some kind of reward through Mega Millions, and each of its tickets costs only around ₹300. In such a case, you can use Mega Millions to get consistent returns on your lottery. 

  • Powerball

Another popular international lottery ticket commonly bought by many jackpot result winners is Powerball. Powerball has had some of the highest jackpots where one person, in twenty-five, manages to win rewards. You can purchase Powerball at ₹300, which is generally available on most lottery platforms. 

  • Lotto India

The Lotto India is a lottery ticket made especially for Indian players, and it is among some of the most affordable tickets you can get at a staggering price of ₹40. Lotto India offers attractive prizes, but its jackpot range may not be as high as the international ones. Your odds of winning any prize through Lotto Land is one in three. 

Hence, Lotto India is a good place to start if you are a beginner in playing lotteries. You can purchase this lottery online, and if you are getting it from some of the most popular lottery platforms, you don’t even have to check for the draw constantly. You are automatically informed through email or SMS if your lottery numbers win. 

  • EuroJackpot

EuroJackpot is another international lottery ticket with some of the highest jackpots and most attractive prizes. It gives you a great opportunity to bag remarkable prize money since its highest jackpot had been an astounding ₹1,060 Crore. Only one in every twenty-six people can win anything from the lottery. And its price is also around ₹300 per ticket. 

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A lottery is a miraculous way of winning attractive prizes without effort. You only need to purchase a lottery ticket from any trustworthy online platform and wait for the draw. The draw will tell you whether you have won a prize. If you win a lottery, the respective lottery platform will contact you You can claim your lottery prize after a few days. In the past, there have been many jackpot result winners.  You, too, can be one among them. Just ensure you are consistently buying the lottery tickets from the right platform. Gain insights online while purchasing a lottery ticket. It helps you make the right decision. Thus, you must be hopeful and keep playing the lotteries to see when luck strikes.

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